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Gotham -- Bruce Points Gordon To The Dark Side...

Updated on September 21, 2015

And Bruce and Alfred break into the secret room...

It's finally here! Season 2. And on the IMDB message boards people are still complaining about this show.

I actually kind of forgot where things left off from last season. Fish fell to her death or maybe not. And that's kind of all I can remember. Don't know if that's good or bad. Kind of funny that the character everyone wanted gone and said was the worst is who I can remember after several months of the show being on hiatus. I ended up liking to hate Fish in the end.

The Wayne Manor with Alfred and Bruce exploring the secret stairway revealed behind the fireplace. Bruce finds a keypad and tries entering the code.

One month later. Gordon is with the boringly perfect Leslie. Penguin has someone shot. Babs is in the big house and gives Young Jerome the eye.

A man is ordered to drink something by another man. Afterwards he laughs evily. He looks like he's dressed up for Halloween. He beings shooting up the street. Gordon's in uniform on the street and faces off against Zardan, he says his name is. Gordon takes him down. Gordon says Zardan is going to Arkham. Zardan tells Gordon darks days are coming.

Gordon asks if Ed is okay. After Gordon leaves, Ed's other personality talks to him in the mirror. His mirror image says Ed needs a little more fun and romance. Mirror Ed wants Ed to go after Miss Kringle.

The crooked commish brings Gordon in for pushing is tub of lard partner and orders Gordon's badge be taken from him. Gordon tells Loeb he will break him as he walks out the door.

The prisoners in Zardan's cell are a bit freaked out when he emits a purple cloud from his mouth as he sleeps. No doubt from whatever potion he ingested before going nuts on the street.

Gordon and Lee in the sack. She says maybe it's for the best he's off the force. Gotdon says there are things he can do.

Jerome introduces himself to Babs. He tries to convince her she needs protection and in retaliation she plays up to a big inmate and gets him to agree to protect her. Jerome says his friend can get her things her ape can't. She says she wants a telephone.

I have to say the kid playing Jerome aka future Joker is good. He's got the facial expressions down to a tee and the Joker attitude. He's much better than the kid playing Bruce. Of course, the kid playing Bruce doesn't have as much to work with as the kid playing Jerome does.

Cat and Butch seem to be members of Penguin's Den of Thieves. Gordon goes to see Penguin. Gordon asks for a favor. Penguin guesses he wants Loeb fired and his old job back. Penguin wants a favor in return. He wants Gordon to talk to Ogden Berger for him. Gordon refuses to do it and walks out the door.

Gordon downs booze at Harvey's bar. He quit the force. He's been sober for some time and has a woman and a house. He feels leaving the force was the best thing for him.

Gordon comes to Wayne Manor. He came to apologize to Bruce for not keeping his word to catch his parents murder. Bruce suggests that Gordon do what Penguin wants so he can keep his word to catch his parents murderer and clean up the Gotham Police Department. Bruce goes down to the secret room to try and find the code to open the secret door, again. He takes a hammer to the keypad in anger.

Gordon goes back to Ogden after what Bruce said to him. He says Penguin wants his money. Ogden pulls a gun on Gordon, but Gordon takes it from him and takes the money owed to Penguin. Gordon has to run as the cops chase him with Ogden yelling that he's a thief. Gordon ends up shooting Ogden down and escaping with the money.

Okay, Gordon has just passed into Batman territory. Doing something bad for the greater good. Seems Gordon may be more suited to Babs than perfect little Lee.

Bruce bringing bags of fertilizer into the house. Bruce is planning to build a bomb to blow off the door to the secret room. Alfred says maybe Bruce isn't ready for what's behind the door and they should wait until he's older. Bruce stubbornly says he's going to build his bomb.

Gordon brings the money back to Penguin. Gordon says Penguin knew what would happen. He goes back to perfect Lee. Babs calls Jim up on the phone. Babs says Lee lied that she killed her parents and it was she who attacked him. When Gordon hangs up on her, she calls up Lee saying she hopes Lee dies.

Lee wants Gordon to leave town, but he says he can't leave. Then he says he did a bad thing.

Penguin comes in to Loeb's house with the creepy bald assasin. Baldy shows one of Loeb's beheaded guards head to him when he calls for help. I should feel sorry for this nasty little prick only I don't. The scene actually made me laugh a bit. Yeah, I'm as sick as Ed is, apparently.

Penguin makes himself a sandwich. Penguin says he needs Loeb to do something for him that he doesn't want to do. Penguin says that the only rational way to handle this is to kill him. Loeb claims he'll do it, but Penguin doesn't believe him. Viktor is about to shoot him when Loeb says he'll do anything. That anything is resigning.

Theo Galavan is asked to speak at Loeb's resignation.

Zardan arrives at Arkham.

Gordon's ex-boss, Essen, is appointed as new police commissioner.

Zardan passed out and purple smoke emits from his mouth, filling the room, knocking everyone [including Babs and Jerome] out. A woman comes into Arkham. Lee says she hopes it's been worth it. Gordon is told that Babs has escaped from Arkham, along with six other inmates. Wonder if the purple smoke cloud she inhaled will make him even more batty than she is now. Of course, little Lee cringes at the news, as she recently threatened her.

They didn't escape, they were kidnapped. The womanis Theo Galavan's sister, Tabitha. He says this is the first day for a wonderful future for them. He promises Babs whatever she wants in the world can be hers. Theo isn't thrilled when one of the kidnapee's balks and has Tabitha brutally murder the man in front of the rest of them.

Alfred and Bruce prepare to blow off the door. They celebrate when it blows then go down to see what they've uncovered. The room is full of cobwebs and a computer. There's an envelope addressed to Bruce on the keyboard. It's a letter from his father. The entry code to the keypad was Bruce. He says becoming a father made him want to become a better man and that's why the place exists. You can't have both happiness and the truth. He begs Bruce to choose happiness unless he feels a true calling.

Gordon back on the force as a detective.

I thought it was a great episode and the second season is off to a great start.


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