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When can I hear Gong Yoo sing again?

Updated on May 2, 2017
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Gong Yoo as a Singer

As the world cheers and gets addicted to Gong Yoo's acting in the movies and television, I want to hear his honeyed voice again, singing any cover or making music albums of his own.

He has been heard singing since his acting debut in the 2001 South Korean Drama entitled School 4 and he also sang a soundtrack on his television drama series Big as well as the OST to the movie Finding Mr. Destiny.

Almost all of his fan meetings before and even guest appearances on television shows used to showcase his singing talent but I haven't heard him for quite a long time now since his movies started making it big at the box office.

After his last television series Goblin: The Lonely & Great God, this proves that he has been really successful both on the big screen and on television and has been in the limelight for years. He could take the opportunity to showcase another talent that he has which is singing and make music albums for the world to hear how wonderful his voice his.

During his photo shoot and interview with Elle for last year's October issue, he shared his favorite Korean musicians like Lee Moon Se, Seung Hwan and Yoo Jae Ha saying that prefers old music from the 70's to the 90's. He mostly like indie songs and when it comes to singing other than his own tracks, he is breathtaking when he sings English songs like Eric Benet's Last Time or Stevie Wonder's Lately. There has been many live fanmeets where he played the piano while singing, making the fans go gaga over this gorgeous crooner. Though he plays both guitar and piano, he mostly opts to perform playing piano and he's really good at it. Apart from being able to pull off english R&B and soul songs and apart from having talent in playing instruments, he can also sing Japanese songs and even showcased this during a fanmeeting in 2010 by singing Because I'm By Your Side, one of my favorite songs now since I got addicted when I heard him singing it and I think I have somehow even memorized the lyrics to this wonderful romantic song. He's good at singing as well on duets and he even performed Nothing Better alongside Jung Yeop who sang this as an OST in Seoul Kung Fu.

Between acting and singing, acting takes a lot of effort and hard work and Gong Yoo's projects were incessantly coming that it has surely drained him. Though I love him and have watched all of his TV series and movies, I think it is time to step back a little and focus on music. I'm sure that all of his fans would love to listen to him everyday of their lives so it is high time for Gong Yoo to unleash his heart on making music for a change.


Big is a South Korean drama released on June 4, 2012. This was Gong Yoo's big comeback television series after a 5-year gap on his last project entitled The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince in 2007. Its OST has 10 tracks where the song Because It's You is the main soundtrack sang by Davichi. Later on, the finale of Big featured Gong Yoo's male rendition of the song to its ending part. This track is also included in the Big OST album. With both female and male versions of the song, I honestly think that he gave justice to it which surely contributed to the finale ratings because of his honeyed voice. It was something magical and I can still remember Big through that song.

Because It's You by Gong Yoo

Finding Mr. Destiny OST

The movie Finding Mr. Destiny reunites Gong Yoo and his previous love interest Im Soo-jung who both worked in School 4. The soundtrack entitled Second First Love is sang by Gong Yoo in an upbeat cheerful tone, giving this a feel-good sound that meshes well with the movie.

Second First Love by Gong Yoo

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