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Gotham -- I'll Poke Your Eye Out

Updated on October 14, 2014

Penguin wants to be Gordon's new BFF!

This episodes picks up where the last one left off with Pengy at Gordon's door. Pengy lies about who he is and once Gordon has Pengy alone, he goes ballistic, saying he wishes he'd killed him. Pengy knows he won't, because he's a good man. Pengy also declares a war is coming and he wants to help Gordon. He claims it has something to do with Arkham before he disappears.

Arkham isn't just the name of the old asylum, it also seems to be a section in town that the Waynes were planning to revitalize until they were murdered. And both Marone and Falcone want a piece of the pie. So the big question is if this had anything to do with why the Waynes were killed.

Into this powder keg comes a man calling himself Gladwell. The real Gladwell is dead and the man impersonating him is a hit man who is working both sides of the fence in the Marone vs. Falcone war.

He approached Councilman Ron Jenkinson and his aide and says he made this device and asks the aide to look through it. Like an idiot, he does just that. If you've ever seen Oklahoma when Jud tries to get Curly look through his nasty kaleidoscope and plans a switch blade to come out and either kill him or blind him, that's kind of the same thing Gladwell created. You hold the thing up to your eye and sharp blades goes into your eyeball and probably pierce your brain, killing you instantly. So maybe we could call this villain Eye Poker.

After the aide falls dead at his feet, Jenkinson gets jabbed in his chest by it and runs for his like. But alas, Eye Poker is too fast for him and pokes him in his eye with his little device. It's suspected that Eye Poker was working for Marone, since Jenkinson was in Falcone's pocket.

Then Eye Poker goes after Councilman Zeller who is working for Marone and does the same thing to him. So it appears Falcone retaliated and hired Eye Poker to go after Marone's man so he wouldn't get a leg up and be able to take over the Arkham development.

Gordon gets a mysterious package delivered to his desk in the police department. It's presumably from his new BFF Penguin who tips him off the murders are all about Arkham and that both Marone and Falcone have competing development plans for Arkham. Meanwhile Gordon is left with a clue to figure out who Eye Poker's next victim will be. It's sure to be connected to either the Marone or Falcone camps. A public official that's on one of their sides.

In personal business, Gordon has to deal with Barbara demanding to know if he killed Penguin. He won't tell her and he knows Montoya put this particular nasty bug in her ear. That's when Barbara shocks Gordon's socks off by revealing that she and Montoya were lovers for a year, but declares Gordon is the one she wants. Considering she's been lying to him and the one time he confided in her she called the press and spilled the beans, not to mention that it might put her in danger, so Gordon won't spill. Then she gives him an ultimatum that either he spills his guts or she walks and he lets her walk away.

Fishface, meanwhile, is once again plotting to take down Falcone. Maybe she should peddle herself over to Marone and broker a deal with him? Of course, she's out to take down Falcone cause she's power hungry and wants to be the big bitch in charge and if she teamed up with Marone she'd just be trading one master for another master. No doubt after she takes down Falcone, she'll be aiming her little hate darts at Marone next. Someone as power hungry as her won't settle for just controlling Falcone's territory, she'll want Marone's too.

Since she apparently had Falcone's girlfriend whacked, she seems to be auditioning girls as her replacement. In the guise of having them audition to be a singer in her club, she puts them through some tests to find out who will make her perfect weapon. She narrows it down to two. First test, is she asks if they like men or women and then orders them to seduce her. Then she orders the final two contenders to fight each other for the job. A girl named Liza comes out the winner. They didn't say so, but I'm guessing she killed the other girl, so she can't talk about what went down at Fish's club.

Gordon finally figures out the clue CLM are the first initials of the last names of the cops on the Mayor's protection assignment. Which means Eye Poker is going after the Mayor next, since he's in Falcone's pocket. Gordon manages to get to the Mayor before Eye Poker can make his move, but the Mayor takes so long gathering up his things, that Eye Poker is able to break into his mansion. Harvey, once again, manages to save Gordon's life, just as Eye Poker is about to poke Gordon's eye out with his little gadget. Then both Gordon and Harvey shoot Eye Poker down in a hail of bullets.

While all this is going on, Penguin is rising in the ranks at Marone's club. He hires three thugs to come into Marone's club with guns blazing and then saves some of Marone's money, while the rest is taken. Marone, of course, believes it was Falcone who raided his club. Marone is so grateful that he promotes Pengy to manager of his club.

Afterwards Pengy delivers some canoli's to the three thugs he hired. Of course, they're poisoned. And after they all drop dead, he returns to collect all the money he stole from Marone. I guess the bigger question is if it was really Marone and Falcone that hired Eye Poker and if it was really Pengy to try and start the war he claimed to Gordon was going to happen.

The Mayor, being the worm that he is, cuts a deal with both Marone and Falcone and lets them both have a piece of the Arkham pie, so neither will try to hurt him. When Young Bruce sees this he isn't happy that his parents dream has been corrupted by the corrupt people of Gotham. He questions Gordon if Gotham can be saved. Gordon doesn't know, but he's going to try.


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