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Going Gaga over Lady Gaga

Updated on June 16, 2010
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I personally absolutely adore Lady Gaga. I have heard some say she is weird, crazy, and really a man. (Which I choose not to believe.) I respect Lady Gaga for not falling into the "what the media wants you to be image." She has her own sense of style and fashion - and she owns it. She is not afraid to be different - which is one of the reasons why I like her so much. Not to mention her music is wonderful. Every track she puts out is fresh, fun, and attention getting. She is a true artist in my eyes. Every song she writes has a lot of meaning behind it; part of what I think makes her music so special. As a fan, I wanted to learn more about Lady Gaga...

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Lady Gaga's Bio

Her birth name is Stefani Angelina Germanotta. She was born on March 28, 1986 in Yonkers, NY. As a little girl, Lady Gaga sang along to Michael Jackson and Cindi Lauper. Her dad would twirl her around in the air to the sounds of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. At restaurants, she used to dance around the table. She would also greet a new babysitter in just her birthday suit. Lady Gaga is from a good Italian New York family. Her father an internet entrepreneur, her mother a business partner. She learned the piano at age 4, wrote her first piano balled at 13, and started performing at open mic nights at 14. By age 17, she was one of twenty people in the world to have gained early admission to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied music. She is now an exhibitionist and multi talented singer and songwriter.

Lady Gaga who is now 23, made a name for herself on the Lower East Side Club Scene with the Dance-Pop Party Song "Beautiful Dirty Rich." The wild and theatrical performances where Gaga - who designs and makes many of her stage outfits - would strip down to her hot pants and bikini top, light cans of hairspray on fire, and pose as a disco ball lowered from the ceiling.

"I always loved rock and pop and theater. When I discovered Queen and David Bowie is when it really came together for me and I realized I could do all three." says Gaga. She got her name from Queen's song "Radio Gaga". "My goal as an artist is to funnel a pop record to a world in a very interesting way. I almost want to trick people into hanging with something that is really cool with a pop song. It's almost like the spoonful of sugar and I'm the medicine."

Early Gaga: 2007 Photo Shoot For W Magazine

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World Music Awards 2010: Gaga's Winnings

  • Best International Single with Poker Face
  • Best International Album with The Fame
  • Best New International Artist 
  • Best International Pop Rock Artist 
  • Best Sales in the USA


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