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Gotham -- Bruce Sets Out On A Path Of Revenge

Updated on March 21, 2016

And Leech makes Gordon Ed's Number One Enemy!

This week, with Mr. Freeze believed to be dead, it appears the action will turn back to young Bruce Wayne whose out for revenge. Let's just hope there will be a limited amount of Leech in this episode. She had way too much prominence last episode and she sucked the action out of every scene she was in.

Penguin tied to a chair and gagged at the dinner table having dinner with his mother. Then he sees another self walk in and bash his mother in the head. He's actually hooked up to the horror chair. Strange and Peabody decide to put Penguin to the Ice Cream test.

Penguin back in the population and he's been given ice cream. He's the only inmate with ice cream. An inmate attacks him. Peabody and Strange are pleased when Penguin doesn't fight back and says the treatments are working.

Bruce meets Cat in the alley and she gives him a gun. She says he looks scared and says gun are only for one thing...killing.

Leech shows up at the police department. She brings Miss Kringle's final paychecks to Gordon. Leech is worried and doesn't like it. Leech wants Gordon to prove Kringle is all right. Maybe Ed could take out the meddlesome Leech, cause she's going to cause him trouble over someone she didn't even know that well.

Bruce returns home to Alfred. Alfred wants Bruce to assure him he's ready for this. Matches Malone has a criminal crony named Cupcake that just got out of prison. Alfred and Bruce goes to his hide out asking to talk to Cupcake. Cupcake starts talking to Bruce and Bruce does something incredibly stupid as he declares he's looking for Malone who killed his parents. Cupcake demands that Alfred fight him. Alfred blames Bruce for this for not keeping his mouth shut.

It looks like Alfred is going to win, then it looks like Cupcake is going to win, but Alfred ultimately beats him. During the fight, Alfred used it as another way to instruct Bruce on how to fight. Cupcake agrees to tell them where to start looking for Matches, but Alfred passes out.

Alfred in the hospital. Alfred wants Bruce to wait until he's better, and Bruce says he will, but he leaves clutching his gun.

Strange using word association on Penguin now. Strange tells Penguin that remorse is good. He says he wants to be good. Strange says the real Penguin is emerging; the kind and good Penguin. He says he'll need a few more treatments, though. Penguin says he wants to change. But is he just playing along with Strange?

Gordon goes to visit Ed. He asks him about Miss Kringle. He tells Ed that Kringle hasn't cashed her last few paychecks. Gordon leaves. Ed thinks Gordon is trying to play a game with him and outsmart him. Thanks, Leech, you just couldn't mind your own business, could you? And you couldn't go and ask Ed yourself about Miss Kringle, could you?

Alfred summons Gordon and Harvey. He tells them about Matches Malone. Alfred says that Bruce went off to kill Matches.

Bruce enters an underground club. The female singer asks what took Bruce so long and to follow her.

Bruce is lead back stage. The singer heads upstairs and leads him into her dressing room. She asks if he liked the show. She's Jerry, the person Cupcake said could help him find Matches. She asks why Bruce wants to see matches, and he says he wants to ask him questions and kill him. She tells him that Matches has killed many people before and he's a professional. She takes his hand with the gun in it and points it at her head. She refuses all of Bruce's offers for money to tell him where Matches is, but when he goes to leave thanking her for the conversation she tells him where he can find Matches.

Gordon finds Bruce and says he can't let him do it. Then Jerry distracts him and has Gordon grabbed away so Bruce can get away and go have his date with destiny and Matches.

I don't know who the woman was playing Jerry, but she talked and looked a bit like Ellen DeGeneres, but I'm sure it wasn't her. I haven't heard anything about her making a guest appearance on Gotham.

I'm guessing Gordon is going to tell Bruce he killed Galavan and how it's changed him.

Bruce enters the building he was told Matches is in. He knocks on the door and Matches opens the door. Bruce shows him a wad of money claiming he wants to hire him. Matches looks a bit like Tom Hanks. Bruce asks if Matches is a proficient killer. Bruce asks if he's killed a lot of people.

Gordon arrests Jerry. She says if Bruce lives long enough he'll be a strong man. She says she knows all about Gordon and his temper. She tells him where Bruce is. Gordon rushes to stop him.

Matches telling Bruce his rates for killing people; says he doesn't kill babies. Bruce says he doesn't remember him. He pulls out his gun, saying they've met before and he killed his parents.

Matches says he won't jump him because he's too tired. He asks who he is and when they met. Bruce describes what happens and he says it rings a bell. But Matches doesn't seem to remember him. Matches says he can't remember all the ones he killed or how he even killed them. When Bruce describes breaking his mother's necklace, he claims it's coming back to him. Bruce wants to know who hired him. Matches says if he did what Bruce says he did he made him, just like Gotham made him and rich people like his parents made Gotham.

Bruce threatens to torture him and Matches says no matter what he does he won't talk. Bruce realizes Matches wants him to kill him. He says a man gets tired doing wrong and going unpunished. You start to wonder if there's even a God. He even instructs Bruce how and where to shoot him. Bruce won't do it, so Matches tries to provoke him into doing it. He says he's a monster and he needs to kill him. Bruce says he's not a monster, he's just a man. He leaves the gun and walks away. Gordon arrives and they hear a gunshot. Matches shoots himself.

I don't think Matches is the one to kill Bruce's parents. But if it lets Bruce sleep at night, so be it.

Penguin tossed into the treatment room. He sees the man who attacked him tied to the chair and knives on a table. Peabody and Strange are watching. He takes the knife and cuts off his blindfold. Penguin says he'll help him if he promises to be nice. He starts cutting him loose. Strange tells him he's sane. Strange says Penguin is a free man. Penguin doesn't want to go because he knows if he does, he'll go to prison. Apparently, not in Strange's world. Strange claims good things happen to good people. He tells Penguin to go back to his room and get his belongings together. Strange is going to release him and not tell the police. Strange says he has deeper plans for Penguin.

Penguin walks out of Arkham a free man. Watch out, Gordon. Payback is a bitch and you were one to Penguin and I think he's about to return the favor.

Harvey says Matches hasn't done anything in years, but Gordon says since Matches confessed that's good enough for him. Wow! He's really gone downhill as a cop. The wonders of being with Leech. She just brings out the best in him, doesn't she?

Ed getting paranoid about Gordon. Ed says he can make plans of his own. And there's another enemy for Gordon to deal with and Ed and Penguin are friends.

Alfred finds a letter from Bruce. He says he's left home for awhile to live on the streets with Cat. He wants to fight murder by living in the slums. He vows one day he'll do something to help people, but he needs to learn things and to learn how to live like everyone else. He asks Alfred to trust him and don't bring him back.

Ed looking at a picture of Gordon in the paper. He tears it out and writes a green question mark on it. Oh-Oh!


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