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Gok Wan Cooks Chinese

Updated on June 13, 2012

Gok Turns His Hand to the Wok

Gok Wan- known to millions in Britain for his lovable but hard hitting fashion TV shows has now turned his hand to presenting UK food show, Gok cooks Chinese.
His kitchen abilities have taken the UK by storm as he demonstrates his passion for fast delicious and healthy Chinese food.His skills have come as something of a surprise to many TV audiences, as his style show how to look good naked has been running for several years now.
In this series Gok explores the basics of Chinese cuisine, determined to demystify and simplify, showing how with just a few simple ingredients a delicious dish can be created. Starting with the basics of garlic, spring onion and ginger, Gok calls the three degrees, the beginnings on many rich and diverse dishes are started. Add a few store cupboard ingredients to enrich and enliven flavour:

• Fish sauce -
• Sesame Oil
• Oyster sauce -
• Shaoxing rice wine -
• Soy Sauce- light and dark
• White rice vinegar -
• Sesame oil -

Gok wants to prove how easy it is to cook great Chinese food. Evidence of this is the tiny number of kitchen utensils needed: with just a few simple pieces from your local Chinese store most dishes can be mastered.
1. Chopsticks- large ones are needed for cooking, to beat eggs, separating noodles, stirring rice without breaking the grain.
2. Wok- an integral tool for the Chinese cook. Enables fast cooking with little oil and perfect for steaming. A flat bottomed wok is good for an electric hob; a round bottomed wok enables even distribution of heat on a gas hob.
3. Steamer- bamboo ones are best, look great in the kitchen and can be stacked. A bamboo steamer can be stacked in a wok, over a shallow layer of boiling water. Perfect for meat, fish, vegetables and dim sum.
4. Cleaver. A large heavy flat Chinese knife. Unlike in a Western kitchen where a number of knives are used a cleaver does all cutting jobs, from jointing a chicken and chopping bones to intricate work such as preparing julienne vegetables. The large flat blade and even handle are efficient for bruising or crushing vegetables such as garlic or lemongrass.

Dragon Scallops

From bullied Teenager to Style Icon

Early Life

Gok Wan - real name Kwokhyn Wan- was born in Leicester England in 1973. His father was Chinese and his mother English. Gok's parents ran a successful Chinese restaurant where Gok learned his culinary skills from his father Papa Wan

Known for championing the underdog Gok was bullied badly as a teenager because he was Chinese, tall, gay and very overweight. Partly because of this later in his life Gok presented a TV series called Gok's teens where he explored issues behind bullying, and helped several bullied teenagers on the road to overcome their situations and increase their self-confidence.
After school Gok attended the Central School of Speech and Drama where he studied performing arts. His weight continued to plague him, and at the age of 2o, and weighing 21 stones, he dropped out of college, moved back home, and lost 10 stones within a few months.
Gok Wan's makeover show How to Look Good Naked which has achieved massive success allows women to explore their own body and image issues.
In this show rather than subjecting women to cosmetic surgery or liposuction, Gok encourages women to embrace their curves and flaws, and find styles to emphasise and flatter. With his openly camp mannerisms and very hands on approach, Gok has restored confidence to many women.
He feels shocked and embarrassed to be referred to as a TV chef, insisting that he has never been a chef, simply an enthusiastic home cook with a passion for Chinese food.

Vietnamese Noodles

Spicy Prawn & Chicken Dim Sum Parcels

Spicy Prawns with Cashew Nuts


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