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Gotham -- 50 Shades Of Jason

Updated on April 20, 2015

It would have been too funny if his name was Christian instead of Jason

As we last checked in on Gotham, Fish discovered she was trapped on the Island of Dr Moreau.

Fish looking out the window pondering her unlikelihood of escaping. Then she goes walking through the hospital. She breaks out of one of the doors and heads towards a helicopter. Before she can get there guards surround her. She meets The Catcher who declares he's the one who catches the ones who tries to escape. He warns Fish if she comes out again, it'll be her last mistake.

Gordon visiting Bruce. Gordon says Alfred and Bruce lied about who stabbed Alfred. Bruce denies it. Gordon guesses Alfred wants to go after the person who stabbed him on his own.

An officer approaches Gordon about the death of a Grace Fairchild. The officer gets Gordon to look into it. Gordon goes to see Leslie. He shows the Fairchild file to Leslie. Leslie says Grace was her same age and died in the same area she lives in.

Fish goes to see Kelly, the guy she handed over to her new boss. She says she has a plan to escape or die trying.

Bruce asks where Alfred's going. He reveals he's going off to look for Reggie. Bruce wants to go with Alfred. Things turn a bit bloody when Alfred pops his stitches and his hand comes away with a lot of blood.

Penguin trying to acquire a woman's diner. She says if he makes Antonia, her granddaughter, come home from the man who seduced her, she'll consider Penguin's offer.

Harvey refuses to help Gordon with the Grace Fairchild case. Harvey says the only reason Gordon is taking this case is because he's ambitious.

Fish gets a group together to help her escape.

Gordon and Harvey talk to a bartender who remembers the victim sitting with a hot guy. In a flashback the man says he's looking for unconditional intense love. She goes home with Mr. Hot Guy. He's got handcuffs attached to a wall in a secret room. Looks like he's Gotham's version of Christian Grey.

Bruce leaves a sick Alfred on the couch. He nearly runs into Penguin.

Penguin orders Antonia's guitar player boyfriend who won't give her up to have his fingers cut off.

Leslie tells Gordon and Harvey the autopsy shows Grace's body was pristine except the stab wounds to her heart. Harvey thinks Grace ran away, but Gordon doesn't believe it.

Another Grace flashback. She wakes up the morning after. She was planning to leave to go back to her life. She says she had a good time with him and hopes to see him, again. Only he won't let her go. Jason tells her she's not going anywhere as he clamps his hand over her wrist and won't let go.

Fish steals the key to the boat but gets caught in the doctor's office before she can make her escape. Fish has a knife behind her back. She claims supplies are running low, but the doc doesn't believe her. He accuses her of trying to escape. He says he's going to shoot her in the stomach to get her to tell him the truth. She claims she's only in there to get a knife to slit her throat because she doesn't want to become one of the Dollmaker's next creations. He says if she comes in again he'll make her into something the world has never seen before.

Bruce runs into [gag me] Cat. Sorry, so not into the Bruce/Selina crap. For starters she looks way too old for him and her fixation on him just gives me the creeps. He goes to her asking her to find Reggie Payne for him.

Antonia returns to Granny and gets a slap in the face. Granny goes to see Penguin to discuss terms.

Ed shows Harvey and Gordon a broken heart. Harvey says the Heartbreaker is a serial killer.

Flashback of Grace and Jason. She's doing what he wants her to do, playing his perfect dream mate. She looks terrified he won't like what she cooked for him. He loses his temper with her. He says he doesn't think this is working out. He says it's not her, it's him. He chains her up and take pictures of her in his Red Room of Pain. Sorry, can't resist. He has pics of all his previous victims. He tells her before he kills her that he'll find the right one out there somewhere, it just isn't going to be her.

Penguin gets the diner. Penguin says he wanted the diner because this is where he's going to kill Don Marone.

Fish leads her merry band of men to try to escape. She goes to get Kelly and runs into Dollmaker. Only he's the one whose going to be made mincemeat out of by her Cellar Dwellers.

The people that agreed to escape with Fish realize she set them up. In short, they're fish food and bait while she escapes with a select few. She takes Kelly and a few in the helicopter and gets the copter in the sky. Seems she knows how to fly one. Meanwhile The Catcher prepares to shoot her down. He manages to get a shot into Fish, but she keeps flying it.

Harvey tells Gordon the Heartbreaker's modus operandi. Harvey says he's called the Don Juan Killer. Harvey says only a few of Gotham cops have told been about him, because Don Juan or the Ogre goes after the loved ones of the cop that tries to take him down.

Cat takes Bruce to Reggie. Bruce asks who sent Reggie to his house. Reggie asks if Alfred is all right. Reggie claims he was sent by a man who wanted to know how much Bruce had learned in his investigation. He doesn't mention the Wayne board. Then Cat pushes Reggie out a window when Bruce can't to stop from telling on the kids.

Harvey learns Commissioner Loeb is the one who set the officer up to getting Gordon to investigate the Heartbreaker. Gordon is worried that Heartbreaker might go after Lee. Harvey urges Gordon to drop it. Gordon tells Loeb he's crossed a line and after he finds the Ogre he's coming after Loeb to take him down.


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