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Gotham -- Gordon Finally Starts Putting It Together

Updated on November 3, 2015

But he makes the mistake of letting Galaturkey know it...

Will Barbara be the next Maniax to fall as the boring and uninteresting Galavan continues to dominate this season? What were the writers thinking to think this turkey would be interesting to watch? Maybe he might be with a different actor in the role, but this guy is a human sleeping pill and just puts you to sleep.

Penguin goes to enter the warehouse to rescue his mother, but it's probably a trap as Galaturkey always wins. His mama's in a cage when Galaturkey enters. Penguin gives Butch an order but scabby Tabby broke Penguin's mind control of him. Penguin starts begging Galaturkey. Penguin vows to do anything that Galaturkey wants if he releases his mother. Tabby stabs Penguin's mother in the back. She doesn't seem to realize it as she dies in Penguin's arms. Now Galaturkey orders Penguin to be killed. Penguin calls Galaturkey a coward [that's what I've been calling him since forever] that doesn't have the guts to kill him himself. When Galaturkey tries, Penguin attacks him and makes his escape. Too bad he didn't get the living bore in his jugular then we'd all be freed of him.

Ed's alter ego wakes him up. He says he can make a body disappear. Ed doesn't know where Ms. Kringle's body is. Alter Ed leaves him a riddle to figure out what he did with Kringle's body.

Galaturkey is predicted to win as new Mayor. Now Galaturkey wants Bruce to sign over Wayne Enterprises. He gives Silver her marching orders. She declares she has Bruce wrapped around her little finger. Galaturkey plans to send the Gotham PD after Penguin. Like Penguin said, this gutless turd is too much a coward to come after Penguin himself.

Gordon can't figure out why Penguin would be behind the fires. Bozo Barnes comes in to declare that Penguin tried to whack Galaturkey. Gordon has a hard time believing what Galaturkey is spewing. Galaturkey says as soon as he's sworn in he's going to declare martial law and Bozo Barnes is all for it. Galaturkey doesn't like that Gordon isn't buying his line of bull.

Cat goes to see Bruce. She sees Silver with Bruce. She sees Silver ordering Bruce around. Then little Silver shows her true colors to Cat and threatens her if she comes around again.

Ed at the Gotham PD trying to figure out the riddle to find Miss Kringle's body. He's looking for everything with the initials KK. He finds a hand in the candy vending machine.

Galaturkey is convinced Penguin will come to him so his vile loathsome sister can kill him. Well, that's all she's really good for. This chick possesses no human feelings and is just a fembot without any personality.

Penguin sees Galaturkey on TV going on about how Penguin attacked him. Penguin says Galaturkey dies tonight. Oh, if only we could be free of that boring gasbag and have someone interesting dominating the show, instead. Right now, Ed and Alter Ed are the only saving grace the show has in the midst of Gala Hell. Let's hope the show doesn't kill off Penguin, too, like they did Jerome, claiming he wasn't really the real Penguin, just the inspiration for a future Penguin.

Super boring Lee shows up to give Gordon a key to her place. This is another character that needs to go. She brings nothing to the show and her character is just a place holder for the real woman who'll hold Gordon's heart.

Cat asks if Bruce is really buying Silver's act. Cat calls Silver a two-faced slut. Sliver [not a typo] acts all wounded and leaves. Cat tries to get him to see the truth about Silver, and Bruce orders her to leave. He no longer thinks Cat is his friend. Boo-hoo!

Ed finds a note hidden on Miss Kringle's decapitated hand. Alter Ed says he's trying to show Ed who he is. The next clue leads Ed to the medical examiner. I guess that means super boring Lee. Yippee! Guess they have to give her more than one scene an episode.

Gordon begins to suspect Galavan behind everything. He thinks he's orchestrated everything that's happened up til now. Bravo! Someone with a brain!

Gordon raids Butch's new headquarters. Victor shows up to take out Butch. Butch's moment of power is over as everyone deserts him. Butch admits Galavan was behind everything and kidnapped Penguin's mother to make him do what he wanted. Harvey and Gordon pull out the machine guns and fire on Vic and he takes off. Butch escapes in the melee.

Bruce comes to see Galaturkey looking for Silver. Galaturkey claims he and Bruce are alike. Smug Silver says she knew Bruce would come. I guess all members of the Galaturkey clan are smug bores.

Penguin gets a group together to make the hit on Galavan.

Bozo Barnes vows the Gotham PD will protect Galaturkey.

Harvey learns Penguin's mother has been missing for some time. Gordon thinks Galaturkey killed Penguin's mother. Harvey Dent introduces Galaturkey as the new mayor.

Ed goes to the ME's office. He finds Kringle's body on a slab in the morgue. Then Super Boring Lee enters. Ed tries to cover. He tells her that he and Kringle had a fight. He asks her if they could go somewhere and have a coffee to talk.

Galaturkey slithers up to Gordon wanting to know if Butch told him anything. Gordon lies that Butch told him nothing. Smart boy!

Penguin arrives and Galavan's fembot cardboard cut-out sister takes a shot determined to take him out. I got a great idea, how about someone takes this bore out, instead. She's as boring and uninteresting as her brother. Put a card board cut-out in this twit's place and you wouldn't notice the difference. That's how bad the actress [and I use that term loosely] is. Penguin should whack her since she whacked his mother. It would be the perfect way to get back at Galaturkey. He'd have no one around but the teen skank to do his dirty work, then.

All of Penguin's men are dressed as Penguin. Clever thing that's been done all season. One of the cops tries to stop Galaturkey's sister and she kills him. So much for the elite group Barnes put together. There goes another one of them. Is there any of them even left at this point? What a bad joke this elite group has been.

Gordon trying to get Galaturkey to an escape route. Penguin arrives. Gordon tells him he knows Galaturkey shot his mother in front of Galaturkey. Gordon won't obey his order to shoot Penguin. But Galaturkey's lowlife sister does, however Penguin gets away. Penguin warns Gordon that Galaturkey is after someone Gordon cares about. Better watch out, Gordon. Galaturkey will be out to get you next.

Apparently the promo they showed two weeks ago about Babs going after Gordon was shown too early and that's what will be the big episode next week. Let's hope somehow Babs survives. I'm tired of good villains and characters being dispatched while the Galaturkeys continue to bore up the show.

Gordon now knows what Galaturkey is as Galaturkey brays on TV. Bruce says he doesn't care if Cat doesn't like Silver. That's right, dummy.

Gordon tells Galaturkey he's going to free Gotham from it's monsters starting with Galaturkey. Not a smart move, Gordon. He was planning to take you out, anyway, and this will just speeds up that time table.

Ed and Alter Ed meet back in the morgue. Alter Ed says how did he feel getting away with it. Can he still feel the rush of what he'd have done if Lee had caught him. Ed and Alter Ed become one as Ed says it felt beautiful. He laughs as he begins to cut up Kringle's body.


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