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Golden Frieza Strongest Character to appear so far?

Updated on March 28, 2016

Frieza The Strongest In the Univserse??

As everyone is aware Frieza made a chilling return to seek revenge on Goku after his revival.

Four months of training got his base power in his first form strong enough to 1 hit Ko Gohan.

Considering how strong Gohan is its almost unfathomable an opponent could take him down so easily.

Now Goku could easily beat frieza without going super saiyan.

Once Frieza transformed to his golden state it even over powered gokus new super saiyan blue form

Frieza acquired this ridiculous power to surpass well beyond ssj3 in just 4 months. If frieza trained 4 months longer how strong would he be? Frieza so far is the character with the potential to easily become strong enough to defeat beerus. The problem stated that Frieza didnt master his golden form and it stressed his body and dwindled his almight power wich led to his defeat once again.

Besides Champa Whis etc. If Frieza tamed his awesome power without (much like ssj3) losing it after time he would be currently the strongest to appear in all of dragon ball! Considering just in Z ssj3 was a ridiculous galaxy busting power boost beerus could beat goku in 1 shot. God Goku increased his power so dramatically from that to be able to go toe to toe with beerus. To 1 shot a ssj3 takes a huge difference in power. And Frieza was able to get stronger than god goku for only a brief time but none the less in just 4 months.

So for anyone who thinks frieza can be beat by any marvel or dc character or anyone else if he mastered his form who could stop frieza? comment below


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