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Gospel Slow Jams with TruSoulDJ

Updated on February 8, 2017

Hi. Welcome to Gospel Slow Jams with your boy, TruSoulDJ. As a former Christian radio board operator, former independent DJ for hire and a lifelong lover of good melodies, I thought I'd share with you some of the songs that can take the weight off of any heavy day ...

Since the 1990s, he has been one of the leading musicians in the sub genre of Gospel Jazz. With his soothing keyboard melodies, this Bravo network reality star has set the mood for many praise and worship -- as well as romantic settings. Here with his rendition of the THOMPSON COMMUNITY SINGERS classic, We've Come Tor Worship You, from his release, Play Me In Your Key, here's BEN TANKARD.

In 2003, CUBA GOODING JR and BEYONCE KNOWLES starred in a urban musical set in the South. You know the kind --- choir, church, lots of singing, choir competition. This has become sort of a cliché in 2016, however at one time, there were only two movies that did this well, one was Sister Act 2, the other was this one.

With a little bit of unwanted profanity in the dialogue and unnecessary sexual innuendoes, the story managed to still be heartwarming. But besides the nice story and the beautiful future wife of JAY Z, the true star of the movie was the music. Not only did the movie reintroduce us to the dynamic MELBA MOORE, but they also paired her up with the durable and mighty O'JAYS, ANGIE STONE and one of my favorite rappers, T-BONE. Here they all are --sans T-BONE-- on a song that truly lifts the spirits ... He Still Loves Me .,.. on Gospel Slow Jams.

That was my favorite sister act, OUT OF EDEN with Drama Free. Before that was another Ben Tankard track, from debut album, that was Sunday Drive. Up next is one of the Preachers of L.A. and a double header from MELVIN WILLIAMS -- one featuring a duet with Pastor Marvin Winans. And here's a bit of trivia ... The hit duet from THE WINANS and ANITA BAKER called Ain't No Need To Worry ... Ya'll remember that one right? Well, how many people know that Melvin and his brother, Doug of the sensational WILLIAMS BROTHERS were co-leading on that song as well? Didn't know that did you? Maybe if there had been a music video. Oh well ... This is Gospel Slow Jams. Enjoy.

Just when you need HIM, He has a way of showing up and showing out. All you need to tell him is that I need YOU right now Lord and watch what happens.

That was the late, great, DONNY HATHAWAY . And before that,THE TRUTHETTES and the dynamic duo of PASTOR MARVIN WINANS and VICKIE WINANS. Now lets check out a couple of classic tunes from GOD'S PROPERTY and AMY GRANT on Gospel Slow Jams.

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

Colossians 3:17 NLT

Lord, here's my heart, because even in my darkest times, you are there. And when I think I know what I want, you offer me more than I wanted. That's why I'm so in love with you and can be encouraged on a daily basis ... My God ... That was the Gospel boy band -- actual brothers that I had the pleasure to meet years ago -- The KATINAS. Before that was CECE WINANS, BEBE WINANS ... And we started it all off with a rare and classic gem by a young lady named TAMMY LINDSEY -- from 'round about 1989 -- with a little help from the one and only Fred Hammond.

We gotta say goodbye right about now. May you be blessed in your going out. May you be blessed in your coming in. Let's take it home with the ladies of VIRTUE. This is your boy, TruSoulDJ ... Peace.



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