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Gotham -- Mad City

Updated on September 25, 2016

Gordon turns into a money hungry bounty hunter...

Tonight, Gotham is back and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I've been debating all summer whether I'll continue to watch this or not. When I heard a spoiler about Gordon and Leech that nearly decided me to NOT watch anymore. I know the actors are screwing each other off-camera but on-camera they suck together. Gordon has actually become the top reason to not want to watch the show. When he abandoned Gotham when it was in chaos to go reunite with Leech his viability as the protagonist of this show was over. They should just make Harvey the lead of this show and keep Gordon and Leech off the show; it would only make it better.

This season is called Mad City. I'm thinking it means everyone is crazy or madness reigns.

Gordon approaching a house with flowers in his hands. Gag me. He sees his Leech inside laughing and she's with another man. Didn't take her long, did it, Gordon. He watches as they kiss. He walks away.

Not we get to the interesting stuff... Gotham. A shop keeper hears someone breaking into his place. It's one of Strange's monsters who throws the man out of the window. It's Gordon to the rescue [guess he slithered back to Gotham when his precious disappointed him] as he takes on the monster. Lucky for Gordon the creature gets run down by a truck.

Baldy is back in charge giving a press conference. Valerie Vale asks about bounty hunters doing the job for the police. Apparently, Gordon is now a bounty hunter. Gordon refuses to come back to the police department. Gordon says it's not his job to save Gotham. It never was, dude.

Lucius Fox is now working for the police department.

Valerie Vale catches Gordon's eye. Penguin comes to the press conference to out the police for lying to the public. He says Fish Mooney is leading the escapees from Arkham and until they find Fish Mooney no one will be safe. Butch is with Penguin.

Penguin returns to the nightclub where Barbara is hostess. Tabitha is her partner. Penguin offers the duo a million dollars if they can find Fish Mooney.

Cat unknowingly gives money to the Bruce Clone as she and Poison Ivy walk down an alley.

Wayne Manor. Bruce has been away and is just returning. Bruce wonders if they were right to leave and stay away for so long.

Valerie Vales comes up to Gordon. She questions him but gets no answers. She leaves saying Penguin is offering a million dollars for whoever bring Fish in.

Penguin visits Ed. Ed easily opens the puzzle box that Penguin gives him. Ed asks why Penguin is being so nice to him. Penguin wants to know why Fish didn't kill him while she had the chance. Ed tells Penguin not to forget that Penguins eat Fish no matter what she's planning.

Fish meets with Cat. Cat watches Fish use her stuff on a guard, but she seems to be facing medical problems from what Strange did to her. Her body seems to be rejecting the improvements Strange made to them.

Cat sees Gordon approaching. Fish sics one of her minions on Gordon when he tries to capture her. I really wanted to see her use her stuff on Gordon. I'd love for her to make him punch himself in the face, repeatedly. I'd really love to see that.

Bruce and Alfred at Wayne Industries, it looks like. Bruce says if he does this there is no turning back. Alfred says to say his peace. He meets with the board of Wayne Industries. One of the board members, Crowley, starts mouthing off at Bruce. Bruce says he knows members of the Court of Owls are in the room and they have a deadline to speak to him or he'll expose them to the press.

The head of the Court of Owls orders a minion to dispose of Bruce.

Barbara is visited by a bunch of thugs that start tearing up her club. One of the men hits her and she pretends to cry then laughs madly as Tabitha attacks them. Then Barbara finishes them off.

Cat gives Valerie a scoop on Fish, and she tells Gordon. She gets him to go see Harvey to get some information out of him.

Bruce comes to see Cat. He says he tried to say goodbye to her before he left. She blows off his apologies. The Bruce Clone is watching from the shadows. How sweet, they both have a crush on Kitty Cat.

Gordon tells Valerie what he finds out and then he handcuffs her to her car. He gets the guard off of Fish so he can capture her. He enters a roof where a woman is there. It's Miss Peabody. He wants her to help him find Fish Mooney. Gordon says Fish is sick and will come after her. Two of Fish's minions break in and kidnap Peabody while another attacks Gordon. Gordon is able to overcome the creature. Of course, he is.

I'm sorry, I'm not buying money-hungry bounty hunter Gordon because he lost his wittle Leech. Like I said, he's become the worst character on the show and they need to trade him out for Harvey as protagonist.

Baldy reams out Gordon and Harvey for what happened to Peabody. He says they'd better pray they find Peabody. Harvey says for the time being it might be better if Gordon stays away. Since he doesn't want to be a cop anymore he needs to keep his butt out of the police department.

Ivy wants to know who Cat is working with. The Bruce Clone reveals himself to Ivy and when she thinks he's Bruce, he grabs her and asks her who Bruce Wayne is?

Barbara says it was Butch who sent the thugs in to threaten them so he could get Tabby back. Penguin shoots the thug in the head and he says the moment Bruce gives him the word Tabitha is dead.

Peabody says Fish's body is rejecting the change to her DNA. She has to stop using the power and she'll be fine. Peabody says Strange can fix what's wrong with Fish. Fish wants an army like herself. Fish has one of her minions, Marv, age Peabody until she dies as Cat looks on in shock.

Ivy is brought into Fish's lair. Fish sics Marv on to Ivy. Ivy tries to run from him. Ivy falls apparently to her death, or so Cat thinks. Since Marv touched her, this is probably how they plan to age Poison Ivy.

Gordon looks at a picture of his precious Leech while he drinks. Gag me with a spoon.

Barbara and Tabitha toasting in their club.

And Valerie Vale taking a picture of the wing-creature Gordon was fighting with.

Finally, Wayne Manor where the assassin has come to deal with Bruce. Alfred gets into a fight with him. He knocks Alfred out as Bruce comes to see what happened. The assassin knocks Bruce out and kidnaps him.


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