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Gotham -- Meet The Mad Hatter

Updated on October 10, 2016

Bruce and his clone have more in common than just their face...

I'm beginning to think this show is going the way of Lost. Lost had a blindspot when it came to Jack Shepherd and Gotham has a blindspot when it comes to Gordon and his off-camera bed bunny, Morona Bacteria. Yeah, I know that's not her name, but I'm sick to death of her bringing the show down all because she's doing the bumping uglies with the show's leading man. Her character sucks the life out of every scene she's in. Last week's episode should have ended with Bruce meeting his clone, not Leech stepping off the train. Who cares that this boring bimbo is back? The answer is no one but the guy screwing her off-camera. It’s like how season one of Lost ended instead of with the guys being attacked by the Others on the raft, but precious Jack looking down a hole or something.

As for said leading man, the show is called Gotham not Jim Gordon. He was needed as a way to introduce us to Gotham when it first began, but he isn't needed any longer. His character has no personality and is completely unlikable. Harvey could easily replace him as protagonist since he's far better at it and much more likable. Not to mention a far better actor. They could have easily written out Benji and his bimbo permanently and there'd have been no difference on the show, that's how little either of these characters are needed.

People making animal noises on stage. Apparently they were under hypnosis. The hypnotist is performing at Bab's club. The hypnotist picks a man to hypnotize whose wife has an expensive necklace on her neck. He makes the man stand on the back of a chair. Babs asks the hypnotist if he can make the man do anything, while the hypnotist gives the man a secret post-hypnotic suggestion.

Bruce and Alfred watching the Clone eat. He says he's called 5. He says he has no memory of his life other than the last year. Alfred wants to get rid of him. 5 burns himself while gulping down food and stares at his arm, but it doesn't seem to hurt him. Alfred refers to him as an IT.

Morona Bacteria is coming back to the Gotham Police Department. Baldy sings her praises on how much they need her and her expertise. Yeah, whatever. Ed was the brains of that department and her being hired always seemed cause she was Gordon’s girlfriend. As they say, art imitates art. Baldy assures her Gordon isn't affiliated with the police department anymore, but he neglects to mention the bozo stops by on a daily basis. Gordo arrives and he sees Bacteria. I'm ignoring this crap. She informs him she's engaged to a doctor. When Bacteria takes off, Gordo barks how he wants his money. The doctor is obviously just a sad attempt to make these two losers interesting. But the fact is just because you're doing the bumping uglies off-camera doesn't mean you'll be interesting to watch or have chemistry on-camera. Yes, I know, that’s mean, but too true in this case.

The hypnotist calls up the doctor he hypnotized and uses the phrase to put him under his power to make him let him in his house. The man's wife wakes up and goes looking for him. She sees the hypnotist coming towards her. He orders her to run from him. The man kills his own wife and is ordered to bury his wife and then kill himself. The hypnotist is the Mad Hatter. He says he's looking for his sweet sister, Alice.

Meanwhile, Alice is being harassed by her landlord. The landlord tries to come on to her and forcibly kisses her and it turns into the kiss of death for him. Yes, they’re two more of Strange’s freaks that escaped.

Penguin comes forward when the Mayor is giving a speech and calls him out for being a crook. He asks where he was when the city was under siege and Penguin was there facing them down. Penguin says he's challenging the Mayor appointing himself Mayor and declares he's going to run for Mayor, himself.

Alfred teaching Bruce how to box when 5 comes in. Bruce suggests 5 box with Alfred. 5's a good boxer and Bruce and Alfred realize that 5 doesn't feel pain. Alfred notices a scar at the back of 5's neck and Bruce asks what they did to him in that lab.

The Mad Hatter wants to hire Gordon to find his sister, Alice. He says she had poison in her blood and was taken into Strange's lab. When MH offers Gordo double for what the police give him, he agrees to take the job.

Penguin thinks being Mayor is his chance to create a legacy his father would be proud of. Mayor James wants to meet Penguin alone.

Bruce has 5 hide when Cat shows up. She says that Ivy's missing. Bruce says it's not like Cat to care, but Cat says she had no one and she was it. 5 watches Cat with Bruce as he holds her hand. She asks Bruce to come with her, but he says he can't. So she storms off. 5 starts repeating what Bruce says, “I'm sorry,” until he sounds just like him. Oh, creepy.

Gordon comes up to Cat, wanting her help. He seems to always want some woman’s help he generally sneers at and disdains. She gives him info in exchange for him looking out for Poison Ivy. Gordo goes there looking for Alice. The owner of the place she worked at says Alice set his place on fire because she spilled her blood on the counter. Another ridiculous fight scene with Gordon taking on several people and beating them up. But Gordon hurt his wittle head. He ends up having Leech's new boyfriend taking care of him. He introduces himself as Mario, Leech's fiance. Talk about a waste of air time.

Penguin meets Mayor James in a bar. Penguin digs James for being in a warehouse with a box on his head while Galavan was running loose. James has his men point guns at Penguin and Penguin returns the favor by having his people hold guns on James. Penguin says he doesn't want him dead; what fun would that be.

Alice says her brother can't find her and sets her apartment on fire, after her infected landlord goes berserk and she has to shoot him.

5 stares at Bruce sleeping and begins cutting his hair, probably so he can look just like Bruce. He's obviously planning to take his place, cause he wants the Cat Brat. No good deed goes unpunished.

Alfred says 5 is gone, he cut his hair and stole Bruce’s clothes. No doubt to pretend to be Bruce to Cat. Well, at least he didn't try to kill Bruce and take his place.

Penguin visits the new head of Arkham. He wants the man to release Ed. He threatens the man until he agrees to do what he wants.

The Mad Hatter hypnotizing Barbara. The Mad Hatter says Barbara will be madly in love with him when he brings her out of her trance. She nearly slits MH's throat when he asks what if he can't return her love and loves another. He brings her out of it before she can kill him.

Gordon says Alice wants nothing to do with MH and starts trying to rough him up. But MH takes him to the roof and hypnotizes him. He orders Gordon to walk to the edge and climb on to the wall. He says Gordon is tired and to close his eyes and he can sleep forever. I guess were supposed to be on the edge of our seats that Gordon may jump and die. Sorry, could care less. In short, jump, Gordon, jump!

Alice stops Gordon from jumping off the roof. Alice says MH is evil and if he doesn't leave her alone, she'll kill him. Gordon falls off the roof and she saves him. Then the dick puts handcuffs on her. Yeah, she should have let him fall.

Ed is released and Penguin comes to pick him up. He says, “Hello, old friend.”

Of course, Morana Bacteria and her new boyfriend have to be the ending scene. They're already having problems. And I believe that her boyfriend is the son of Falcone. Yeah, like we all care. Falcone goes on about how she's too beautiful and can make men do crazy things for her. Gag me with a spoon.

No, we actually get one more scene. It's the clone coming up to see Cat. He's doing a killer Bruce imitation. Cat says he seems different. She agrees to go off with him.


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