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Gotham -- Gordon Behind Bars

Updated on April 7, 2016

Penguin's new family wants him gone...

As we last left off, Gordon got convicted of a murder he did and didn't commit and was sent to prison, while Penguin met his new family.

Gordon lying in his cell in prison. He comes out of his cell with the rest of the prisoners and goes to the mess hall and works in the prison laundry. Then he exercises in the prison yard and returns to his cell to go back to sleep. Then starts the whole thing over again. And again. And again. He seems to have a picture of Leech in his cell.

The warden tells Gordon it's time to move him to F Wing and put him in general population. The warden says the cops have abandoned him. He'll see a lot of the felons he's arrested over in F Wing. The Warden says ex-commissioner Loeb says hello.

Penguin at dinner with his family. Penguin asks if he believes in ghost and his father says there's several of them. He tells of all his family members that have died in the house. He then tells of how he met his wife, Grace, at a diner. She had four children and he married her. His father says he's his only true blood relative as his step-siblings have nefarious looks on their face.

Harvey learns Gordon has been put in general population. Ed listens. Harvey sees Ed and calls him over. Harvey says Gordon is innocent, while Ed smirks as Harvey walks away.

Penguin tells his father he wasn't always a good son to Gertrude. Penguin says he's done bad things, while Grace is listening at the door and comes in to give Penguin's father his medicine. His father says the doctor gave him the medicine for his heart.

Gordon told he has a visitor. He sees the Warden watching him from above. Gordon notices Warden letting a lot of criminal activities go on unchecked. Warden orders a prisoner to kill Gordon by week's end. Gordon asks about Leech and Harvey says Leech lost her baby. I know I'm supposed to be oh so sad, but I cheered when I heard it. She only ever used her impending motherhood to control Gordon. Leech moved down south afterwards. Unfortunately, I'm sure she'll be back. Harvey says to not let this break him.

A con comes up saying Gordon put a bullet in his brother's head. He head-butts Gordon. Another prisoner tries to defend Gordon but they both get beaten on, until the guard stops it and puts the Warden's hit man into the hold.

Penguin in his room having nightmares of his rooftop battle with Fish. He wakes up screaming. When he comes downstairs he sees his father sleepwalking. He wakes him up. His father confides he has a hole in his heart that keeps getting bigger. He says his demons are haunting him. Penguin tells his father he was a criminal. His father says nothing before that matters. To be free of his past and to live there in peace.

Gordon and the inmate who defended him are in the infirmary. His name is Peter but he's called Puck. Puck says he's a true hero. He says Gordon saved his life and dozens of others. He's in for stealing a car. Puck vows not to die in prison like his grandfather. Gordon says he needs to stay away from him. The Warden rubs it in Gordon's face that he lost a child to try and provoke him and Gordon says he knows what kind of man he is.

Grace and her children come to expose Penguin to his father, Elijah. Too bad Penguin already told him the truth. Elijah won't turn on Penguin. Grace and her rotten kids decide to try Plan B.

Penguin wakes up and finds his stepsister in his bedroom. She's been sent to sex-up Penguin. She wants to know what he has planned for Elijah. Penguin slithers out from under her when she tries to jump him. She reports to Mommy and Brother that Penguin didn't bite.

The guard tells Gordon to watch himself. Weaver, the prisoner that previously attacked him, is coming out of the hole now. Weaver vows he's a dead man as the other prisoners start beating up Puck. The guard tells Gordon to let it go as the crooked Warden watches from above.

Harvey goes to Falcone for help to get Gordon out of prison.

Elijah fits Penguin with a new suit. Elijah has a coughing attack when he's with Penguin. Penguin calls for help and to call an ambulance.

Gordon working in the prison laundry. The guard suggests Gordon come visit Puck in the infirmary. He says Puck is going to die in there one way or another. Puck thanks him for visiting him. Puck tells him not to give up hope. He tells Gordon he's got to choose life. As Gordon is leaving he tells Puck when he gets better to stay away from him because he's not his friend and not a hero.

The guard warns Gordon that tonight is movie night and all the light will be out. To be ready for whatever is about to happen.

Penguin told that Elijah's condition has gotten worse and he's got an infection. He may not have long to live. Elijah says not to listen to doctors and he'll have many more years to spend together. He tells Grace he wants to talk to his lawyer. Yeah, I bet she'll let you live to do that.

Gordon goes in for the movie and the lights are turned out.

Grace tells her rotten children he's called for his lawyer. Grace says that Penguin has to go. She asks how you get rid of rats. I'm guessing she's planning to poison him.

Gordon tries to watch his back as an inmate makes a scene dancing in front of the screen. A prisoner fakes stabbing Gordon to death. He tells Gordon to stay down cause he's dead. The guard says they're going to need a body bag. They must be working for Falcone or could they be working for Strange? Gordon has got to find out what's really going on at Arkham and bringing him to Arkham and getting first-hand experience is the only way he can do it.

Gordon taken out in a body bag in an awaiting ambulance. Harvey knocks out one of the guards. Gordon wonders if he belongs in prison, but Harvey says to screw his self-pity. Gordon asks for one more favor. Gordon knocks the guard out and rescue Puck. Unfortunately, the Warden catches them. The guard knocks the Warden on the head.

Grace brings in a decanter of wine for Penguin to drink. Elijah says he lied to him. His father was never ill. His father was filled with dark impulses and thoughts of violence. Many in his family was afflicted with the same condition. Elijah thinks Penguin has the same malady. He begs Penguin to fight the impulses. Elijah drinks the poisoned drink, instead. He says he wants Penguin to have it all. He says first thing tomorrow he'll be changing his will. Then he collapses and dies in Penguin's arms.

Harvey, Gordon and Puck meet with Falcone. Falcone says Gordon has the choice to leave the country or to have a safe place in Gotham. Gordon says he wants to find Leech and to do that he needs to go back to Gotham and clear his name. Gordon finds Puck dead in the van, then he goes to stare at Gotham.

And no new show until April 11th.


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