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Gospel Music: A Short Biography of Sandi Patty

Updated on June 24, 2017

Sandi Patty Has Fans Worldwide

Sandi Patty
Sandi Patty

Sandi Patty Is an American Gospel Musician


Sandra Faye “Sandi” Patty (popularly known as Sandi Patty) is a popular American gospel music artist. She was born on July 12, 1956 in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

Family Of Musicians

Many members of her family were musicians. Sandi Patty’s father was a minister of music. Her mother was a pianist in a church. Sandi was just a two year old child when she rendered her first performance. She sang “Jesus Loves Me.”

Sandi Patty Studied Voice and Conducting

Sandi Patty grew up in Phoenix and San Diego. She used to sing for a group called “The Ron Patty Family.” The group performed all over the US. She graduated from Crawford High in San Diego,California. She also studied in San Diego State University and Anderson University. She studied voice and conducting.

Sandi's Song Was Sandi Patty's First Professional Record

She initiated contact with the legendary Bill Gaither during the late 1970s. Her first album “For My Friends” impressed the executives at Springspiration! Records. She signed a contract for Springspiration! Records in the year 1979 and released her first professional record “Sandi’s Song.”

My Prayer for You Is a Song from the Album The Edge of the Divine

"The Star Spangled Banner" Gave Sandi Patty National Recognition

Sandi Patty won her first two GMA Dove Awards in the year 1982. She got national recognition after rendering “The Star Spangled Banner.” She made many TV appearances. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, she averaged over 200 concerts a year. At one point in time, she was the highest paid gospel music artist. Sandi Patty song lyrics and songs were immensely popular.

Sandi Patty's Personal Life Had a Negative Impact on Her Career

Sandi Patty married John Helvering and divorced him in 1992. The reason for divorce was infidelity. She had an extramarital affair with her backup singer Don Peslis. Story of Sandi Patty divorce had many tongues wagging. This had a huge negative impact on her career. She married Peslis in the year 1995.

Sandi Patty slowly rebuilt her career. She wrote her autobiography “Broken on the Back Row.” She was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in the year 2004. In the year 2007, she was honored with the GMA Music in the Rockies Summit Award. Sandi Patty lyrics are popular even today.

This paperback is an inspiring memoir by Sandi Patty.


Sandi Patty With the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra announced in May 2017 that Sandi Patty will return to Hilbert Circle Theatre to host the 2017 IPL Yuletide celebration. "We are delighted to have Sandi Patty on board for our IPL Yuletide Celebration,” said Chief Executive Officer Gary Ginstling. “Sandi is an Indiana legend, and has become an integral part of the Yuletide tradition for many families."

Many Critics Called Sandi Patty “The Voice”

Many critics called her “The Voice” due to her wide range of flexibility. She is famous for her emotional expressions. Her versatility has made it possible for her to expand to other styles like American musical theater, pop, southern gospel and black gospel.

Sandi Patty today lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and eight children. She is an inspiration to people who intend to make gospel music as a career. Sandi Patty albums continue to entertain her fans all over the world.


Signed to Singspiration
GMA Awards
First National Tour
Rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was included during the ABC Statue of Liberty re-dedication broadcast
Invited to sing the national anthem at the Indianapolis 500
1987-88, 1990-92, 2013
Divorced John Helvering
Married Don Peslis
Guest singing appearance at the end of a 7th Heaven episode (season 4, episode 20)
Inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame
Awarded the GMA Music in the Rockies Summit Award
Released her 30th studio recording, Songs for the Journey
Released her first live Christmas album entitled Christmas: LIVE
Released Broadway Stories, a secular album
Starred as Dolly Levi in the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's world premiere concert stage version of the Broadway musical, "Hello, Dolly!"
Source: Wikipedia

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It has been said of true art: “It is the imperfections that make it priceless.” When you can see the brush stroke from the paintbrush, or see where the painter himself caused a smudge… it is those imperfections that make it authentic, because “they have been touched by the master artist.” We have been touched by the Master Artist, and it is our imperfections that let others know we are authentic.

— Sandi Patty


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