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Got To Dance 2012

Updated on December 12, 2013

Got To Dance is a British talent show that judges contestants on their dancing ability. It first aired in 2009 following on from the popularity of the X Factor and latterly Britian's Got Talent, which featured a large number of dance acts.

Although Got To Dance is more 'niche' than any of the mainstream talent shows that have become national obsessions in recent years, it has developed a large following. In 2012 it launched the third series of the show after successful years in 2009 and 2010.

The show is presented by Davina McCall, the former Channel 4 host of Big Brother. Got To Dance is not as popular as other reality talent shows, partly because it is broadcast on Sky1 - automatically ruling out a large part of the population who do not have pay to subscribe to the channel. It follows in the steps, excuse the pun, of such shows as Pineapple Studios, featuring Louis Spence and Andrew Stone, and Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC. Whereas Strictly only uses celebrity contestants, Got To Dance is open to the whole of the public.

Those who take part can be individual dancers, partners or groups. The U.S. version shown on CBS is Live To Dance.


The show has five stages to the competition. Like the X Factor, the first stage takes place behind closed door. Here, the hopeful dancers perform in front of producers who then decide whether they should be sent home to practice more or go through to the next stage in which they dance in front of the judges. This stage gives producers a chance to pick the best, find out about their life stories, and also, cynically some might say, chose the worst dancers in order for them to be laughed at on screen.

The seconds stage is the part that people see on the television. This sees the dancers perform in front of the judges. They are either sent through to the next stage or told to go home. The third stage is when contestants are given 'callbacks' and offered the chance to perform again in front of the judges for a shot at the semi-finals.

The fourth stage is the semi-finals. This is the part where the dancing quality begins to really improve. This serves as chance to pick the best dancers. The next part is the final, where the winner is chosen.


Davina McCall

The former Big Brother host has had a long-running succesful television career in the UK. Davina is the main presenter of Got To Dance and also interacts with the contestants and the judges. The show calls her the 'go-to girl among the Got To Dance family for warm hugs, cups of tea and a good ol’ chinwag'.

Will Best
Will Best is the 'backstage' presenter for Got To Dance. He acts as a support presenter to Davina. Former shows include T4 and the show says he is 'not afraid to rock a tutu' and is 'charmigly odd'.

Chris and Wes

The Got To Dance pranksters and troublemakers. The pair won the show in 2011, but the apple hasn't fallen far from the three, and now they are silly side-kick type presenters. Some viewers find them annoying. They mingle backstage with the dancers giving tips and advice. One of their pranks included dressing up as elderly Morris dancers to try and fool the judges.


Ashley Banjo
Ashley Banjo was the lead dancer in the group Diversity that unexpectedly won Britain's Got Talent in 2009. Since then he has performed in front of the likes of the Queen, the Prime Minister and Michael Jackson’s family, at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert.

Kymberly Wyatt
Kymberly has been dancing since she was seven years old and has performed in front of millions of people around the world. She joined the Pussycat Dolls in 2003 and is now in the band Her Majesty and the Wolves. She has made various television appearances.

Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia from Australia is a successful tap dancer who arrived in Britain in 1194. He has performed regularly in West End musicals. He has performed in Coyote Ugly, Dr Who, House and the comedy Threesome.

2012 dance acts

Here's a small collectionh of some of the best pictures from Got To Dance. Scroll down for videos


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    • profile image

      beccy lamb 5 years ago

      i love got to dance and i watch it every year ilove ashley cause i love Diversity and he is the dancer xx got to dance is great becuase there are funny acts and talented acts so i cant wait till the next series xx

    • profile image

      leah 6 years ago


    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England

      I love this programme :)