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Good Dinosaur Review:

Updated on December 3, 2015
3 stars for Good Dinosaur Rating

Pixar has always been able to make beautiful animation while tugging at those heart strings that fans of the studio love. Pixar doesn't disappoint in that department in this movie. However, it does disappoint in the story department with a fun but quite dull story. The cliche story doesn't hurt the movie too much and audiences are still awarded with that great Pixar magic we love/expect.

The asteroid that was suppose to kill the dinosaurs had just missed and now dinosaurs are as smart as human. Arlo is an unlucky candidate to ever go on an adventure. His fear of everything has stunted his growth as a dinosaur. He's consistently picked on about his size and fear of the outside world. This comes to burn him one day as now he has to step up. When small boy shows up, the source of dismish, it sends him down an adventure of trying to get back home. This leads to an unlikely friendship between a boy and dinosaur.

Alro as a main protagonist is like a lot of Pixar protagonist. A young, inexperienced, and quite clumsy individual that's really an outcast. The people around him are ten times better but he has a heart of gold. His character development is slow moving and he eventually gets over his fear. The character of Alro is classic Pixar formula. It's still good though and hasn't gotten old yet. Though a better character would have been better. This results in Alro being one of the weakest in the franchise because he's too cliche at times. It still works in the context of the movie, because the movie does a good job at developing him, though sometimes it felt forced. It felt like a routine.

The story lacks in depth as well. It's like every other Pixar formula with the protagonist trying to find their way home. Something happens, they get lost, they find their way home. A Lion King subplot doesn't help with this either abs that felt rushed/incomplet. Though incredible story lines isn't what audiences want in a Pixar style movie.

It's the heart that they put into it. It's the soul of the movies that really pull at those heartstrings. The good Dinosaur is one of the saddest Pixar movies and could rival any Pixar movie. The characters help the audience connect with them, because they're so lovable. They might be a cliche Pixar representation of characters, but they're still as lovable as any other characters. We get connected to the hero because he's so innocent. This innocence translates to the cute and hilarious jokes. The movie has some "adult" themed jokes in the movie (like all Pixar movies) that would go over the heads of most kids when watching the movie. This was evident during the Hallucination scene when the two main characters ate some funky fruit. The cute movie and hilarious comedy help make the Good Dimosaur. Also the animation on some of the scenery is probably the best ever. Just wish the dinosaurs were also that great.

Overall, the Good Dinosaur might not be the best Pixar movie or even top ten. However, it does enough to successfully be a good Pixar movie. It might fall flat in certain areas, but the Good Dinosaur is a great family filled time, that will both please parents and kids. 8/10

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Original concept art for the film
Original concept art for the film | Source


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