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Good Music Equals Great Videos--- Sometimes...

Updated on April 3, 2010

I'm a music critic. I write about music. All kinds of music, but music of my choosing. I search. I find. I listen. Then I search some more. I call it the Net Beat. It is tiring. It is drudgery. It is exhilarating. People say there is no good music anymore. They don't search. They don't find. They certainly don't listen. To the new. To the creative. To the best. I know. The numbers are right there. On the screen.   Three hundred.  Three thousand.  World-wide.  That's nothing.  One hundred thousand is nothing.  No good music?  They don't deserve any.  If you think you do, follow me.  On the Net Beat.

Kink Ador - Animal

This Ain't Music Row...

Joe Lee turned me on to these guys.  He's a drummer.  Nine 'n' Out.  Maybe you've heard them.  Maybe not.  They shared a stage with Kink Ador.  Joe said they were the real deal.  He was right.  See for yourself.

This Ain't Either (Hint: It's Dublin)

The Riptide Movement...

Raw.  Brash.  Throwbacks to the early '70s.  Irish.  Backed by Tony Colton.  Of Heads Hands & Feet.  From What About the Tip Jars?  Their first album.  New one in the works.  Dublin.  Huh.

Paul Curreri...

From long overdue album, California...

Creative.  Hip.  Curreri.  Put together my vidmeister Devon Sproule.  Family.  Friends.  Charlottesville.  No, not California--- Virginia.  Listen closely.  All the way to the end.  That is some kind of music!

Devon Sproule = Fearless...

A model's face.  An actor's inventiveness.  A musician's heart.  From character to beauty in a flash.  Watch the video.  See understated genius.  Music from her new album, Don't Hurry For Heaven.  Where would we be without Charlottesville?

Old Californio--- still westering...

Live, raw...

...yet smooth, polished.  From Westering Again, pure buried treasure.  Rich Dembowski is a songwriting machine!  Great stuff.  New album soon.  I won't miss it.  You don't too.

Beach Blanket Biagini...

From a Far-Out Place...

British Columbia pork chop packed with girl group stuffing topped surf sauce a la California = Laurie Biagini, mid-'60s Funicello sounding side dish.  As pop as it gets.

From the Future... Primitive

On the edge of the psychedelic swamp...

... lives Papercuts, sixties melodies swamp gas in a haze of seventies psych.  Can't improve on that, I don't think.  Well, I can't.

Sometimes, you gotta rawk...

Stealing Jane... early but still hot...

From their 2007 album.  The Signal, from 2009, is even hotter.  Massive sound.  Infectious.  Could bring down the house in a second.

Mama Weaver Lives...

The Weaver Twins' 'Fayre' album...

My pick, 2009's album of the year.  This, from 2007, is more raw, live.  Their Mounting the Scaffold and Girl in Dolorous Blue videos are studio magic. 

First Story Jumper--- Unleashed...

Jumping from the low ledge...

I count their self-titled album as 2010 because I did not discover them until this year.  This video, put together long before the album was finished, gives the base.  Think more powerful, more melodic, more majestic.  Toward the top of my 2010 list. 

The Salt Mines...

I used to click the remote.  Now I click the mouse.  I search.  I find.  I watch.  I listen.  Life is good on the Net Beat.  Without TV and with music, life is plain good.  Back to the beat.  Keep the faith.


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