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Good Luck Comes With These "Seven" Songs

Updated on May 18, 2019

Two Of Queen's Most Enduring Songs Feature Seven In The Title


This List Includes Several Academy Award Winning Artists

Good luck was right there before my eyes, and my ears as well. Within a span of just a ew hours, the number seven appeared just about seven times.

First I came across an article about "Thank U, Next" artist Ariana Grande, who was gearing up for a performance of something called 7 Rings. On the same music site, a column was dedicated to the upcoming seventh album from pop star Taylor Swift.

Later in the afternoon while watching a baseball game, several more references to the lucky number were made. The Washington Nationals, who were playing the New York Mets, scored exactly seven runs to beat their division rival 7-6.

During that broadcast, while discussing the standings in the National League East, the announcers the current losing streak of the Miami Marlins. As if I needed any more signs of certain good luck immediately ahead, the team's winless streak was right the at seven.

At the completion to the game, I watched a random episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. It just so happened to be the one where Jerry frets about his girlfriend wearing the same dress all the time, and Elaine injures herself while buying a bike.

Those subplots, as much as they made me chuckle, were not the reason the episode struck me on this day. No, it was the main plot, which featured George expressing his desire to name his future child Seven after the uniform number of Mickey Mantle.

My mind began thinking of song lyrics containing the lucky number, the first of which was "I got seven women on my mind" by the Eagles. Next I thought of the Fifth Dimension, who open one of their biggest hits with "When the moon is in the seventh house."

Deciding to limit my songs to just those with seven in their titles, I managed to come up with a list of exactly seven. The total could have easily been even higher, except that I excluded the band with two seven songs. Queen actually had a hit with "Ten Seven Seas of Rhye", while they later included on the Jazz album "In Only Seven Days" by bassist John Deacon.

1. Seventh Heaven by Beck
This track is just one of the gems that make the alternative rocker's Dreams the best album of 2017.

2. Seven Chinese Brothers by REM
Reckoning, the band's sophomore effort on which this can be found, amazingly topped its Academy-Award nominated debut record Murmur.

3. Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles
Recorded live for the last album the band would release for two decades, this hit took them back to their country roots and still managed to reach the Top Ten.

4. Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine
This single was one of the highlights of the indie band's second record, Ceremonials.

5. Seven by Prince and the New Power Generation
The late pop star of course used the numerical symbol as the title, just as he preferred to use 2 in replace of the preposition "to."

6. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
Go to a high school football game or a college sporting event, and you are likely to hear the infectious opening riff of this classic from the Elephant album.

7. Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac
Stevie Nicks do-wrote and sang the lead on this song, one of the many hits from Tango In The Night.


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