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Going the Distance - Movie Review

Updated on March 17, 2011

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Going the distance is a romantic comedy with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore about the difficulties in trying to maintain a long distance relationship. I thought this was an interesting and refreshing concept, because I couldn’t think of any movie addressing this before. Add to that the fact that Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are lovers off-screen as well as on-screen, and I thought the chemistry and energy would jump right off the cinema screen. But unfortunately my expectations did not come true.

The film starts when Garrett (Justin Long) gets dumped by his girlfriend for not being able to commit to her. He meets his friends in a bar for a night of drinking and contemplating. There he runs into Erin, and takes her home for a one-night stand. But they like each other and decide to meet up again, and again, and again. The one-night stand turns into a new relationship. But Erin is only in New York for a summer internship and has to return to her home and school in San Francisco, on the west coast of the US. The pair decides to stay together and try to maintain a long distance relationship. They fly back and forth every couple of months, and they talk a lot on skype and text each other incessantly, eve though the time difference makes contact difficult. But slowly there are appearing little cracks in their happiness. Erin can’t find a job in New York, and Garrett doesn’t want to move to San Francisco. Garrett gets a bit jealous of one of Erin’s male friends, and then they have a big fight. They need to decide whether they want to keep going the distance, or whether they should just break up.

Going the Distance is very slow and predictable. The story and the characters are not interesting enough to keep you focused. The story just drags on and you know how it will end from the start. Garretts friends are idiots in an irritating way, not in a funny way. And while both Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are great actors, they just don’t convince in this film. And surprisingly, there isn’t much spark between them. The character I liked best was Corinne, Erin’s sister, who was played by Christina Applegate. Her character is a bit weird, but she gives it a good try and brings in some humor with her cleaning obsession and her somewhat vulgar language.

Going the Distance didn’t do to well in the cinemas, and I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone. That being said, some of my friends loved this film, and critics were divided pretty much equally in lovers and haters. So maybe you should just go ahead and watch it and decide for yourself.

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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I liked Applegate's husband ....he was funny in every scene he appeared in....good review...I am glad I did not have to pay to see this movie