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Upcoming Biopic Based on the Life of Gloria Trevi

Updated on March 21, 2017

Gloria Trevi performing at a concert in the early 90's.

A biopic based on the life of Mexican pop/rock singer, Gloria Trevi, premiers in the United States on February 20th, 2015. Directed by Christian Keller and produced by Mathias Ehrenberg, Ricardo Kleinbaum, Barrie Osborne, Alan B. Curtis and Christian Keller, the film narrates Gloria’s life by focusing on the beginning of her artistic career and rise to fame as well as the sex scandal in which she became involved in the late 1990’s. The film stars Sofia Espinosa as Gloria Trevi and Marco Perez as Trevi’s former manager, Sergio Andrade. The film’s origins go back to 2005 when Swiss born Christian Keller read about Gloria Trevi’s story in the L.A. Times and instantly decided to turn it into a motion picture. “I just thought it was a great story. In that moment, I thought, I want to make this movie. To be honest, I just looked at it as a human story, as a complete outsider,” said Keller at a press conference in Morelia.

Gloria Trevi in the early 90's.

The Glory

Often referred to as “the Mexican Madonna,” Gloria Trevi rose to the top of the Latin charts in late 1989 and stayed there for quite a few years. Her mostly self-penned lyrics often addressed socio-political issues and questioned women’s subordinate role in the Mexican society of the time; while her love songs didn’t do this, they were just as powerful and intelligently written.

Trevi’s rebellious character was further accentuated by her numerous interviews which were filled with humor, sarcasm and interesting remarks about current events and social issues. In a conversation with showbiz journalist, Shanik Berman, Trevi was asked, “would you like to remain a virgin until marriage?” “I’m thinking about it,” she answered, “I might get surgery,” she added. And, in many other interviews she confessed her wish to become Mexico’s first female president. On top of this, Gloria shocked social conservatives by appearing in a series of revealing and sexually provocative calendars. Trevi’s defiant personality earned the praise of many Mexican intellectuals including that of writer and critic, Carlos Monsivais who in 1993 described her as, “a vital, carefree, energetic character, almost a spokesperson for the generation of girls who no longer admitted male dominance,” in his book, Los rituales del caos.

Gloria Trevi performing her first big hit in 1990.

The Scandal

Gloria’s career took a downward spiral in 1998 when her former backup singer and manager’s ex-wife, Aline Hernandez, published a book in which she accused Sergio Andrade of emotionally, physically and sexually abusing underage girls with Trevi’s help. Then, in January of 2000 Andrade, Trevi, two of her backup singers and her personal assistant were arrested in Brazil under the charges of kidnapping, raping and corrupting a minor, Karina Yapor. Trevi was extradited to Mexico in late 2002. She was acquitted of all charges and released from prison two years later. Gloria Trevi has resumed her artistic career since then.

Aline Hernandez, Gloria's former back up singer and manager's ex-wife.

Gloria Trevi's former manager and producer, Sergio Andrade.

The Scriptwriter's and Actors' Opinion

Sabina Berman, who wrote the film’s script, explains her approach in her recently published book about the singer-songwriter. “The film will deal with how Gloria in her upward path to fame, was suddenly captured by the story of infamy, that retained her 4 long years in prison will end with Gloria crossing the threshold of jail ... to cut Gloria in her 40s doing what she does best, singing ... (171).” As for her part, Sofia Espinosa said that playing Gloria has been “one of the most intense moments" in her life. “That’s how the story is and that’s how my involvement in the project was,” she added, while being interviewed at a press conference in Morelia. On the other hand, Marco Perez pointed out that, “I made the decision [to participate in this project] because of Gloria’s music; I think that it has been a turning point at a historical level, and I believe that is essential for me as an actor: to have the privilege of playing a character who is alive, extremely controversial, and that will be seen and, in one way or another, will be put into question [my interpretation]…"

Sofia Espinosa and Marco Perez

The film’s world premiere took place this past 9th of December in Mexico City. The film has also been played in Morelia, Guadalajara and Monterrey. It will start playing in all of Mexico starting on the 1st of January, 2015. The U.S. will follow in late February.

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