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Giving Thanks! Missing Redding, Ca. Wife And Mother Found Safe.

Updated on November 30, 2016

Missing Person, Sherri Papini , found bound and beaten

Sherri Papini with husband, Keith.
Sherri Papini with husband, Keith. | Source

Abandoned 150 Miles From Home

Early Thursday morning,around 4:30 a.m, a woman driving along a lonely road, in Yolo County, California, spotted what appeared to be a very scared blonde woman who leapt from side of the road frantically waving what she thought was a shirt. She felt that the woman needed assistance and she pulled over to offer her help. After seeing her condition and emotional distraut, the woman, Alison Sutton, called 911 and police were immediately disbatched to the area. At this time law enforcement officials are on the look out for two women of Hispanic origin, who are armed with a handgun and driving a dark SUV. Sherri Papini is recovering from a horrifying abduction that occered 3 weeks ago when she vanished while out on a routine jog, leaving headphones with snarled strands of hair caught in the wires and ear buds. Her phone was located, on the side of the road, a little later after her husband used an online app to locate his wife's phone. There are very little leads in the inverstigation at this time. Law enforcement officials are still viewing data collected from video cameras at traffic intersections and business' around the 150 mile radius of where Papini was allegedlly pushed from a vehicle, and left, bond by chains, on the side of a rural road, in the wee hours of the morning.

Abducted Abused Branded And Starved

Sherri Papini suffered greatly at the hands of her captors . Her husband Keither described her appearance as weighing a mere 87 pounds, with different stages of healing bruises to her face and body. She was emotionally and physically battered as well as 'branded' with a message, the meaning of which has yet to be determined, or revealed. Whether it is a group affiliation's moto or a sick reminder of her captivity and of her tormentors. This is an ongoing investigation and will remain an ongoing nightmare for this poor family until law enforcement capture these sick individuals. Many people are still questioning the miraculous return of Papini, even though there is evidence of injury, and are questioning the motive for the abduction, as well as the reason(s) behind the release of someone who was allegedly tortured and abuse for this amount of time, to which raises the risks to her captives,of being identified and brought to justice for this dispicable crime.

What are your thoughts or theories on this topic? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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