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Good Anime Like Highschool Of The Dead

Updated on January 13, 2014
by wikipedia
by wikipedia | Source

High School of the Dead

What's more exciting than killing zombies? It reminds me of Resident Evil. That is why it is such a great anime. So, are there any anime like High School of the Dead? While I cannot guarantee you the following anime will be just as good, but it will definitely show you some genres similar to this. I have listed all related genres similar to the "undead".

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Shiki has a vampire theme to it. The story starts in a village called Sotabamura. It is a secluded village with old customs where the dead are buried.A chain of puzzling and mysterious deaths started showing up at the village. The village's doctor, Ozaki Toshio feels unsure about them, but brushed it off as normal deaths. Coincidentally, a strange family moves into an abandoned Kanemasa mansion. However, more and more villagers started dying...

by animenewsnetwork
by animenewsnetwork | Source
by animenewsnetwork
by animenewsnetwork | Source

Is This a Zombie? [Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?]

Ayumu Aikawa is a regular high school student that was killed by a serial killer. He was then revived by a neocromancer called Eucliwood Hellscythe. Ayumu tries to live his life to the fullest as an undead. He then meets a magician. Her name is Haruna. Unfortunately(pun intended), he was forced to become a Masō-Shōjo and get to dress like a loli girl. Together with Eucliwood, Haruna and Seraphim, they battle demons called Megalos. In the process, Ayumu tries to find out the reason for his death.

This anime has a lot of fan service. If you like boobies, this one is for you. Thumbs up!

by animenewsnetwork
by animenewsnetwork | Source


This anime has demons and demon hunter theme to it. A team of special armed forces from the Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters are responsible for protecting the Japanese from supernatural beings in the city. Unfortunately, the members keep falling to the enemies. They found out that someone they once thought of as a friend has betrayed them. Two individuals have formed a bonding friendship that could not last due to one of them turning into the enemy.

The plot kind of reminds me of Naruto vs Sasuke from Naruto, except that it isn't prolonged like Naruto. Beware of the ladies version of Brokeback Mountain!

by animenewsnetwork
by animenewsnetwork | Source


Claymore is set in medieval times, where demons known as Yoma plague the lands. These deadly Yomas feed on humans and they can also shape-shift into humans. A secret group, known as "The Organization", breed Yomas with humans to form hybrid warriors known as "Claymores" to slay the Yomas. Clamores are also called the "Silver-eye Witches", since they are females.

The story starts of with a Claymore called Clare, who saved a young boy named Raki from Yomas. As the story goes on, Clare's past is revealed and she has an ultimate goal. She wants revenge against a very powerful warrior named Priscilla, who killed Clare's beloved warrior, Theresa.

This anime is like High School of the dead such that it contains plenty of gore. There are also a lot of sudden deaths. So if you enjoy characters getting killed off quickly, this is the anime for you.

by | Source


Hellsing is a good anime like High School of the Dead. Alucard, an anti-heroic vampire of the Hellsing organization, takes the task of slaying vampires in England. Through slaying these darn vampires, they started discovering a new breed of vampires. Lo and behold, an unknown organization breeds these vampires through new technology in an attempt to overthrow the strongest vampire known to mankind, which is Alucard. Alucard, together with Seras Victoria, they fight other vampires and try to find out the more about this new technology.

This anime is full of blood, horror, guts and violence. The character development is good, especially Seras Victoria.

by animenewsnetwork
by animenewsnetwork | Source


Sankarea is a mix of zombies and ecchi. This is not for young kids under 13.

The story revolves around Furuya, who is absolutely fascinated by zombies. When his cat dies, he tries to bring it back to life. As he was trying to do that, he meets a girl who gets into an accident and turns into a real zombie. Furuya finally sees what he wants most, which is a zombie. Okay, I am going to stop here. You can go watch it yourself. I am not going to spoil it for you.

by | Source

Vampire Hunter D(OAV)

This has a pretty obvious name on what the anime is all about. It happens in 12,090 AD, where technology has taken over the world. There are two races living in this world. They are the humans and vampires known as Nobility. They are able to co-exist as vampires do not always have to feed on human blood, although they do prefer that.

A vampire hunter named D, is a dhampire, a half vampire half human being. He is ideal for dealing with vampires. He is despised due to not belonging to either side.

If you ever watched Twilight, then you would be familiar with this. It is rather similar to it, but the story is different.

Anime Like High School of the Dead Conclusion

The above animes are some good ones that you can watch to see if they are up to your exceptions on zombie type genres. Each of them is different in terms being comedic to extremely serious with almost zero comedic value. It all comes down to personal taste. Hopefully I am able to help you choose some good anime like High School of the Dead. Go watch them!


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