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Bianca and JC

Updated on December 5, 2014

Another group of newly weds today. This time, I can't see anything disturbing at all because they, unlike Freddie and Jovie, have no 42 year gap. And that's good. I'm not too terribly interested in Philippines' local news or celebrities, but hey, I'm a local too. Or at least I was born in the Philippines.

The 42 years separating Freddie and Jovie isn't quite the same as the 6 month gap that the newly weds, Bianca and JC have. In fact, surprisingly, Bianca is older than her husband, JC. Normally, the male is generally older than that of the female when in marriage, but I assume they wanted to be different. And like my review about the 42ers, had I been invited to their wedding, I would also have gone to the gifty-wifty shop and bought them something sweet. Like what, you ask? That's a rather good question, because I haven't got the slightest idea, really. But I suppose a stuffed toy and a new pair of Nike's would suffice. It isn't really much, but it's all I can afford and it came from the bottom of my heart.

If you've read Yahoo!, you don't have to scrutinize the site because the newly weds are front page news. And you can't get better than that. And if you clicked on it, then you'll be surprised to find that JC cried. I'm serious. Scroll down a tiny bit and you'll find a photo of him holding his handkerchief whilst his lovely bride came down the aisle. It must've been a very heart warming feeling for Bianca, I'm sure, because guys rarely cry and it signified happiness, joy and above all his love for her. He came prepared, too. I mean, he built a house for them both to live in and raise a family after the wedding. What more do you want?

I shall now end the review the way that Yahoo! ended theirs:

The newly weds are starting their marriage on the right track. May God bless them both.


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