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Gotham -- Cat Feel's Gordon Has Betrayed Her...

Updated on November 2, 2015

It's not happily ever after for Ed and Ms. Kringle...

Butch goes to Galavan and tells the story Penguin told him to tell, asking for a job. Galavan agrees to hire him. There's also an eye-rolling scene of a congressman hanging from a noose until he agrees to support Galavan in the election.

Gordon chasing down a fire bug wanting to know what he knows. One of the strike force members lectures Gordon for roughing up a perp and said they have to report him to Barnes.

Cat hiding firebug out in her secret lair. Says they need money to get her out of town. Cat wants them to commit a crime to get it.

Pan to a secret club where they're selling girls. Firebug wants to rescue the girls, but Cat says forget about them, they're there to get money for her. Cat enters saying this is a robbert. Firebug sets someone on fire when he doesn't want to cooperate.

Barnes puts a note in Gordon's file. He says you never beat a suspect. Then he shows Gordon footage of Cat and Firebug pulling off their heist and Gordon recognizes Cat.

More of Alfred training Bruce. This time it's boxing. Alfred tells Bruce that Silver called and wants him to come to dinner. He uses that as a distraction to take a shot at Bruce.

Ed eavesdropping on Leslie and Miss Kringle talking. She says maybe he's too gentle. She also wishes he'd open up to her more. Ed invites Miss Kringle to supper at his place.

Harvey questions Ivy on where Cat is. Ivy rats her friend out for a candy bar. Gordon heads over to question her. Meanwhile Cat is sending Firebug out of town on the bus. Before she can leave, Bridget's rodent family come and grab her and take off with her. Cat goes back to her lair and Gordon bursts into the room. He orders her to stick her hands in the air.

Cat refuses to drop the gun she's holding on Gordon. She tells him Bridget was forced to do all that. Gordon offers to help her. Gordon says she'll be shot on sight if he doesn't help. Cat says the Pike Brothers are to blame and kidnapped her. He tries to stop Cat from going to rescue her.

The Pike Brothers take her money. They start throwing lit firecrackers at her. They act like she abandoned them when they're the ones that abandoned her. They make her say she wants to be part of their family again. He says if she tries to leave he'll kill her and skin Cat alive. The Brothers don't see her smiling as they let her go. They don't know the monster they've created.

Penguin questions Butch about what's going on with Galavan. He threatens to chop off Butch's other hand if he doesn't find his mother.

Bridget, looking like a fly, hence Gordon calling her Firefly, sets her brothers on fire. Gordon and Harvey find the charred remains of the Pike Brothers.

Butch searches Galavan's place and finds a monitor with Penguin's mommy on it. Galavan knows Butch isn't loyal to him. Galavan sends his psychotic sister to de-program him from Penguin's control. Her method is to wrap her bull whip around his throat.

Gordon tries to put a good work in with Barnes for Bridget. Barnes doesn't care if she was abused and orders Gordon to break his promise to Cat and take Bridget down.

Cat finds Bridget on the roof with a pigeon coop. Having burned her brother's alive seems to have flipped he switch in Bridget and changed her. Bridget plans to become an avenger for all the people who have been victimized. Cat leaves her to it.

Bruce having dinner with the Galavans'. Galavan says he hopes in time Bruce will think of them as family. Silver invites him to come over more often.

Miss Kringle at dinner at Ed's apartment. That may not be a good thing. Ed says there's something he wants to tell her. He says he likes her very much. They share a kiss. Perhaps a bit more, as she asks if that's his bedroom over her.

Cat reminds Gordon of his promise and says she thinks she knows where Bridget has gone. It's back to the place she and Cat robbed to try and rescue the girls being sold there. Gordon tries to get her to give up. A cop takes a shot at her and she notices her tank is leaking. She starts setting everything on fire. Gordon watches in horror as she catches on fire and goes up in flames.

Galavan talks to Bruce alone. He asks about Sid Bunderslaw who has vanished. Galavan says Bruce's father was a good man, but bad things happened at his company. He says once he's mayor he'd like to help Bruce with the problems at Wayne Industries.

Butch returns to Penguin. He claims he's found his mother, but is Butch leading him into a trap. He claims he escaped from psycho sister.

Cat visits Lee when waiting for Gordon. She wants to know what happened to Bridget. Gordon says she's not going to make it. Gordon wants Cat to tell him who paid for the arson. She slips and he figures out it's Penguin. She leaves saying she's done trusting cops.

The Lee character is like a piece of furniture that adds absolutely nothing to any scene she's in. It's too bad she's screwing the star of the show and got knocked up. We'll probably never be rid of this bore. Personally, I thought Gordon and Babs had better chemistry.

Looks like Ed and Kringle did the deed. She says she's scared of Tom Doherty and what he'll do when he comes back. Ed assures her she doesn't need to worry about Doherty. She says Ed is not a fighter and couldn't take him on. Ed says he's been taken care of. Ed admits to killing Doherty. He says it was in self-defense. He shows her his badge when she doesn't believe her. Oh, this was a very bad mistake. She's appalled and doesn't want Ed to touch her now that she knows he killed Doherty. She calls him a sicko and won't let him touch her. She turns on him. She says she's sending him to prison. He tries to stop her from leavin and accidentally kills her.

And this is probably the only interesting thing that happened on this episode.

Bridget being taken to the morgue. Says she's not dead. They sent her down to a special part of the hospital for testing with the rest of the monsters. It's Indian Hill a special section of Wayne Industries.

I thought maybe we'd see Jerome down there showing he isn't really dead, either.


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