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Gotham -- Gordon Learns To Play The Game

Updated on March 3, 2015

How Jim Gordon Became President

As we last checked in on Gotham, Fish had cut one of her eyes out and Alfred's old friend gutted him. This caused Bruce to reach out to Gordon, once more.

Bruce is sitting by Alfred's bedside and Alfred seems to be a lot better. Alfred won't let Bruce tell Gordon who stabbed him. Alfred tells Bruce he wants to be the one to sort out Reggie. Then Alfred pulls his tubes out and tries to get out of bed, but Bruce orders him to get back in bed.

Fish wakes in a hospital bed. Dr. Frances is taking care of her. She suggests the doctor make him his second in command. The doctor doesn't seem to be interested in her offer. From what he said it sounds like he put a new eye in her socket. She pulls the bandage on her eye off and sees a blue eye has been put in her empty eye socket.

The crooked cop Flass has been cleared thanks to the police commissioner. He's even going to hold a high rank in the police department. Flass gets in Gordon's face saying he can't be taken down and he's like a phoenix and will keep rising again. Gordon accuses the commissioner of helping to reinstate a crooked cop. The commissioner plays a tape of Harvey saying he presented false evidence against Flass, and it was Harvey that cleared him. Oh, boy, looks like the end of a great partnership.

Gordon confronts Harvey about what he did. Harvey says he did what he had to do. Harvey says his Penguin didn't come back and the commissioner knows it and that's how he got him to clear Flass. Harvey says half the cops have a Penguin that the commissioner knows about and uses against them.

Ed is off bugging Miss Kringle, again. He tells her that Flass is out of jail. She claims she realizes there are better men than Arnold Flass.

Gordon tells DA Harvey Dent about what the commissioner is doing. Hasn't he learned anything from last time when Two-Face screwed him over. Two-Face says there's rumons the commissioner killed his wife. Dent brings Gordon to see the commissioner's ex-partner before he was the commissioner. Gordon realizes the commissioner has something on his ex-partner, Griggs. He recommends they talk to a man on Fortune Street.

The Doctor shows Fish a woman with her face in bandages. Says she was a kidney transplant and threw in a new face for free. He says what fascinates him is how many parts can be replaced and the human being can still be them. He shows Fish what he's done to his former office manager who he put a woman's arm on his body. Even Fish seems appalled. The Doctor is going to send her back to the basement to see if she can deliver on her promises to deliver fresh body parts for him.

Bruce reading to Alfred. Cat drops by to see him. She even hugs him and says she's sorry. He tells her Alfred was stabbed and he thinks Reggie did it because of what he said at the board meeting. She offers to help him find Reggie, but he says he doesn't want to risk anyone else getting hurt because of him.

Gordon and Dent go to see someone named She-Lu. The man comes forward. He asks Gordon about the commissioner. He claims not to know him, but Dent threatens him. Then someone calls the man up. It's probably the crooked commissioner. He sics his people on Gordon and Dent. They make a run for it. Harvey saves them from being chopped into little pieces by the knife wielding attackers.

Harvey takes the commissioner's ex-partner for a wild ride to get some answers. He says Falcone it the one that's in it with the commissioner. Gordon goes to see Penguin for help. The little bird man has been squawking about one day Gordon would need him. However, Gordon was kind of nasty in rejecting his offers of friendship, so I wouldn't blame Penguin if he told Gordon to buzz off.

Penguin asks him what's in it for me, and Gordon says he'll owe him a favor no questions asked. Penguin agrees to do it for five minutes alone with Falcone's files and a future favor from Gordon.

Fish arrives back at the basement and says to show a sign of good faith, they're going to return the Doctor's guard. Then she offers up some of her loyal compatriots for the Doctor's sick experiments. She justifies it saying their sacrifice insures their survival.

Penguin takes Gordon and Harvey to a farm and Harvey insists Penguin come with them. They meet a farmer and his wife, Marge. Marge starts asking questions and wants to see ID. Marge is suspicious of the Penguin. Marge comes back with a rifle and starts shooting at them. Both Farmer Joe and his psychotic wife or whatever she is, Marge, get shot and taken out.

Gordon heads upstairs to investigate. They find a woman dancing around upstairs. I wonder if it's the commissioner's dead wife? Maybe she's not so dead, after all. She says she's Mariam Loeb and asks if her daddy, the commissioner, sent them.

Ed sees Miss Kringle with her new boyfriend, Tom. He also speaks in riddles. Ed congratulates them while keeping the flowers he brought her behind his back. Ed throws them in the garbage.

Mariam says her father comes to visit her. Harvey asks if Daddy keeps other stuff upstairs like papers. Harvey thinks it's a waste of time, but Gordon thinks Mariam witnessed her father killing her mother and that's why he keeps her locked up. She shows Harvey and Gordon her necklace made from bird bones she killed.

It seems Mariam may have been the one who killed her mother. That she killed her mother like she does the birds. She says she had to use a candlestick on her mother because her mother wouldn't stop singing. It was her night to sing, not her mother's.

Unfortunately, the murderous farm couple escapes. When Mariam sees Penguin she says he looks like a bird and she just loves them. Yeah, she just loves to crush their skulls. Better watch out, Penguin.

Gordon goes to see the commissioner. He throws Miriam's bird necklace on his desk. He says Miriam is sick. Gordon says he thinks the commissioner loves her. The commissioner offers to resign, but Gordon says no. Gordon says he wants the commissioner to stay in the job since he can control him. He agrees to Flass going down and giving him Harvey's file, but won't give up the others. He also makes the commissioner support him as being the new President of the policeman's union.

Gordon gives Harvey the file the commissioner had on him. Harvey says you tell yourself you'll only do this one bad thing and the good you do will make up for it. Harvey warns Gordon to beware of what the Penguin will want.

Penguin let the farm couple escape and says he can only get one of them out of Gotham and they have to choose who will escape. Marge kills her husband, thinking she'll get out of Gotham, only Penguin says he lied and shoots her.

The Doctor welcomes Fish to upper management and shows her they're on an island and there's no way for her to escape.


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