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Gotham -- Fish Gets Fried

Updated on January 26, 2015

But lives to fight another day...

Gotham -- Fish Gets Fried

As we last left off, Fish and Butch’s celebration was cut short when Falcone realized Penguin was right and Liza was Fish’s plant. Falcone was incensed Fish would use the memory of his dead mother against him and vowed vengeance as Penguin got the last laugh. And Gordon and Leslie were getting hot and heavy when duty called.

Fish is brought on a stretcher, handcuffed, by two men. Her feet are also chained.

Harvey and Gordon are called to Pinky Littlefield’s murder. He’s hanging around. Gordon gives the body a good once over. Finds a false heel in his shoe. He takes out what was hidden inside. Then he and Harvey talk to the night janitor. Gordon asks him to go down to the station and work with a sketch artist.

A man comes into the room where the night janitor is and kills him. He was killed by an ice pick. He and Littlefield have the same wounds on them.

Rob, Fish’s torturer, asks what her name is. He punches Fish for insulting his kids and she spits blood in his face. Then she laughs in his face, saying only her friends can call her Fish.

Butch isn’t taken to the same place as Fish. He manages to over power the two men transporting him in a van.

Gordon thinks a cop is the killer, but he’s told to cool it or he could jeorpardize his reinstatement.

Bruce having Alfred driving him around looking for Selina. They run into Poison Ivy. He gives her something to give to Cat.

Fish has plastic over her face. After it’s removed, she asks if that’s all he’s got. Butch comes to where Fish is being held and knocks Rob out.

Gordon questions the cops at police headquarters but they won’t give them any answers. Gordon asks Harvey for help. Grover, one of the cops cracks, and says Delaware stole the missing log page. Gordon goes after him after he tries to escape. He searches his car. In the trunk he finds envelopes similar to what he took out of Littlefield’s heel.

Harvey complains because Gordon locks up Delaware in front of the whole precinct.

The captain tells Gordon he and Harvey are no longer investigating the Winkler murder.

Ed goes bothering Miss Pringle, again. He gives her a card.

Fish wakes up in a strange room with Butch. She thanks him for rescuing her. Fish refuses to leave until she cuts Penguin’s throat for telling Falcone about Liza. Meanwhile Penguin takes his Mommy to Fish’s club. Pengy gets huffy when Mommy guesses Penguin now is in charge of Fish’s club.

Harvey tells Gordon that Flask is protected by higher ups and has stash houses. Flask took over Winkler’s murder case. Harvey calls up someone for Gordon. Harvey and Gordon find Delaware at the stash house and fists fly. Delaware has a warrant claiming he’s trying to close down the stash house he’s in charge of. It’s signed by a judge and the Commissioner.

Winkler’s death has been ruled as a suicide even though he was murdered. It’s the doing of the Commissioner. The captain asks Gordon to let this go, while Gordon watches Winkler’s widow sobbing.

Pringle lets the cops read Ed’s greeting card and make fun of him. You can really understand how Ed becomes a criminal. And it’s the cops that made him that way.

Gordon comes into Fish’s club and finds Penguin and his Mommy partying. Gordon officially meets Penguin’s mommy. Gordon asks Penguin about Arnold Flask. Penguin says he’ll help Gordon.

Victor finds Rob on the floor and finishes him off for letting Fish escape.

Penguin sends Mommy home and starts getting drunk as he celebrates his victory over Fish. Fish and Butch come in. Someone is in trouble. And she’s got a lead pipe with her.

Little Bruce is back playing chess with himself when Cat comes to visit him. He invites her to stay in his house. She says she wants him to stop hassling her. That he’s beginning to bug her. She says she lied and didn’t see who killed his parents.

Penguin kisses Fish’s feet as she whacks him with her pipe. He offers to work with her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with that. When she tells Penguin he’s a nothing, Penguin gets in her face saying he’s outsmarted her at every turn. Then Victor rushes in and Butch and Fish have to make a run for it. Butch says he’ll slow Victor down so she can get away.

Victor knee-caps Butch. Butch won’t talk. Victor can’t decide if he should kill Butch or take him home to play with.

Delaware has a gun pointed to his face wanting to know why Littlefield was killed while his wife has her head held under water in the bathtub.

Kringle comes to see Ed while he’s removing onions from his take out. She says she didn’t give Arnold the card. She says she thought his card was very thoughtful and apologizes. He thinks he has hope with her.

Man who went after Delaware gives Gordon the ice pick Flask told him to throw away.

Alfred finds Bruce crying and the gift he gave Cat smashed. He says she was lying. He also scorns Bruce for crying. His nasty comment gets Bruce to stop crying and he vows to find other leads.

Gordon arrests Flask. Flask thinks the cops will protect him. Gordon takes him on. The Captain shocks his pants off as she personally slaps the cuffs on him. I’m sure Ed will love it, as his tormentor got the boom lowered on him.

Fish is on the docks with Harvey. He gives her his coat. She says she’s going to leave town and return to kill Penguin. She asks Harvey to find Butch and if he’s alive to help him. They have a goodbye kiss.

Delaware asks if everything is okay between him and Gordon. Begs Gordon to keep his wife and kids out of this. Gordon now regrets going to Penguin, no doubt.

All I can say about this, is this is why you kill your enemies and don’t leave them alive to make them suffer. Cause they might just escape and get you in your backside.


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