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Golden voice of Ted Williams and others like him

Updated on January 10, 2011

When I first saw him on the news i sworn he looked like an old Barack Obama. But it's not just that he also has something similar or even better, his voice. The story in general goes that he was a regular citizen with wife and children and so on. Later on he got involved with drugs and drinking, he became an addict. Because of his bad deeds in this matter he became homeless. A place known he was homeless in was Ohio, he is originally from Brooklyn, NY. To make money Ted would use his skills as a former radio personality, basically his voice has the bread and butter. He held up a cardboard sign about his skill in radio and when people willing to give a helping hand to him he would say something in his radio voice for money. He must have done this frequently on the Ohio highway near the same spot to get noticed. His luck then came forth, it was a man who frequents that highway route with a camera recording in his car searching for the man he seen with the voice personality (Ted). As he found Ted he pulled over to get a hear of Ted's voice skills, Ted gladly replied with a few lines which was recorded that many seen on the news and/or internet. He then got out to interview more on him and how he got his "golden" voice. Ted was inspired as a child by a radio personality he listened to and met on a class field trip. Which he was told it was the voice that makes you in the radio business. As Ted grew up he took up the task of getting into radio himself and learning speech techniques. After the story hit the news he was contacted by and gotten many offers for his voice. One job was the broadcast sports for Cleveland, Oprah even chimed in to have him at her new premiere channel OWN. He was also able to reunite with his elderly mother who was wondering about him.

If we look into history Ted isn't the only one known for his voice. News anchoring one doesn't have to have the best voice but a similar job, sports casting/announcer, a person has to have a well equipped voice. Examples are Marv Albert and Jerry "the King" Lawler. Marv Albert is the voice of the NY Knicks for many years, fans can always remember the phrases he says during the games. With Lawler being a wrestling announcer, his voice as made wrestling announcing legendary especially with Jim Ross with his exciting out burst. Even the most boring matches were kept up to pace just by Lawler speaking. Shock jock Howard Stern learned about speaking when he first started radio, basically sounding cheesy. He used his own voice and said things edgy that people back then never expected before. A man who had speech problems James Earl Jones is known mostly for his voice. The main unexpected role he had was playing the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies, the character was physically played by someone else. Last, commercials is another place where one has to have a golden voice, the voice needs to be clear and motivative to drive consumers to the product. Many female politicians don't use their regular female voice since it may be scratchy or annoying, so they either slightly deepen or loosen their voice so it is tolerable for the audience. The key to the voice is to be able to hold a person's attention or make them feel pleasant or make them feel amused when one speaks. Ted definitely has learned well by formerly being in the field himself, he didn't let his idol down.


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