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Pros and Cons of going on a vacation

Updated on June 27, 2013

Holidays are here!

With the onset of Summer holidays, we all start planning to go someplace which would rejuvenate our spirits and when we return we would be challenged to take up more on our shoulders but, little do we realize that with just clicking 'confirm' on our itinerary of our vacation we have taken up loads of work before we go on it.

Before going on a vacation

After we have confirmed our vacation, we work late hours at work with the thought of finishing our work load so that our absence does not make our company lose anything and also our project is not taken over by anybody else since, after all it is a competitive world and we have to stay on top of things!

So, besides working late hours, we have shopping to do, we have cleaning to do and make sure we fill in all the blanks so that our absence is not felt by anybody.

Hopped on the plane

When we hop on to the plane after a scrutinizing checking, we plan on relaxing but then the flights are rationed with food and supplies, and all we get is a bag of peanuts. That sucks especially when we worked so hard to get on to the flight. I wish Man had not made Man's life miserable. We are responsible for all that we bear today.

Reached our destination

Anyways, we land on our destination and we have fun although we miss our home town weather and things but, we all like change and are happy that we worked so hard for this vacation.

Pros of a vacation

Vacation is such a good time that we tend to forget the day and the dates of the month. We are vagabond types and have no routine. We eat, we sleep, we eat again and then sleep again. There is no appointment in our diary and we just chill. There is a constant smile on our faces and we are un aware of it. Never during this vacation time, does one fall sick due to low immunity. WHY? I guess, since we are on vacation and are so happy that our immunity is high and we do not tend to fall prey to any bugs around us. This is the magic of our system. Happiness within can do wonders.

Cons of a vacation

Time flies and now it is time to come back. Sheesh, no one likes this idea.

We are again going back from a 9am to 9pm routine of hard work and slogging and no fun at all.

Immediately the smile goes away and we get those wrinkled brows on our forehead. We can feel the stress in our muscles and immediately all the fun that we had on our vacation is turned pale to which one is glad that we carried a camera to our vacation so that we could relive our moments of the vacation by seeing those pictures which are captured in our camera.

Points to ponder

Life is so funny, we strive hard for something and that something gets over in a wink of an eye and all we have got left is vivid memories of it since, our mind again gets pre-occupied of the daily grind. Why do we grind ourselves so hard that we tend to forget or side track the happiness?

Infact, happiness is the key to good health and good body and good mind. We all know that but, in this rat race, we tend to ignore this fact since, we fear that by day dreaming of the happiness we will go astray and finish last in the race since that could lead to distraction.

Do you think that is true? Should one weigh out happiness over stress and then take in all sorts of diseases associated with it? Let us ponder over this idea next time, when we have our brows all crossed over our fore head and nothing goes our way.

Happiness can lead the way. Happiness can fill our heart with joy and give us encouragement. Happiness can make us remember all the good things that life has offered us and make us be thankful even if there is a puddle of dirty water ahead of us. Such is the effect of happiness then next time when we go on a vacation let those wonderful thoughts remain in our system so that it can continue to fill us with joy even though we are buried under loads of work.

When do you get stressed out?

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