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Gotham -- Galavan Is Set Free

Updated on November 30, 2015

As the Mad Monks lay siege to Gotham

Galaturkey is back, this week, unfortunately. But hopefully the Galanightmare will be over soon. Seriously, the actor playing this part just plain reeks and I feel in the hands of a different [more charismatic and better] actor it wouldn’t be so torturous to have to endure Galavan.

A woman is running away from a man. He knocks her down and pulls a gun on her. Then he suddenly vanishes.

Gordon’s back in his uniform for the slain officer’s funeral. He's carrying the woman's casket, along with the Bald One. Gordon goes to visit Galaturkey, whose strutting like a turkey [hence the name Galaturkey] and gloating. Gordon asks him if the name Katherine Parks means anything to him and it doesn't. He goes home to Boring Lee. She asks if Gordon wants to talk about it. Gordon’s blaming himself because he didn't kill The Cannibal. Boring Lee says Gordon made the right choice. Gordon’s enraged that Galaturkey is still alive. Boring Lee says it's over and Galaturkey will go to jail. He did good. Will she pat him on the head now and give him a plate a cookies with a glass of milk?

The man who attacked the woman is standing amongst the Mad Monks. The head monk bleeds the man dry.

Cat telling Bruce it isn't going to work because Silver is a liar. She advises him that the best liars always tell the truth. Bruce waves to Silver.

Gordon tells Harvey he's got a bad feeling Galaturkey is going to get off the hook. The Bald One comes hobbling in. No one will listen to Gordon that Galaturkey isn't signed, sealed and delivered. Harvey says the robe Gordon found was from the Order of St. Dumas. Gordon ignores Barnes orders and he and Harvey go to investigate.

The Monks watching as a geisha takes a man into her parlor.

Bruce with Silver. Bruce says he'll pay for Galaturkey's defense if he gives them the name of who killed his parents. Silver declares that Galaturkey will be acquitted at the grand jury hearing. He asks her to bring him the name. Cat watches them from a tree. He whispers something in Silver's ear and then kisses her. She says she'll call Bruce after she talks to Galaturkey.

Men in a van watching Bruce. One says, “Not yet.”

Harvey and Gordon arrive at the massage parlor as the girls go running out. They go inside to investigate. Gordon gets into combat with one of the monks. The monk pulls a knife out of his side and walks away. The Monk starts going on about how Gotham will be cleansed. The Monk stands in front of the truck so it mows him down. They believe in blood. Gordon repeats the monk's chant, “The blood of the nine shall cleanse Gotham.” Barnes wants Gordon to give the case to someone else. Barnes doesn't want to listen to what Gordon is saying. But you’ll be listening when Galaturkey walks, won’t you?

Barnes wants Gordon at the grand jury hearing.

Silver claims Galaturkey agreed to Bruce's deal and told her the name. She asks him to meet her. She's in the back of a van and the men order Bruce to get in and, of course, he does.

Boring Lee gives Gordon the details of the victims bodies. Gordon figures the monks are hiding down in the sewers. Harvey and Gordon head down there.

Boring Lee hears Ed talking to someone on the phone. She asks about Miss Kringle. Ed says she left town with Doherty [the cop he killed]. Ed's phone starts ringing. He starts crying and the dumb bunny buys it.

Penguin keeps bugging Ed on the phone. He sounds like the house guest from hell. It also sounds like it was better when he was cowering under the covers in bed vowing to give up crime.

Silver's acting like a victim, but is she? The man slaps Bruce every time he tries to take over. The men don't like the idea of Bruce selling the company. The man says there are billions at stake. He says unless one of them starts talking he's going to start cutting off their fingers. Silver says she doesn't know anything, as the man drags Bruce away to start cutting off his fingers.

Gordon and Harvey still in the sewers. They hear a noise and go towards it. They find an underground chamber. They find a dead body. A monk grabs Harvey but he's able to fend him off. Harvey wants to make him talk, but since the guy gets off on pain, Gordon doesn't believe violence will make him talk.

The man returns without Bruce and with a bloody hanky in his hand. Silver's still claiming her uncle didn't tell her anything. The man says he doesn't like her. Silver stops playing victim and threatens him and saying her uncle will have him gutted. She gives the man a name, Malone, as the man who killed Bruce's parents, when he threatens to cut off her finger. This was all Bruce and Cat's set-up. The man is someone Cat knows.

Bruce confronts Silver about the truth. Says Cat broke into her apartment and found the file she had on him. He realizes she was using him to get him to sell his company. She claims she made up the name, then claims if Uncle Galaturkey finds out she told he'll kill her. He leaves her behind in the abandoned warehouse.

Gordon still down in the sewer. Gordon tricks the dying monk into thinking he's one of them to try and get some information out of him. Gordon cuts his wrists to feed the man his blood. Yuck. He says the son of Gotham shall die and Gotham shall be cleansed.

Alfred comes looking for Bruce and gets attacked by Tabitha. And Alfred gives the little sow more than she bargained for. But it seems the fembot has beaten Alfred. She throws a knife at Alfred as he rides away on the back of a garbage truck and seems to have taken him out. Come on, Penguin, kill this little pig. Make her pay for what she did to your mother. In short, gut the foul vermin as she so richly deserves.

The grand jury hearing. Mayor James claims Galaturkey didn't kidnap him and blames Penguin for his kidnapping. Galaturkey gets let go. Then Galaturkey starts blah-blahing on about how he feels no ill will towards Gordon and the police. Gordon slugs the loser and vows to get him. It's all part of Galaturkey's plan as he's tasered and dragged away. I still say the dude who plays Galaturkey is one lousy actor with no a trace of charisma about him and a giant bore to boot.

Bruce comes home to an empty house. Bruce thanks Cat for her help. She wants to know what Bruce whispered to Silver. He tells her what he said. He says what he said to Silver was actually about Cat.

Penguin questioning Ed about why he kept Miss Kringle's glasses. Penguin learns Galaturkey has been let go.

Gordon chained up as Galaturkey gloats. Gordon asks about the monks. Turkey says they protected his family. He says his real name is Dumas. Turkey sees this as not revenge but as atonement. He says not all the victims are random. Gordon suddenly starts figuring out who the Son of Gotham is. Galaturkey tells Gordon to give it his best shot, but like with his slimy sister, it's all rigged so they come out the winner in any fight. Gordon gets knocked out as Turkey orders Gordon killed. Seriously, this weinie has hid behind everyone’s skirts and pants and let them do the fighting for him, but now he’s suddenly Kung Fu Ninja Weinie. So not believable. Again, maybe in the hands of a different actor, but not this one.

Galaturkey comes after Bruce, as Penguin ends up saving Gordon's life. Then he demands Gordon tell him where Galavan is and starts hitting him.

Turkey pulls his little blade and tells Bruce he wants his life.

Will the Galaturkey torture ever be over?


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