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Gotham -- Galavan Wants To Be A Hero

Updated on October 12, 2015

The Curse of Jerome

A man falls or jumps out of the window. It seems Gordon is the one who threw him out it. Harvey and Gordon are questioning another man in the room the man went flying out of. Gordon sends him flying out the window, as well.

Seems Babs and Galavan's sister, Tabitha, are lovers. They're giving each other a tongue bath in front of Galavan. Apparently, it was Galavan's idea to keep Gordon unscathed. He says Gotham belonged to his family. He says when Gordon outlives his usefulness, he's going to let Babs destroy Gordon body and soul.

Boring Lee comes to calm down Gordon since he's out to get revenge for Essen. She wants him to take her to a party. She orders him to kiss her. Blech!

Harvey and Gordon trying to track down Jerome's dad, the blonde fortuneteller. Meanwhile Jerome and Tabitha corner Jerome's father. She wraps the end of her whip around his throat.

They put a gag over his mouth. Jerome whines about how bad his birthday was because of his Mom and the snake charmer. Dad says Jerome doesn't have to kill him. Jerome says he's going to plant evidence to make it seem Dad was the one who helped break him and the others out of Arkham. Dad predicts that Jerome will be a curse on Gotham. Gordon and Harvey arrive, but not before Jerome stabs his dad, Mr. Cicero, in the eye.

A blue gas fills the air knocking out Harvey and Gordon. Gordon's got enough juice left in him to try to strangle Jerome. When Jerome is going to shoot Gordon in the head, Tabitha tells him not to and comes and kicks Gordon in the head.

Alfred and Bruce attend the same charity party Lee wanted Gordon to attend. Bruce sees Cat also in attendance. She's all dressed up and planning to lift people's wallets. He tells her everyone's here for charity, but it doesn't move her. She blows him off.

Babs asks Galavan what his plan is. He says Gotham wants a hero. I guess he's setting himself out as that hero. Jerome is in disguise as the magician at the charity function.

Deputy Mayor Cane is the new replacement for the mayor. He says he has no idea where the mayor went. Probably the same place Cane will be shortly sent.

Lee and Alfred get to know each other. He invites her over to dinner at the mansion. She's about to tell him she's involved with Gordon, but he mentions a chef she wants to eat. Then Bruce shows up saying he wants to go home, but Alfred fobs him off.

Lee is MC of the festivities. She unknowingly introduces Jerome. She also doesn't recognize that Babs is his assistant. Jerome asks for a volunteer. He points at Bruce. Alfred eggs him into doing it, while he's apprehensive. Alfred starts becoming alarmed as Jerome starts the old cutting someone in half trick.

Harvey buying that Cicero broke Jerome out of Arkham. Gordon says he doesn't think it was his father that broke him out. Gordon says they'll see Penguin in the morning to find out what he knows.

Bruce survives the trick fine. Lee finally seems to recognize Babs. Now Jerome calls the deputy mayor up to the stage to do another trick. Babs removes her mask and winks at Lee. She calls Gordon and someone comes up behind her and chloroforms her.

Jerome says no one here is getting out alive and he throws a knife into the deputy mayor's chest. Then gunfire breaks out. Alfred starts taking out the men. Bruce runs after Cat, opposed to obeying Alfred and getting out of there.

Gordon arrives outside the charity function. Jerome has Lee up on stage preparing to throw knives at her. Jerome says he wants 47 million dollars and he has ten minutes to deliver before he starts killing people.

Galavan speaks up so he can be the big hero. So Gotham will see him as the hero. Galavan is a bad actor. Babs knocks him out. Thank God. He's performance was bad and only being knocked out improved it. Have to say the actor playing Galavan isn't very good.

Cat shows Bruce how to get out. Bruce says he has to go back for Alfred. He says he misses her.

Gordon sees Cat sneaking out and figures out how to sneak in.

Inside Jerome is tormenting the guests by threatening to kill them. Babs tells Lee within a year she and Gordon will be back together, because she and Jim are just the same, because they both have a dark side. Lee kicks Babs and Babs punches Lee.

Jerome decides Bruce will be his first victim. Jerome says he's an orphan like Bruce, but he killed his parents. Since Bruce isn't around, they decide to kill Alfred, instead. Gordon stops Bruce from coming out to help him.

Bruce goes out to save Alfred. Bruce passes a gun to Alfred. Alfred and Gordon shoot up the place. Galavan shows up and kills Jerome so he can be the big hero. Babs manages to escape. So, I guess he wasn't the Joker, unless he can find some way to survive this. Have to say I was pretty disappointed about that. The character had the promise to become this year's Penguin. I guess there's always Ed.

Penguin watching Jerome on TV and isn't impressed by him. Harvey comes to visit him. He taunts him about Fish. Harvey questions Penguin about the favor Gordon did for him. He tells Harvey not to worry. Harvey warns Penguin if he comes after Gordon he'll come after him and he still owes him for Fish. Harvey may have just painted a target on his back. The Penguin doesn't take well to being threatened.

Gordon tells Bruce he was brave. Alfred thanks Galavan for saving Bruce. Oh, damn, he's buying this prancing ding-dong's act. Alfred starts putting the moves on Lee in front of Gordon. He sees Gordon and Lee kissing and feels he made a fool of himself.

Galavan watches himself on TV. Tabitha sees Galavan with Babs and doesn't like it. Maybe she'll kill him and do the show a favor?

Jerome's death seems to have spawned a bunch of new Jokers making his father's prophecy come true that Jerome would become a curse on Gotham..


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