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Godzilla, King or Relic

Updated on June 24, 2014

What We Got

I went into this film with high expectations. I had no intention of seeing the film in theaters, but at the urging of friends who claimed it was amazing, I caved. While I was not disappointed with the film, I couldn't help but be let down by the insufficient amount of monster screen time for such a monster-centric movie. It felt to me to be 75% disaster movie, and 25% monster movie. Now, there is a reasonable explanation for this. For what is clearly set to be another franchise, you cannot just throw all your monsters into the mix, have them duke it out, and expect people to come back for more, this isn't a Transformers movie. The directors and writers had to create some sort of attachment between the viewers and the human characters. While this felt shallow in the film, I could see the necessity in trying. This is the introductory movie to a series. It has to build the foundation for which whatever follows is built upon. For this, as a quasi-origins story, I found the movie successful. But what I want to see is what follows. Where are the creative minds taking the King of the Monsters next? That is what is going to be exciting, and hopefully include a more significant amount of monster carnage than this one. Overall, the animation of the monsters was fantastic and incredibly real. The movie had a great visual appeal, as well as incredible sound effects for the individual monsters. The human element felt forced and shallow, but as I already mentioned, you can't have a monster movie without a human element. This movie was a good view, depending on your ticket prices probably worth a trip to Redbox rather than a night out.

The Plot

The nuclear plant in Janjira is mysteriously destroyed, claiming the life of the wife of one of the head scientists, Joe Brody (played by Bryan Cranston). Years later, Brody obsessively investigates the cause while his son Ford intervenes. Elsewhere, an ancient threat is brought back to the surface while another is awakened. The ancient creatures seek one another out, all while Godzilla hunts them down to stop their destruction.

Sequel Material?

Yes. I believe that the rebooted Godzilla franchise has the capability to produce some of the best monster movies to date, so long as the focus is shifter more on Godzilla than the human element, because lets face it, we want to see some monsters duke it out to the death. The series needs to pay homage to its predecessors though, not try to redo them, but there is always room to outdo. As long as the films remember where the King of the Monsters came from, wherever they take him will be successful.

Godzilla (2014) Trailer


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What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on the Godzilla reboot? Post your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.


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