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Gold Mining Under The Ice In The Bering Sea

Updated on August 29, 2012


There is a new television show on the Discovery Channel called " Bering Sea Gold - Dredging For Freedom" in which groups of people have taken up Gold Mining under the ice in the Bering Sea.

This show premiered on August 24th on Discovery and was very interesting and scary to say the least. These men and ladies are taking their life in their hands trying to hit the pot of gold under the ice and weep fortune.

The show is somewhat like a reality show to build up the interest in the viewers in which it caught my attention through the entire show. The show Bering Sea Gold will air each Friday night on the Discovery Channel.

It is filmed in Nome Alaska in which they say the cost of living in Nome is 17% higher than the United States average. It is possible to pay two to three times more for many things in Nome than elsewhere.

There is no road into Nome. The only way you can get there is to either fly in equipment or the use of barges to bring in the equipment you will need to dredge for your fortune of Gold.

There are permits you need to apply for through the Department of Natural Resources, Division Of Mining, Land and Water. This Department gives a deadline to apply for the offshore dredging of Gold. This years deadline was May 30, 2012. All applications for dredging offshore East and West receational mining Beaches in Nome.

Once the miner think they have a great spot to mine they use this auger to drill thought the thick ice and place a camera in the hole that is cut through the ice to see if they can see any type of signs of gold and if so, they them cut the block of ice out and then need to pull the huge block of is out of the water. They use tractors, trucks and even good old manpower to get these huge block of ice out so that they have their entrance hole to gold under the ice of the Bering Sea.



It is important to know if you have never used suction dredging equipment you must educate yourself and get proper training to operate these suction dredgers.

There are stipulations that must be met when mining in the West Nome Beach public mining areas, such as, suction nozzles must be 6 inches or less with no more than a 18 horse power pump engine, although in the East Recreation Mining Beaches a eight inch nozzle with a thirty six horse power engine would be allowed. Why the two different stipulations I really don't know.

When the first miner or group of miners reach their spot to mine for their gold or fortune the miners following them must not be any less than 75 feet from the first miners dredge. It amazes me that some may just hit the right spot and in turn find their pot of gold and then others may have just dredge the wrong area.

Once they find the spot where they think will make them wealthy, they must then begin to cut through about 4 feet of solid ice with a chain saw. The square of ice they cut out must be enough room for the diver and the equipment, such as an air hose for the diver and suctions hoses for the nozzle. The water temperature under that ice is about 10 degrees, so that is why they have one hose just for pumping warm water through the divers wet suit helping him not to freeze to death. Without warm water pumping through the wet suit it would be impossible to even get in the water.

The further the diver gets from the pump that is supplying him/her warm water through the wet suit the cold the warm water gets, due to a longer length of hose in the freezing cold waters of the Bering Sea. The water leaves the pump warm, but it travels through the hose to the diver it cools down very fast and by the time it reaches the diver the temperature may drop from 100 degrees to below our body temperature.

No one person or group may operate more than one (1) dredge.


So if you want to find your pot of gold, try going to Nome Alaska and try your luck at mining gold under the ice in the Bering Sea. For now, I will pass on this and just continue to watch this great new show on the Discovery Channel every Friday night called, " Bering Sea Gold."


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    • the clean life profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Bruno 

      6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Hello my friend, Long time no see. Hope all is well with your and thanks for taking the time to read this hub. Yes I would bank on gold before money nowadays. Check that show out if you can on Friday I believe it is 9pm EST.

      teaches12345 - Thank you so much for your comment. If you like things like this check out the show. It is very interesting and dangerous looking too.

      God Bless you my friend :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I love the documentaries they show on Discovery Channel. This one looks like another episode to watch next time around. Mining for gold is probably worthwhile, even if it is deep in the sea. Enjoyed the story.

    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      Fascinating stuff thanks Mark! People are right into Gold at present - I suppose they have more confidence in it than real money to hold value!

    • the clean life profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Bruno 

      6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Debby- Thanks for the comment. Yes the Discovery Channel has awesome shows. try it out on Friday. I think you will like it.

      Blessings to you too Debby :)

      @ Carol- Thank you for reading this. Take a peak at the show on Friday and I think it will interest you as it did me.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Even though this is usually not something I would watch. Your photos and descriptions are most enticing. Gonna try it. Thanks for sharing all this information.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 

      6 years ago

      Hi Mark - Guess I missed a really great television program. Thanks for the review. Discovery Channel ranks high for worthwhile documentaries. Blessings, Debby


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