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Gotham -- Is This The End Of Jim Gordon?

Updated on January 6, 2015

Bruce takes a walk on the wild side...

Revealed in the final minutes of last week’s episodes is that after leaving Gordon a ‘Dear Jim,” letter because he couldn’t make her feel safe. She crawled in the sack with Montoya. Also revealed is Penguin figured out that Liza was Fish’s pawn and he got his hooks in her. And Cat continued her stay at Wayne Manor when Alfred saw that her presence was bringing Bruce out of his shell.

A man and woman watch Wayne Manor. The woman takes out the gardener. She paints the man’s blood on her forehead. Meanwhile Cat is showing Bruce how to balance himself on the upper railing of the stairs. She keeps asking if he wants to kiss her. He ticks her off by saying she’s not a nice person. Alfred takes on the woman and her cohorts as the kids run.

Harvey wants to know what Cat has to do with this mess, and Gordon fills him in. Alfred and Harvey team up to try to finds the kids, while Gordon tries to get Dick Lovecraft to call off the hit.

Penguin is brought to Falcone. He wants to know how Marone knew where his money was. Penguin tries to tell him that the robbery of his money wasn’t Marone’s handy work. Falcone won’t believe it was Fish. Penguin says he’ll find Falcone’s mole for him.

Gordon goes to see Dent. Gordon learns Dent leaked his name to a few sources and that’s how they found Cat.

Alfred and Harvey learn that Fish would know who Cat’s fence is. Meanwhile Falcone shoots the man who was guarding his armory. He raises his share on his underlings operations to increase his profits to make up for his loss of the money.

Cat reveals to Bruce she never intended to testify against his parents killers. He chases after her. She agrees to let him hang with her in her world. She tells Bruce he can’t call Alfred, as she takes Bruce into her secret world.

Harvey and Alfred come to Fish’s place. Alfred starts insulting Fish’s right hand, Butch, and takes her down. Fish refuses to help. Alfred gets Fish to help by shining her on.

Bruce meets Ivy. Cat drags Bruce off to her fence Clyde. She tells Bruce that Ivy is scary.

Gordon arrests Lovecraft. He claims he didn’t do it. That they’re after him, too. Said before the Waynes died there was a run on Wayne stock. The female hit woman comes for Lovecraft. Gordon takes her on and she knocks him out, while Lovecraft makes a run for it.

Gordon comes to as Harvey calls him with the update. Gordon finds Lovecraft dead in the tub shot in the head with his gun. He calls it in.

Cat tries to pawn the stuff she lifted from the Wayne Manor. Clyde tries to cheat Cat. When she tries to leave, Clyde won’t let her go. From outside the female hit woman approaches. The kids begin piling up furniture to try and escape from the room they’re locked in before it’s too late.

Clyde gets money from the female hit woman for Cat. She heads upstairs to get her. While Cat begins to open the skylight. Gordon, Alfred and Harvey arrive as bullets begin to fly. Alfred runs into the building as Bruce plays decoy to lead the hit woman away from Cat. The hit woman catches Bruce. The hit woman and Cat disappear as Bruce and Alfred are reunited.

The Mayor goes on about Lovecraft being a pillar of the community. The Mayor plans to sell it as a suicide when Gordon tells him it was murder. Harvey Dent goes along with the Mayor’s plan. The Mayor says Dent or Gordon is going down and says it's going to be Gordon. Gordon tells the Mayor to kiss his butt.

The Mayor tells the press Gordon will pay for driving Lovecraft to his grave. Gordon gets assigned to being a guard at Arkham Asylum. Gordon packs up his things as he says goodbye to his partner, Harvey.

Cat comes to visit Bruce. She gives back the stuff she pinched from Wayne Manor. Bruce is attracted to the cigarette case she has and Cat quickly kisses him before taking off.

Gordon arrives at his new assignment in Arkham Asylum.

It seems Gordon was becoming too much of a threat to someone, so someone decided to get rid of him. Knowing how corrupt the Mayor is, he could have very well been involved with it. He couldn't wait to use the occasion to get rid of Gordon.

It was actually a good move to have Gordon suffer the consequences of is actions. Gordon winning all the time would grow old fast. Now we can see he's not immune to suffering consequences. And he should as he got too bold in taking on the criminal element. It only makes sense they'd bite back. Otherwise they become cardboard villains that offer no threat to the other characters.

It'll be interesting to see what Gordon experiences in Arkham Asylum, although I'm sad to see Harvey and Gordon separated. They make a good team strangely enough. Gordon seems to be helping to bring Harvey out of the dark and back to being the good cop he once was until he gave up and stopped trying to fight the corruption in Gotham. Maybe Gordon can affect the entire Gotham police department in a similar way who gave up trying to fight corruption and just let it win. And maybe that's the real reason Gordon had to be gotten out of the Gotham Police Department. He truly was too dangerous for the criminal element to allow to remain.

Of course, we know Gordon will be back. He's the hero of the show. You can knock him down, but you can't stop him unless you put a bullet in his head and that's not going to happen. He's still alive and kicking when Bruce Wayne is an adult. Unfortunately, it also means Gordon will end up marrying the horrible Barbara, as well. Maybe she gets knocked up and he has to do the right thing for her. Marrying her of his own freewill makes being sent to Arkham as a security guard look good in comparison.


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