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Goonies Never Say Die

Updated on February 1, 2014

I have vivid memories of watching the Goonies as a child. I’ve patiently waited all these years for a sequel to the 1985 fantasy adventure. Now, twenty-seven years later could the much talked about and highly anticipated sequel to the hit Goonies finally be getting made after all?

Recently the cast of the Goonies had a historic get-together at Steven Spielberg’s guest editing gig for Empire’s 20th anniversary issue. Of course, this naturally led to questions about the long rumored sequel.

The wheels have started to turn on a sequel to the Goonies with the working title “Goonies Never Say Die.” Most importantly they won’t do it as a remake or a reboot, but an honest sequel. The kind we all know and love. I hope they don’t go the prequel route. Rumor is that the Goonies 2, set to follow the journey of a young Chester Copperpot as he grows up surrounded by the legend of One Eyed Willy, before heading off in search of the pirates missing treasure. Sean Astin, set to narrate the movie to keep the original feel of the Goonies there. Some of the original cast could also appear in cameo roles. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but at least we have some good news that the Goonies 2 is back on the radar. Writers are now on board and apparently the film will include some of the original cast members. It’s also known that the Goonies 2 wouldn’t go directly to DVD, it’ll be a proper theatrical film. I strongly believe Warner Bros want to create this as a big picture; if they throw in the original cast they could expect millions in worldwide sales.

While on PR trail for Jonah Hex, star Josh Brolin revealed an interesting piece of information about the long rumored Goonies sequel. Brolin who played Brandon Walsh said in a recent interview:

“Doing a sequel is something that keeps coming up and keeps coming up,” he said. “I saw (producer) Steven Spielberg on the street about a month-and-a-half ago, and I asked him the reality because I was told by many, many people that there was a script, but that it didn’t work and (director) Richard Donner, but that didn’t work and Steven was going to come in and do it.”

Okay first off – he bumped into Spielberg in the street? I want to live on that street!

In 2004 Donner said he had a story that Spielberg liked, but Warner Bros apparently wasn’t interested in another Goonies adventure. In 2007 Sean Astin told MTV it was an “absolute certainty.” Donner later admitted he didn’t think it would happen, while Cory Feldman wrote on his website, “it’s just not gonna happen.” In 2009 Sean Astin also stated: “A year from now, ten years from now, fifty years from now, I’m absolutely convinced there’ll be one. We’ll figure it out. A sequel could be great. It could be shitty. You never know. But the original is the thing it is and no-one can ever change it.”

There’s been talk of Goonies projects here and there for years. This time (writer) Chris Colombus is talking about some generational torch-passing.

“I think the only way it could be done is if the kids are now the parents, and their kids have become the Goonies.”

There’s also the problem of the way society has changed, providing all too easy technological get-out-of-jail free cards.

“You can’t go anywhere near a computer or cell phone. Maybe if all the parents in the new movie forbid their kids to play on the Internet, that’s gotta be the plot.”

I want to believe that one of my favorite stories of all-time will get a sequel a fan like myself can appreciate. I hope that when and if it does, Richard Donner stays involved in some capacity. If the Goonies 2 does become a reality don’t expect to see it before 2015 or longer. We all know for a fact that Goonies “Never Say Die.”

Would you go to see the Goonies 2? What’s your pitch for the plot? What would your cast of new kids be like? Just remember, no cell phones and no Internet.

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    • kereeves3 profile image

      Karen 4 years ago from Salem, OR

      I feel like this movie, along with several others from my childhood, should just not be touched! It was too good as an entity to mess with, and I think trying to do a sequel/prequel/re-boot is a bad idea, especially since it has been so long since the original was released.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      My boys grew up with this movie and love it. My daughter (ten years younger) somehow has never seen it. I am sure they would go see it together. I am going to have to find that movie for my daughter to watch.