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Goldie - Music - UK DJ

Updated on October 3, 2010 flickr flickr

Clifford Joseph Price aka 'Goldie' to fan's of his music, was born on the 19th of September 1965 Walsall, England where he was adopted by numerous parents but overcame this adversity to achieve a astounding career dabbling and mastering many creative outlets.

Goldie is most well known in recent years for his involvement in DJing events, famous tracks he has released include 'Inner-City Life', 'Temper Temper' and 'Sensual', people have only heard about this side of him through television and have a mental image of him wearing his iconic 'gold chains, mouth full of gold teeth and gold watches.

However, they disregard the story of his beginnings where he learnt break-dancing in the city of Wolverhampton during the 1980's, with numerous 'crews' such as 'westside', 'The Bboys' and he was recognised by U.S Old School Hip Hop pioneers Afrika Bambaataa. wiki wiki

After growing up in culturally diverse cities such as Wolverhampton and Brimingham, Clifford knew the struggles of young people, he also knew the things which interested them and inspired them, one of these being Graffiti art. He dedicated his time there after to participating in graffiti 'battles', one being with Bristol artist Robert '3D' Del Naja who also had a music career with Massive Attack. Most notably to other graffiti fans, Goldie appeared in the classic book 'Spraycan Art' by Henry Chalfant, which can be found in many libraries across the world. In an effort to help other underprivelaged children, Clifford combined his artwork with the famous U.K TV charity 'Children in Need' which can be viewed on Youtube, however, the author of the video disabled embedding so Im unable to link to this page.

Examples of Goldies Street Art

Acting Career

 If these were not enough talents for Goldie to balance, in recent years he has also appeared in films such as 'James Bond - The world is not enough' where he plays a supporting villain named Bullion. Other films include Guy Ritchie's 'Snatch' and 'Everybody love's Sunshine' with David Bowie.

Innercity video by Goldie 1994

Returning to his Roots

Returning to his roots during 2009, he held a 'Graffiti art on Canvas' exhibition, which was basically what the title describes, although it included numerous installation pieces also. It is similar to Banksy style, however I must express I prefer Goldie's stencil's, he is respected amongst the graffiti community because he also has control with the spray-can when it comes to producing freehand letters. This show was entitled ' The Kids Are All Riot' and opened April 10th 2009 at Maverik Showroom on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch.

The Kids are All-Riot' flickr flickr flickr flickr

I must say my favorite pieces amongst the canvas works were 'Apocalypse Angel' firstly, because it has so much depth, he has not simply produced a stencil but also worked very hard on creating textures within the borders and background. It remind's me somewhat of the girls who star in my favorite TV show 'Supernatural Season 5'.

I also like the colours he has employed in his 'Self Portrait', I like the perspective he has given to his gesture because it looks as though he is actually pertruding from the canvas, also it shows that the youth have angst but also have the aspiration to become something better.

Lastly I have included an installation piece to put a 'cap' on the article(sorry for the bad pun) but this piece encapsulates the results of war, using bright red spraypaint dripping down from underneath the helmet, its quite striking and eye-opening. flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr


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    • music2electro profile image

      music2electro 7 years ago from Germany

      This is a full out biography! Very interesting guy.

    • profile image

      lyricsingray 7 years ago

      R, that was so interesting. What a life he lead. Beautifully written and the Hub looks amazing. Thumbs up from me Thank you Kimberly