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Gotan Project - Gotan Music

Updated on May 11, 2011

The Gotan Project

Since I am very cultured when it comes to music and I have Italian friends so my music tastes are very varied, I heard about Gotan Project around 5 years ago simply by searching on the internet and following that they have been acknowledged by the mainstream.

Very recently there was a 'Loreal' hair product TV advert that includes a snippet of the song 'La Revancha Del Tango' but this doesn't do it justice, you must hear the whole DJ set and percussion.

The funny thing is that I forgot the name of Gotan Project, apparently the name is a play on words of the successful 1982 tango music compilation album 'Tango Project', you can immediately see that it is a rearrangement of the letters. I looked on pages and pages of the Google search engine to find this group again and even searched Youtube Gotan Project style bands.

I eventually heard them on a compilation CD being played in Starbucks the other day and tried to get the waitress to find the track name and then I found them eventually on a list of accordion Hip Hop songs in a forum.

Photo courtesy of nathalielaure

Project Gotan

I was surprised that for such a popular musical group that they aren't promoted more in HMV and Virgin record stores, the word Gotan project receives 201,000 searches every month but it is hard to find them simply by typing in search terms search as 'Contemporary Tango group' or 'Accordion group'.

The Gotan project were formed during 1999 and based in Paris, musicians Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H. Muller are all from different countries so therefore all bring a different style to the group. Philippe is French, Eduardo is Argentinean and Christoph is Swiss and their sound has been categorized under genres such as Tango, Electronica, Nu Jazz, Dub, Trip Hop and Nuevo Tango.

Photo courtesy of jsome1

Go Tan Project

Many people misspell the bands name according to Google keyword search tool but I can assure you it is one whole word 'Gotan' and not 'Go Tan Project'.

The group primarily consists of three members I mentioned in the previous capsule, however they always constructed albums featuring guest female vocalists such as Cecillia Roth or other French and American rappers.

I tried to include a Gotan Project Youtube video below but I am slightly annoyed because UMG are restricting access to videos which includes bands on their record label, so you will have to follow the link to Youtube to hear songs such as 'Gotan Project Santa Maria' which is a popular one or 'Gotan Project Diferente' which is a good example of beats and breaks included in their style.

Photo courtesy of herval

Gotan Project Tour

Gotan Project tours are a common occurrence because people love to be entertained by Gotan Project live music since it is such a unique genre and in todays market there are very little competitors.

If you want Gotan Project MP3's you can buy the CDs at their official website but I would suggest that you download Gotan Project because this takes away money from the hardworking artists.

I often find Gotan Project lyrics hard to understand because they are sung in a different language to English but I have found some good sites such as LyricsMode that includes the words to 'La Musica Brutal' and you can cut and paste these in Google Translate!

Photo courtesy of xper


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