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Lady Gaga Interview with Google

Updated on December 14, 2013
Lady Gaga in 2012, during The Born This Way Ball Tour
Lady Gaga in 2012, during The Born This Way Ball Tour | Source

Gaga's Bright Beginning

When she was discovered and then hired by Interscope Records as a song writer, her vocal talents was quickly recognized by R&B artist Akon; it was history from that point onward after being signed to Kon Live Distribution. (according to Wikipedia.)

Her debut album came out in 2008 and was titled "The Fame", she had a couple hit songs from the album "The love Game & Paparazzi", but it was the songs, "Just Dance & Pokerface" that turned her singing career into such acclaimed success & eventually her into the International Superstar celebrity she is today, according to the news website Huffingtonpost.

Gaga has Powerful statistics

Lady Gaga has true Google Powers, her stats on Google's youtube channels are beyond comprehension compared to most youtube videos that are in existence today.

She has achieved 1 Billion+ views on youtube, and its landed her the all time Google Crown, for becoming one of the most searched human beings, ever to grace their presence on the Internet, and according to the Google Analytics statistical charts. Her career started out in New York City, but she wasn't as close to as popular many years back. Prior to reaching her celebrity status, beginning back in 2007, she had pretty much been unknown and just look at her success today after coming from such humble beginnings.

Gaga's music on Amazon

The Google Interview

In her interview with the Google reporter shown in the video above, she claims "I still don't feel like one", to a response to the question below.

"When, in your International singing career, did you feel like you would be a Super Star", asked by a fan named Sologadalade, from Sheffield England (expressed in the video interview).

After hearing that line from the interview, I was stunned by her humility, and her cunning technique and overall approach to looking at stardom as a whole.

The Crowd Approves

Lady Gaga definitely deserves a round of applause for her success & tenaciousness to entertain us all, which the audience there continued joyfully to give her with loud claps & they were well deserved to say the least.

It appears that she has overcome many of the obstacles in her personal life, that had once been her stopping points in her career.

If you already watched her new video titled "Marry the Night", you will also learn from it, that she truly struggled with becoming such a success, with all the subliminal messages laced throughout the entire introductory part of it.

Bonus additional review on the song - Marry The Night

Her struggle for access to fame & fortune is obvious in this video Marry The Night

This new struggle for success Lady Gaga has been through, can easily be determined by the displays of her walking in the video, while being looked at from above by her peers.

This also can be seen as well in the dance audition scenes & her glorified image towards the end, as she blurs out of focus while appearing as a weird colorful image.

With her being in the arena of dance, song writing, acting, singing, music, and huge Hollywood pressures, its very obvious what she's been through as a whole, is the purpose of such a video as 'Mary the Night'.

The music videos melodrama lasted an entire 8 minutes and 40 some odd seconds, till the actual singing begins. There's loads of visual screen effects, partial nudity, weird plays on food fetishes, and more, but one things for certain, she's looking to get the attention of her worldwide Youtube viewers.

The Price & Power of Fame

Lady Gaga's triumph in the singing world and overall victory shows people worldwide, that no matter the odds stacked up against you with hard efforts, and a burning desire to succeed you can make it. Looking deeper into her style of music, video displays, philosophies on life, and overall Gaganess for living.

Many people are beginning to see that there's much more to this lady, and she's got a great deal more in store to show us worldly fans, admirers, and out right puzzled individuals as she continues to pave her way through the artistry, physical tapestry and make up of Hollywood life as a whole. To me the ending of this music video, meant the full embodiment of her stardom and self glorification re-formed into a cool radiant graphic symbolizing such.


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