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Good News You Probably Didn't Hear About

Updated on December 29, 2017

The Better Headlines

Amid a continuous stream of news about riots, mass shootings, hurricanes, and many other problems faced this year, it is important to try and focus on some of the better things that came out of it. Enjoy an uplifting recap on all of the positive things to focus on entering 2018.

The Newly More Protected Environment

An image of the New Mexico Flora and Fauna.
An image of the New Mexico Flora and Fauna. | Source

Honeybee Populations, Animal Protection, and Environmental Restoration

As far as the environment goes, the decline in the population of honeybee's has become a major issue. The bees were dying at an alarming rate, which would mean they cannot produce honey or pollinate flowers. For those of us who have seen the Bee Movie, we all know where this leads, and for those of us who haven't, you should know that pollination is an important part in the process of growing food among other plants. Luckily, this issue may be resolved. The number of honey bees in the United States rose in 2017 from a year earlier. As of April 1, 2017, the population of commercial U.S honeybee colonies climbed 3%. The struggle to help the honeybee's is still hard with Colony Collapse, mites, and pesticides, but at least it hasn't been a total loss. Along with this, there is more news involving the environment and helping animals.

The snow leopard is a majestic animal that has become endangered over many years due to climate threats and hunting. Fortunately, as announced in September of 2017, the snow leopard, although at risk, is no longer considered an endangered animal. Hopefully this will be a trend seen throughout the list of endangered animals, and we can continue to remove animals from this list in the years yet to come. That isn't all, however, there has also been progress made with the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef, a beautiful famed place that unfortunately has been faced with many issues. Some of these problems include rising ocean temperatures, silt and fertilizer runoff, and increasing acidification. All of these things contribute to the death and bleaching of coral. However, progress has been made in the act of restoring the Great Barrier Reef while the troubles can be dealt with. By collecting large amounts of coral spawn and coral eggs, and growing them into millions of larvae, the young coral can be transferred into the damaged parts of the reef. This doesn't only pertain to the reef, it can be used to help the environment on a global level, and isn't the only thing set to be restored.

The Amazon Rainforest has undertaken its own restoration project. Under attack for many years, dealing with deforestation among other things, the Amazon needs help. With the promise to restore 73 million trees by 2023, Brazil has come to the rescue. This will be the largest Amazon restoration project, a collective stratagem between Brazil and international agencies. The Amazon plays a crucial part in soaking up carbon dioxide and regulating weather patterns, and should be protected at all costs. There are even more areas that will be protected and preserved.

Two tech billionaires have made a 165 million dollar donation for the purpose of preserving and protecting over 24,000 acres of the California coastline. This area serves a greater cause than just being beautiful. These 8 miles of coast happen to be the home to 39 different threatened and endangered wildlife species. Laura and Jack Dangermond, the contributors, hope to set an example and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. With that, I'm sure everyone collectively hopes that projects like these will continue, and we can save the planet instead of destroy it.

An Increase In Human Decency

I'm sure that with all of the mass shootings, riots, and other events, you couldn't possibly believe that there could be a decrease in crime rate this year. Well, there has been. The 30 largest cities in the United States are expected to have a decrease in crime rate by 2.7%. The murder rate will drop by 5.6%, with even more significant drops in Detroit and Chicago. Crime rates have decreased significantly since the 20th century, and by the looks of it, this a trend that is set to continue. These rates aren't the only ones showing a decline.

Child labor is also showing a decrease. Although it is still am international problem that needs to be tackled with force, the creation of child labor laws and international efforts have not been a total waste. The amount of child labor has shown drops, and even with this hardship being immense, we seem to be moving in the right direction. Some children have to work more than 43 hours per week, and many have to perform jobs that are hazardous and could potentially hurt them. The greater the decrease in the children who have to do these things, the better!

Time for a quick heartwarming story. Fan's at the Kinnick Stadium in Iowa waved to the children watching from the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. So even if it may not seem like it, people care, people have hearts, and this year, people managed to do some pretty great things.

Iowa Fans Waving to Children's Hospital


Some Extra Good News

To throw in a little bit more happiness into your day, there are still a few more positive headlines. HIV and AIDS are no longer the leading causes of death in Africa. Fewer people are dying of these illnesses as well as malaria shown by the most recent data on global deaths provided by the World Heath Organization.

In Lexington, Kentucky, you can pay off your parking tickets by donating food to the local food banks. Good job to Kentucky for finding creative and easy ways to help tackle the hunger problem seen in the United States.

Finally, Xinca, and Argentine shoe company makes shoes from recycled tires and employs women from rural areas. So I leave you with these bits of news, and hope that instead of dwelling on the bad things that happened this year, you focus on the good things, and bring positivity with you into 2018 along with plans to tackle any issues you may face.




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