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Goriest Film Ever? Review of Zombie Film "Dead Alive"

Updated on July 17, 2012

Introduction (Does it need it?)

Released in 1992, Braindead was directed by Peter Jackson, whose tastes seemed a bit darker when compared with his more modern works. Now, I put this under the "horror" section, but there aren't really any scary parts. In fact, I can't remember doing anything other than laughing, grimacing, or doing both simultaneously. So as lacking as the film is in scares, it has plenty more to offer in terms of blood, language (kind of), and gore. No nudity, but no movie's perfect.

Note: It seems to go by two titles, "Dead Alive," and "Braindead," for those interested to know.

Review (Spoilers)

The film starts with some white zoologist who's carrying a case with something ferocious in it with his helper who is a native to what ever exotic made-up land they are in. Apparently, the tribal natives would not like to part with their pet so they try and stop them.The explorers escape with their lives but the white dude is bitten several times by the unknown creature through the box. When at a safe distance from the natives, his helpers notice the bites on his arms and panic very quickly. They resolve to chop off the parts of the man that are bitten, but notice the bite on his forehead only AFTER hacking away his arms. It's not shown what happens to the man after the bite on his head was noticed, but you can easily guess. The creature is flown on a plane to New Zealand.

Back to civilization, Lionel, who is our main character and soon to be zombie-slayer, is a bit of a mother's boy. The old hag has him slaving away with his chores around her mansion and isn't a very lovable character (don't worry, she doesn't last long). Anyway, Paquita is a delivery girl for the house and has some silly notion in her head that she and Lionel belong together. The two make plans to go to the local zoo, but there, the nosey mother follows. As it happens, the zoo harbors the creature that was stolen from the island; the Sumatran rat-monkey! This ugly little f**ker bites the mother in the arm and is, in turn, stomped to death by the deadly heel of the senior citizen. Lionel abandons his date and takes his mommy home. This is where things turn a bit south.

Ahh... cinematic genius!

Ready for the ZOMBIES!!?

So the lovely pair go home and that's when all hell breaks loose! The wound in her arm is developing a pus-filled pulsing throbbing grossness to it and her skin is falling off. She also has a healthy appetite for German Shepard and, eventually, human flesh! She kills the nurse and ecapes into town, only to meet head-on with a tram. Lionel hides the nurse in the basement and attends his late mother's funeral. After the sorrowing processions, Lionel attempts to dig up the grave. (Now that's a boy who loves his mommy!) A couple punks think he's a "macrophiliac" and try to beat him up, but the supposedly dead mother rises from the grave and turns the lads. The Priest, a surprisingly agile and badass combat fighter, shows some impressive moves but falls victim, in the end.

Consequently, Lionel is left to care for a bunch of braindead undead and stop them from being discovered. That job, not very easy to begin, becomes a lot more difficult when two of the zombies breed and make a baby zombie. Lionel's noble effort are in vain, as his greedy step-uncle blackmails him in order to keep the secret. He exploits this advantage to throw and extravagant house party which, don't you know it, becomes a bloodbath of epic proportions.

If my priest had been this cool, I wouldn't be an atheist!

The rest would make a great Slayer song!

The rest of the movie has the remaining survivors fend off the attacking hordes of bloodthristy monsters, but in a humorous way. The best part of the movie features Lionel attaching a rope around a lawn mower to tie it to him and making minced meat out of these undead chumps! Eventually, all the zombies are dead after being dealt with in outrageously gross and absurd ways. That is, all but one; in the final confrontation, Lionel's mommy dearest has become a super-zombie! On top of the rooftop, she grabs her son and shoves him grotesquely into her womb. But since we all love a happy and gory ending, he cuts himself out and she falls through the roof as the building explodes. Covered in blood and guts, Lionel and his new love interest walking into the distance, leaving the viewer with tears of joy in his eyes, and vomit on his lap.

Overall, the movie is a worthwhile watch. If you like gore and blood, you can't go wrong. If you like scares and a great plot, you might be better off with another choice. Overall: 8/10 for creativity and some great one-liners!

A nicely made compilation in case you are considering a rent.


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    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Haha! Yes, this is definitely stomach-turning, especially if you aren't accustomed to that sort of thing. I'd say it would be at the top list to see if you are a fan of horror/comedy, as it was pretty much an even mix. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • pmorries profile image

      pmorries 5 years ago from Golden, CO

      It is one of my all time favorite movies. I first watched this movie with a group of friends and one of them was sick to his stomach for the rest of the day. When the mom or Super-Zombie returns Lional to the womb is grotesque, but not as grotesque as it could have been...we were actually screaming, "Nooooo!" at the TV set. If you are a horror fan, I would put this movie in the must see category (along with Evil Dead and some others).

    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      So have you seen the movie, and loved it? Hated it? Not interested? Let me know!