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Gotham -- Get, Galavan!

Updated on May 10, 2016

Ed tries to break out of Arkham as Cat breaks in...

As we last left off Azrael was still on the loose and he appeared to have returned from the dead with superhuman powers. Like Timex he could take a licking and keep on ticking. Barbara was back to being nuts. And Ed found his way down to Strange's secret laboratory.

Harvey and Gordon at Arkham with a search warrant demanding to search the place. Records show Galavan's body was sent to Arkham for cremation. Strange was expecting them and shredded everything. Gordon gets in Strange's face and Strange reminds him he's not a cop so he won't speak to him. And he reminds Harvey he can only search his office and nothing more. Score 1 for the bad guy.

Ed returns from Indian Hill really freaked out. He says he has to get out of there then looks at an air vent. I think we know what's going to happen next.

Azrael shows up at a church wanting a weapon and snaps a priest's neck asking what good is he when he can't provide one for him.

Barnes in criticial condition. I was hoping he would be dead. Penguin gets all dressed up as he vows to get Galavan. I thought he looked very good looking.

Harvey freaked when everyone starts looking to him for what to do next. Gordon says they're looking to him to take over for Barnes. He steps up to the plate and takes on the duty of being leader. He actually makes a much better captain than Barnes cause he has an open mind.

Gordon says they need to think out of the box and get to who knows Galavan best. Harvey mentions Tabitha.

Bruce says he's sick of trusting Gordon, as he wants to go off and look for Cat. Alfred agrees to let him go.

Butch kicked Barbara out as Tabitha is planning to leave. Gordon arrives saying he thinks Tabitha is afraid of her brother. She says that thing that stabbed Barnes wasn't her brother. She says he was Azrael a cold-hearted killing machine. She says someone got inside her brother's head and it's not a safe place to be. She says the sword Galavan had was fake but he'll want the real one. She says her grandfather was buried with his treasures, one of them presumably the sword.

Bruce climbs up on a roof looking for Cat and finds her. He tells her his theory about Strange. He brings up that Bridget was sent to Arkham and she might be alive there. That was pretty low to get what he wants when he's supposed to be so into Cat. Cat thinks it's her fault Bridget is there. Bruce wants them to break into Arkham. Cat says she wants to go alone, because if she gets caught they'll just throw her out. She says she knows a way in. And I was pretty shocked he actually let her go in there alone, but he cares more about getting what he wants than her being in danger, apparently.

Tabitha takes Gordon and Harvey to the Dumas crypt. She shows them which concrete coffin is her grandfather's. They push off the concrete top and find a skeleton inside along with the sword. And Azrael shows up wanting it. Gordon and Azrael start fighting, with Azrael saying it's time for Gordon to die. Tabitha tries to get Galavan to remember her. Gordon tries to get back inside the crypt after Galavan tosses him outside like a rag doll. Galavan seems to be remembering her as she lifts off his mask. She tells him he's Theo Galavan. He starts having flashbacks. He recalls that they were sent to kill Bruce Wayne as he stabs her and leaves her to die, calling her a traitor. Yeah, having him remember wasn't such a good thing, since his last memory of her was her betraying him.

Cat hides in a laundry truck heading into Arkham. Tabitha tells Gordon that she made Galavan remember Bruce and that he wants to kill him. Gordon finds his car with slashed tires. He steals a patrol car to try and get to Bruce.

Cat slips out of the laundry truck. She climbs up the side of the building to the roof. She opens a vent into the air duct and climb through it. Okay, you know who she's going to meet up with, don't you?

Alfred at home and gets Gordon's call. Gordon says Galavan is coming after Bruce. Bruce comes in after Alfred hangs up with Gordon and learn Galavan is coming after him.

Cat and Ed run into each other in the vent. Told you so. Ed says he has to get out of there, because this place is crazy. And that's saying something since so is he. He tells her to stay away from the basement but that's just where she wants to go. She says she'll tell him the way out, in exchange he'll tell her how to find the secret elevator.

Butch comes to visit Tabitha in the hospital. Penguin shows up as Butch is nearly declaring his love to her. Butch pulls a gun on Penguin saying he'll kill Penguin if he tries to harm her. I was glad to see Penguin hadn't forgotten how she stabbed his mother in the back right in front of him. Penguin says Galavan must die. Butch makes Penguin promise to leave him and Tabitha alone after he kills Galavan. I'm not so sure I believed Penguin's promise and I kind of hope he was lying.

Alfred arms himself in preparation for Galavan's arrival. They start closing windows and doors and turning off the lights. Bruce finds a window open in the manor while Azrael corners Alfred. He demands Alfred tell him where Bruce is but Alfred says over his dead boy. Probably not a good thing to say to Galavan. Actually, Galavan has stabbed two people and they're still alive. The only one he killed was a priest. He's not so good when it comes to doing the killing even as a revived corpse, so Alfred probably has a better than 50/50 chance of surviving.

Cat makes her way down to the basement, as guards discover that Ed is missing. She tries to find the secret elevator as the alarms go off. She does and goes down in the elevator before any guards can spot her.

Bruce runs to find Alfred. Alfred and Azrael get into a sword fight. Azrael throws Alfred through a window and Bruce takes off running as he comes after him.

Cat arrives in the basement to the unearthly moans and cries of the denizens in the basement. She hears Strange and Peabody talking. She hears Strange say all the subjects are being moved to a new location. She sees them muscling a strange looking man to the elevator to move him.

Bruce ends up in the garage looking for a car with keys in it. Galavan follows him down there. Bruce tricks him by leaving his shoes by the car, then he gets in a car and runs Galavan down. Afterwards he can't find him anywhere. He's behind him and wraps a whip around Bruce's neck. Gordon arrives shooting Galavan, AGAIN, and kills him again. Only he's not dead and gets right back up. Gordon is out of bullets, not that they're doing much good, anyway. Penguin arrives saying bullets can't kill him. Only smart one in the bunch. Butch comes out with a bazooka and blows Galavan to hell. God, I loved Penguin telling Gordon to bring the right tools for the job. Score another one for the bad guys.

Ed climbs out of the air vent laughing. Unfortunately, he gets caught by the guards.

Cat still trapped in the underground basement. Bridget comes up behind her, but she doesn't remember her. She says her name is Fire Fly as she fires a flame shooter at her, while Strange and Peabody watch.


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