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3 Beautiful Event Entertainment Ideas - Amazing Walk About Performance

Updated on October 2, 2013
Mermaid Character from Civilised Mess
Mermaid Character from Civilised Mess
Goblin Characters from Civilised Mess. Inspired by characters from Harry Potter.
Goblin Characters from Civilised Mess. Inspired by characters from Harry Potter. | Source

Looking to hire these characters for an event? Visit our website.

About Civilised Mess Event Performers

At Civilised Mess we believe entertainment should be more than just feather boers and card tricks. Thats why we specialise in unique walk about characters for events! This Hub is so you can take a closer look at the Goblin Characters that entertain and amuse guests at events around the globe!

Our team consists of a group of very talented people, each with unique skills in different areas. Grace, our prosthetics specialist works on large budget films and works with the very best prosthetic character creators in the country. We use her skills in prosthetics to create unique performance characters for events and marketing.

Lizzie, is our performance director. Her skills in performance and acting mean that when our actors get in to costume, they are not just a model you have your photo taken with, but real life characters. They take on a role and perform this through an evening event. Audiences grow to love them and learn about their habits and charcteristics.

Its this combination of skills that gets us characters that look great and work well at events and with marketing campaigns.

Weird Walk About Performers

The first option is maybe strange rather than beautiful but its one of my personal favorites. The Goblins perform various different roles. They are primarily workers, happy handing out canopies, acting as fake toilet attendants, working in the cloak room or poring wine at the table. Adding a unique, fun angle to what is normally considered a chore at an event. If they aren't serving canopies, the Goblins are happy moving around the audience telling tales of yesteryear (They are collectively over 500 years old!)

Stunning Performance for Events

Our Mermaids are by far the most beautiful act we have to date. Hire one or two mermaids to entertain guests as an installation at the entrance or as a center piece within the event. Our mermaids also come with their own sailors who can aid them in getting around the venue (In a rather hilarious fashion) and sing love songs with their beloved mer creature.


Body Paint at Events

Body painting can be added as a beautiful addition to any event. Our artists are outstanding at what they do and have a vast amount of experience in creating body paints at events. We create body paints inspired by an events theme or can create our own unique creations so you don't need to worry about it. Take a look at some more of our paints on our sister companies Body Painting Hire site!

Guests at events are never impressed by things they have seen before. Thats why we are providing this new, unique and beautiful way to entertain guests. Our characters have depth to them, they engage with the audience and look stunning. We bring prosthetics, which are usually saved for the high budget film industry, to events looking for something new and interesting.


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