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Good Electric Miles Davis on YouTube

Updated on July 21, 2009

Miles Davis was unarguably a badass individual. I think the music he made in the late 60s and first half of the seventies is the some of the rawest and most exciting he ever did (or anyone, for that matter!) Here are some of my favorite few videos from Miles Davis in his electric period... during which he played with the likes of Chick Correa, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Wayne Shorter, Gary Bartz, Keith Jarrett, Mtume, etc... In particular, the "Cellar Door Cessions" CD box set was practically a revelation to me in how intense a bunch of guys could make live music sound.  And that's not an overstatement, believe you me! The sound is crisp and clear, Keith Jarrett is rocking both the electric organ and fender rhodes, creating glorious unison lines that are the funkiest s*** I've ever heard! If you've read this far, your interest in Miles Davis' electric period well warrants you checking out the previews or something.

Miles Davis Live at the Isle of Wight

This first one is a short clip from the Isle of Wight Festival concert, a *HUGE* show Miles' band played in front of several hundred thousand rock aficionados. This was akin to a british woodstock. The lineup was Miles Davis, Gary Bartz (alto saxophone), Keith Jarret (electric Organ), Chick Correa (electric piano), Dave Holland (bass), Airto Moreira (percussions, voices, acid trip) This clip includes the end of "bitches brew", and most of "it's about that time", ending with Keith Jarret's great solo. Miles Davis in great shape here!

Miles Davis at the Isle of Wight - 1970

Essential Miles Davis Electric Period CD's

Miles Davis Live in Tanglewood - 1971

This one here is intense! Miles Davis and the band in near peak form. It's from the Tanglewood concert in 1971.

Miles Davis MP3's in general...

Miles Davis Live - Calypso Frelimo - 1973

This next one is the very tasty "Calypso Frelimo" taken from a live show at Newport, by the 1973 version of the Miles Davis band. I like to think of this a tribal fusion... I like how it goes from deep dark to sprinkly light and vice versa in the matter of a few seconds every once in a while...

catch ya later

Raun Seymour Cole


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      Miles 8 years ago

      where can I get these dude? i mean in DVD?