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Gotham -- Maniax Is Born

Updated on October 3, 2015

And someone close to Gordon becomes their victim...

Galavan has a locked suitcase on the mayor's head. He says he's going to put a spider in the case with him. The Mayor agrees to say he's runaway with his secretary to prevent that from happening. Galavan says monsters are coming and they'll cleanse the city with blood and fire.

Jerome starts throwing people off the roof of the newspaper office's building. Below the bodies spell out, Maniax. Galavan says that was only the beginning. Jerome is his prize pupil. Babs and Tabitha spend their time whipping the mayor. Babs complains about wanting to get in on the real action like Jerome is. Babs is asked about Jim Gordon.

Bruce is in his Daddy's secret room. He wants to turn on his father's computer to find out what he knew. Alfred starts destroying the computer to protect Bruce from what was on the computer. Bruce fires Alfred and says he wants him to go and never come back. I know he's rich, but wouldn't child protective services come and put the poor little rich boy in a home if Alfred isn't there to look after him?

Jerome and a fellow Maniax gets into it over whose leader. Their leader has them play Russian Roulette. Greenwood shoots the gun once and Jerome shoots it at himself three times. Jerome declares he's the boss.

Gordon comes to see Harvey. Harvey's girlfriend, Scotty, tells Gordon that Harvey is not coming back to the police department. Harvey suggests Gordon look to why the Maniax picked all their victims from a shipping yard.

Alfred says goodbye to Bruce.

Jerome and company go after a school bus full of cheerleaders. Kill the cheerleaders and save the world. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm watching Heroes Reborn and so far they haven't come up with a line as infamous as, "Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Ed gets visited by Miss Kringle. Ed starts fighting with his alter ego because he didn't ask Miss Kringle out. He sees him in person without the benefit of the mirror, this time. In short, Ed's getting more bonky by the moment.

Jerome chains the cheerleaders to the bus. Then he sprays them with gasoline. His lighter won't light when he tries to set them on fire. I'm sure every girl who was ever reject by the cheerleading squad was ready with a match of their own. Luckily the police arrive before he can set the bus on fire. Gordon punches one of the Maniax out before getting on the bus and driving it out of harm's way when the gasoline is ignited..

Before the Maniax that Gordon catches can talk he's shot down and killed. No honor among thieves or maniacs.

Alfred waiting at the train station for his train when Bruce shows up. He says he understands Alfred was just trying to protect him, but there's nothing he can do to stop him from continuing his father's work. Bruce asks Alfred to make him ready for this. He says he'll train every day for it. Alfred says he'll do it if Bruce does exactly what he says when he says it and Bruce demands Alfred fix the computer.

Alfred goes to a bar where he starts talking to a man there. It's Mr. Fox from Wayne Enterprises, who put the bug in Bruce's ear about there being more to Daddy Wayne than Bruce thinks. Alfred says how strange, he was just thinking about him. He wants to know if he can trust Lucius and if he's trustworthy. Alfred says Lucius created this mess when he told Bruce the truth about his father. Alfred says he'll kill Lucius if he finds out he can't trust him. Lucius says he only has the best intentions for Bruce.

Babs calls Jim up. He says if she turns herself in he can help her. He realizes she's actually standing in the police department. She lures him away as Jerome goes into Essen's office. They begin shooting up the place. Babs says he's wrong about her, that he wouldn't listen when she tried to tell him about her. She sics one of the Maniax's, Aaron, on Jim, and calls him off when he beats Jim to a bloody pulp. Then she lays a kiss on Jim, saying he should get back to police headquarters cause he doesn't know what went wrong while he was gone.

Lee hides as one of the Maniax comes into the morgue. Essen is tied to a chair. She says very soon Jerome willl be dead and the world will go on without him. No one will even remember his name. She spits in his face. The she punches him. Jerome says now it's his turn.

Gordon wakes up in the alley and heads back to police headquarters. He finds most of the men dead. Ed and Miss Kringle are cowering behind a desk. He finds Essen shot and bleeding out. Earlier, she thought it was a new day. She dies saying that to him.

Lucius goes down to work on the computer. Bruce asks him questions about his father. Lucius says he doesn't know what was on the computer, but he can fix it; it'll just take some time. Alfred comes down to tell Bruce what happened at police headquarters. They go down there to see Gordon. Bruce says he wants to apologize for the way he treated him the last time he saw him. Wonder what the kid would say he knew what he spurred Gordon to do.

Harvey shows up at police headquarters. Harvey's coming back to the force. They see a video with Jerome that he made of his slaughter of the Gotham Police Department.

There was no Penguin on this episode and I really missed him. I kind of felt his absence. He really adds something to the show. One character I wish they would give the heave-ho to is the character of Lee who is boring and bland and is like watching white paint dry on a wall. I can't believe it, but I'm actually rooting for Gordon and Babs to get back together somehow at some point.

For me, Gotham is like this malevolent place where no one that lives there is immune from being corrupted by it. Even Gordon has been corrupted by it. So this paragon of virtue Lee just doesn't fit and needs to take a long walk off a short pier.


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