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Gotham -- Electro-Cutioner

Updated on January 19, 2015

Will Jack Gruber help Gordon return to the Gotham PD?

As we last checked into Gotham, Jack Gruber, the man who had been giving patients at Arkham electro shock treatment had escaped and Gordon was on his trail.

Jack Gruber is walking the streets of Gotham with his slave, Aaron. He goes to see a man named Irwin, asking where his stuff is.

Gordon comes to the Gotham PD as the captain is telling everyone about Gruber. Gordon says it's his case. Both Harvey and the captain try to prevent Gordon from meeting the police commissioner. Gordon take on the commissioner. He tells Gordon to follow him, and Harvey, too.

Irwin tells Gruber he kept his gadget safe. It seems to be another electrical device. Aaron holds Irwin as Gruber straps him up to his device.

Police Commissioner asks why Gordon became a cop. Gordon wants to be reinstated to the Gotham Police Department. Gordon is given 24 hours to find Gruber or both he and Harvey will be stuck working in Arkham for the rest of their clues.

Funeral being held for the man Butch killed last week. Meanwhile Falcone has a man shot. Then he spends some time with Liza. He tells her she needs to find a young man and get married. He offers to set her up with a bakery so she can be independent. She refuses.

Ed reveals Gruber wanted to be transferred to Arkham and Gruber isn't his real last name. Ed's weird attempts of romance to Ms. Kringle are a miss, again. He gives her a cupcake with a bullet in it, saying it's a riddle. I called it when I said he was The Riddler and not The Joker.

Harvey gets a lead on Gruber from the stuff Ed gave him and Gordon. They find Irwin's place. Irwin has been turned into a mindless sieve just like Aaron, while his employee has been fried to a crisp.

Liza is kidnapped by some hooded men. The men worked for Fish. She says she's going to make her move on Falcone. Falcone is called by Fish using a voice distorter to disguise her, saying they have Liza. Liza pretends she's being tortured.

Dr. Tompkins comes to see Gordon at the police department. Gordon introduces her to Harvey. Thanks to her, Gordon figures out Gruber may be out to get Marone. Meanwhile Penguin is summoned by Falcone. Penguin knows Fish is behind Liza's kidnapping. Penguin lies that his mother is sick.

Penguin gets shocked with electricity when he turns the doorknob to leave. Gordon arrives and tells Marone who was behind the electricity attack. Gordon wants to place him in protective custody. Penguin starts spouting about Falcone.

Marone agrees. Penguin is dumped on a desk at the cop shop. Methinks Pengy is in deep doo doo with Marone, again.

Barbara shows up at her parents mansion. Mother doesn't seem happy that she wants to spend the night. Babs is hoping to spend a few days there. Moms says she can stay til the weekend. She lies that she and Gordon are very happy.

Penguin wakes up claiming he wants to see his mother, but Marone won't let him leave. He asks why Penguin said he had urgent business with Falcone.

Fish calls Falcone claiming the kidnappers called about Liza. She says she just wants to help. Falcone says he knows Fish is behind this. Fish orders him to leave Gotham and he can take Liza with him. Falcone agrees.

Fish doesn't seem happy over Falcone's capitulation. She tells Liza she's going to need to leave town with Falcone to string him along.

Creepy bald-headed guy asks Falcone to let him go to work. Falcone says maybe it's time he did leave. He says he wants to go live in the country with Liza. Creepy Bald Guy aka Victor tries to talk Falcone out of it, but Falcone says his job is to keep him and Liza safe.

Ed explains his riddle to Ms. Kringle. A detective comes in and chases Ed away. Ed hears Pringle saying he's so weird. Meanwhile Gruber is breaking his way into the police department to get at Marone. Marone lets Penguin go see his mother as Gruber makes his move against the police department.

The squad room fills with volts of electricity as Gruber makes his presence known. He enters the squad room as everyone is knocked out. Just as he's about to make a snatch and grab on Marone, Gordon comes up behind him. Gruber uses a volt of electricity to make Gordon drop his gun.

Gordon knocks out Aaron. Gordon says he's putting Gruber back in Arkham. Gruber's hands fill with a volt of electricity but Gordon short circuits him by throwing water on the machine he has strapped to him. As a result the police commissioner gives Gordon back his badge, as Gordon vows that the next man who tries to take away his badge is going to eat it.

Gordon says he's done being careful, and Harvey can't believe Gordon thinks he's been careful until now. Penguin finally arrives at Falcone's. Penguin tells Falcone that Liza was planted by Fish. Falcone slaps Penguin and demands he prove what he's saying, only Penguin can't prove it. So it all comes down to who Falcone ultimately believes.

Falcone goes to Fish's place. Fish wants Falcone to sign papers to relinquish all control of the family. He demands to see Liza, first, or he won't sign. She comes in and Falcone asks how long Liza has known Fish. She denies knowing Fish. Falcone believes what Penguin said. His people come in and hold Fish and her people at gunpoint. Falcone tells Liza he's sorry. Then he strangles Liza in front of Fish.

The upshot is Fish knows Penguin is to blame for tipping off Falcone to her ruse. Falcone has Butch and Fish locked up. He says all her people are dead. Falcone vows Fish will suffer for using his mother against him. Then Penguin comes out. Penguin smiles at Fish and laughs.

Dr. Tompkins comes to see Gordon. Gordon tells her to wait when she's about to leave and kisses her. About time. Gordon is interrupted when he's told there's a big shoot-out at Fish's place.


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