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Gotham -- Gotham PD Underseige, AGAIN!!

Updated on October 17, 2016

Will the Mad Hatter succeed in his plans for Alice?

Last week, the Mad Hatter hypnotized Gordon and tried to get him to jump off a building, while Bruce's clone 5, made himself over to look and sound like Bruce as he went off to pursue Cat.

Harvey questioning Alice. She said she ran from her brother and came to Gotham. Then Strange got her. She says it isn't over and her brother will come for her.

Mad Hatter has another victim hypnotized. He says he hopes this day will be the day he reunites with his sister, before bashing the man's head in.

Ed at Penguin's election head quarters. It's election day in Gotham. Ed says he believes that Arkham has made them both stronger. Butch and Ed get off to a bad start when he questions who Butch was talking to.

Baldy tells Gordon to stay away from the Mad Hatter. He has Leech take Alice's blood. Alice says that the Mad Hatter said her blood brings out people's true natures. Alice says if MH gets into someone's mind they're doomed. Meanwhile when Gordon is standing at a crosswalk he starts hearing MH hypnotizing him to kill himself. He walks in front of a speeding truck and just stands there. Unfortunately, someone pulls him out of the way of the truck.

Alfred and Bruce trying to figure out where 5 went. Bruce figures out 5 is after Cat. Meanwhile she goes into a place she plans to rob. She gets two men to get in a fight. Men from the back come to break it up and she sneaks in where all the money is kept and starts stuffing it in her coat. But she gets caught.

Penguin giving a speech in front of a crowd. In the crowd, Ed sees Butch paying someone off. Ed finds it's money to someone who works on the election board. Butch orders Ed followed.

Gordon goes to Barbara trying to find MH. She tells him MH was looking to hire muscle with flair. MH goes to see two wrestlers. He hypnotizes them to do his bidding.

Cat tied to a chair. One of the men is about to snap her sticky fingrs off. Before that can happen, 5 comes knocking at the door to take the men on and save her. He knocks all the men out and rescues her. She takes off out the door and he follows.

Gordon wants to speak to Alice. Gordon confides in Baldy to what sort of happened with Mad Hatter, but Baldy gets all preachy. Still, Badly gives him five minutes.

Cat wants to know how 5 was able to take down all the men. She sees he's been stabbed and has other scars and figures out he's not Bruce. He asks her to let him explain.

Ed tells Penguin he can win this. Ed tells Penguin he needs to call off Butch. A little girl comes up thanking Penguin for saving Gotham. Ed paid the girl to say it to show him how it feels not to genuinely win.

Gordon wants Alice's help and she rightfully throws in his face about him arresting him after she saved him. She said MH did it to her, too. It seems MH wants Alice sexually. He even tried to use hypnosis to put sexual thoughts in her head about him. That's why she's running from him.

Music plays in the police department and Alice says he's come for her. Gordon says he'll get her out of there. The wrestlers start attacking the cops. As Gordon and Alice are leaving they run into MH. MH says he can't kill him until he removes that nagging impulse he put in his head. Baldy knocks Gordon out before he can shoot himself in the head [this is getting old about now] as Alice is carried away.

5 and Cat on the roof of her hide-out. He says he saw the way Cat looked at Bruce and wanted to know how that felt. She says he's more normal than he thinks and he leans over and kisses her.

Great a Gordon and Leech moment. She's cuffed him to the table to save his life. She says she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him. She goes on about all the went through when she lost him. Now she's justifying how she got involved with Mario. Gordon says the past is the past. Hey, bimbo, I wouldn't be planning to dump the godfather's son for a chance with Gordon. Like Gordon, you're made of teflon and we'd have to waste air time on wasted attempts to try and rid this show of your boring presence.

Butch talking to a group of people. He says he knows Gotham like the back of his hand and when Penguin is mayor he's going to run the city. Butch learns Ed gave his tail a slip and he gets a phone call that sends him running out.

Harvey questions one of the last surviving wrestlers. He tells Harvey what he knows when he threatens to burn his brother's mask, which is somehow sacred to them.

MH has Alice all dressed up in a blue and white dress like she's Alice in Wonderland. MH says he forgives her for everything. He says she has to understand the consequences if she ever leaves him again. He injects her with a needle to take some of her blood.

Gordon being transported in a GCPD van. Harvey releases him.

5 is confronted by Bruce and Alfred. 5 says for someone who has everything he doesn't know what he wants. He says to thank Cat for the kiss and then jumps off the building saying he doesn't belong in Gotham. He jumps off the building and runs off.

MH takes several vials of her blood and threatens to harm others if she tries to leave him. Gordon and Harvey corner MH. He offers to remove the post-hypnotic suggestion from Gordon if he lets him have Alice. Gordon fights the MH's trance with thoughts of his precious Leech. Gag me with a spoon. How this great love connection can be so great when they don't have one shred of chemistry together is this show's biggest mystery.

Alice falls to her death while struggling to get away from MH.

Alice zipped up in a body bag. Baldy warns Harvey that Gordon will get him killed one day, and Harvey says until that day comes he'll never turn his back on him.

Butch comes in and says Ed ruined everything by taking all the money back from all the election officials. Penguin won honestly. Penguin turned on Ed, briefly, but now he's firmly back on team Ed. Ed says if he had bought the election he would never know how it felt to really win. Penguin turns on Butch and elevates Ed over him. That's going to be trouble.

Bruce wonders if Cat really kissed 5 and convinces himself she thought he was Bruce.

5 is picked up by the head of the Court of Owls and they force him into their car, saying they've been looking for him for a long time. Me rolling my eyes.

Penguin accepts the job of Mayor and makes Ed his chief of staff while a very bitter Butch looks on.

Alice's tainted blood drips on Baldy. Oh, this is going to get interesting, maybe. Although knowing this show, the greatest doctor known to man, the Leech, will probably find a miracle cure for him to save the day, since she seems to be a specialist in all fields.


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