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Gotham -- Now Galavan Wants To Be Mayor

Updated on October 16, 2015

And he makes Penguin help him...

Gotham has a new police captain and this one may be a problem for Gordon, as his first goal is to take down Penguin, which could spell the end for Gordon if all his secrets come out.

Penguin's people at each other's throat. He fires a gun to quiet them. Penguin wants to know who executed the Arkham break-out. Penguin says they need to restore confidence in their brand and there will be no gang wars. If they want to kill someone to tell him, first. Tabitha tells Penguin that Galavan wants to see him.

Nathaniel Barnes announces he's the Gotham Police Department's new boss and orders them all to come to attention. He says they should all be ashamed for what happened and if they're not they should resign right now. He says he's read all their files. He calls several people forward and tells them they have no shame. They aren't police, but lowlife criminals and fires them. When one of them refuses to go, Barnes arrests him. Barnes says if anyone doesn't tow the line he'll bust them and send them to jail.

Barnes calls Gordon into his office. Gordon says he agrees with every word Barnes said. Barnes asked Gordon if he's a sycophant. Barnes says he's a trouble-maker and makes Gordon his second in command. Barnes says he's going to fix this department. Yeah, and Gordon thought the same thing.

Bullock says he's seen Barnes type come and go. Their idealists. He thinks Barnes made a mistake. Meanwhile Galavan is being lauded to become the new mayor.

Penguin meets Galavan. Penguin sees Babs and puts it all together that Galavan was behind the Arkham break-out. Tabitha tells Penguin he's the king of garbage. I don't think she'd want me to tell her what she's the queen of. Galavan starts yapping about the new Gotham he wants to build. He shows a model of his new Gotham. He wants to destroy Gotham to make it over in his own image. Penguin turns him down. He wants Penguin to get rid of his rivals to be the new mayor.

Now that he's gotten rid of Jerome he wants to use Penguin as his new lackey. Tabitha shows that she's got Penguin's mother prisoner to force him to work for them. Here's hoping Penguin finds someway to take out the stupid skank and her equally loser brother. This germ can't do anything without getting someone else to do it for him.

Barnes calls Lee in the middle of the night He says he's going to be sending her a bunch of dead bad guys. Then asks to speak to Gordon. He asks him to meet him at the police academy in the morning.

Gordon looks at himself in his police academy picture. Barnes says they're both warriors. He says Gordon needs help and can't do it alone. He suggests recruiting a bunch of cadets fresh out of the academy before they get corrupted.

The first recruit is a woman. Barnes goes through a group of potentials. They pick four. Barnes names them Unit Alpha and they're under the orders of Gordon.

Galavan gets the medal of honor and bravery. Someone fires on the group as a female reporter wants to know why he isn't running for mayor. Another of his fake attempts to show himself as a hero that he uses to declare his run for mayor.

Penguin goes to the female candidate for mayor, Caulfield, to kill her to save his mother. I know people complained about Fish, but Fish was interesting. Gala-turkey is a dead bore.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but where are Bruce and Alfred. Generally, Bruce bores me silly, but he's a lot more interesting than these two prancing speech-making gas bags, Barnes and Galavan. Yeah, all of Barnes braying is making me roll my eyes.

Oh, there he is. He's back at his prep school. He sees Alfred waiting for him when he comes out. So is the kitty-kat. Alfred slaps her across the face for killing Reggie. He says Bruce will be better without kitty-kat in it. Bruce is going to have dinner with Gala-turkey to thank him for saving his life. Alfred won't let Bruce drive home in the back of the limo and as part of the training expects him to run home.

Ed rehearsing with a skeleton trying to ask Miss Kringle out. His alter ego comes in and tells him to take what he deserves since he saved her life. Ed takes his alter egos advice and orders her to have dinner with him and she agrees.

Barnes is once again speechifying to his troops, to his strike force. God, this dude is boring. He gives them uniforms. They hear about Caulfield. Harvey and Jim question the staff and Jim realizes Penguin did it.

I hate to say it, but with Jerome gone, the show seems kind of lifeless. He really energized it the brief time he was on it. Too bad they didn't kill off the deadly dull Galavan instead. The actor really brings nothing to the character to make him the least bit interesting.

Bruce is left alone to dine with Galaturkey. Bruce thanks the loser who put his life in danger for saving his life. He says he wants to talk to him about his parents death. Bruce becomes attracted to Galaturkey's ward, Silver. No doubt what the punk wanted. She'll also be going to the same school as Bruce. Hate to say it, but Bruce would be better off hanging with kitty-kat than Galaturkey's ward.

Ed prepares dinner for Miss Kringle at his apartment.

Penguin tells Butch that Galavan and his sister have his mother and are making him do this. Butch promises they'll find his mom. Meanwhile Penguin plans to take out the latest mayoral target. Viktor comes in to volunteer and starts shooting up the joint. Gordon arrives on the scene and sees Viktor and seems to pause for thought.

Just how big of a loser is Galavan, anyway? He has everyone kissing his butt as the hero of Gotham, and still the pathetic punk needs all the candidates running for mayor taken out so he'll win. What a loser. This rich punk hasn't done one thing to earn anything. He constantly has other people doing his dirty work for him so he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter. He's not even a good villain. He's a loser.

Am I awful that I'm actually rooting for Viktor against the cops? Damn, they manage to shoot him. Oh, good, he got away. Once again everything points to Penguin instead of the real criminal. The cowardly Gallavan.

Kristin apologizes to Ed for the way she's treated him. Ed says he's glad her ex is dead. Which is a major mistake. She says that he just left town. She says she wants to use the restroom. His alter ego says Ed blew it. Kristin hears him, and he explains he has an alter ego talking inside his head. They share a nice kiss and remove their glasses and kiss again.

Penguin back in his lair when Gordon comes in to confront him. Gordon says they have new leadership. Penguin turns around things on Gordon by reminding him the things he's done. Gordon says he'll face whatever comes to him.

Barnes declares it's time to take down the Penguin. Sorry, Barnes, he isn't Gotham's enemy number one. The strutting cowardly turkey is.

Galavan's ward makes friends with Bruce as Cat misses him. Meanwhile Galaturkey is crowing about how he'll steal the mayor's race while everyone is out to get Penguin. As Butch tells Penguin he can't find his mother.

I'm not sure I can't stomach a whole season of this boring turkey Galavan. A big problem is the actor. He brings nothing to the table to make this character the least bit interesting.


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