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Gotham -- Penguinella

Updated on April 16, 2016

What Cinderella could have done...

While Cinderella's way of dealing with a vile step-family was to think a dream was a wish your heart makes, when Penguin is caught in the Cinderella trap he subscribes to a more Rocky Horror Picture Show mentality instead with don't dream it be it.

When we last checked into Gotham Harvey and Falcone had broken Gordon out of prison and he prepared to return to Gotham to clear his name and Penguin's evil stepmommy, Grace, tried to poison Penguin, but ended up poisoning Penguin's father instead before he had a chance to change his will so he could leave everything to Penguin.

I actually know what's going to happen before I watch this episode because some online blogger revealed everything that happens in this episode a week ago, not realizing a new episode of Gotham wasn't on last week.

Bruce and Cat running as someone chases them. Can I say how boring this stuff is? Sorry, I'm no fan of Bruce and Cat. Cat Brat has a fit when Bruce throws the money to everyone.

News of Gordon's escape is on the news. Ed asks what Harvey thinks Gordon will do, and he says he'll be trying to find out who framed him. Baldy starts harassing Harvey and threatening him to tell him where Gordon is. Harvey says he doesn't know, as he off goes to meet Gordon.

Harvey and Gordon think it's a cop who framed him. Harvey tells Gordon he could still run because Barnes is out to get him. Gordon thinks there's a tape of the eyewitness calling in to the cops. Harvey calls someone in IA to get a copy of the tape. He sexes the woman up and gets her keys so Gordon can sneak into IA and get the tape.

Gordon finds the tape and makes his escape. On the way back he saves a woman from two men who are attacking her. A cop get the drop on him. He knocks the cop down, says he's innocent and runs for it.

The funeral for Penguin's father. Penguin vows never to forget his father. Penguin clueless about his stepmother. She wants Penguin to leave the house. Grace and her two rotten children want him gone. Penguin begs her to let him stay. She says he can stay as their servant. The foul witch is still planning to kill Penguin.

Barbara in therapy at Arkham. She admits all she did. She says she doesn't feel insane now, and wishes she could go back and undo all she did. Strange asks Barbara what made this change in her. She says maybe she needed some sleep. Peabody believes it's an act that Barbara is putting on. Strange doesn't want to use the extreme treatments on Barbara but Peabody does. He says Barbara intrigues him.

Harvey and Gordon listen to the tape. Ed's voice is disguised so they can't recognize it. Gordon says Harvey has done more than any partner could ask and to stay away from him to protect himself from Baldly. Gordon decides to go to Ed for help. Seriously, I thought he meant Alfred when he said he knew people who could help him. That's right go right to the person that set him up, geez!

Gordon asks Ed for help. Gordon shows him the recording. He wants Ed to clean up the tape for him. Ed says Gordon has come to the right place. Yeah, right.

Grace complains about Penguin's cookibg as her son gulps it down. She orders Penguin go to the butcher and calls Penguin's mother a slut. She orders him to clean up his mess and the loathsome stepbrother throws food at Penguin as the equally nasty sister makes even more a mess.

Ed says the tape is a dead end. Gordon tells Ed he thinks Loeb is behind the frame-up. Ed gets a bit ticked when Gordon refers to the killer as a psychopath. Ed says if Gordon killed Galavan he'd be sick like the people he's hunting. Gordon asks if Penguin told Ed anything about that night. He says no. Gordon realizes the bird on the tape was a cuckoo clock, and Ed has one just like it. Ed gives him a riddle and Gordon says he knows it was him. Ed shocks Gordon into unconsciousness. He wired his chair with electricity. Damn, he's crazy but he's smart.

Ed drags Gordon to his car, but when he turns around Gordon is missing. He chases after Gordon. Ed reveals he did this because of Miss Kringle. Gordon manages to disappear before Ed can get him.

Bruce sews up Brat Cat's jacket. Gordon ends up stumbling in wounded. While Bruce is glad to see him, Brat Cat isn't.

While wicked stepmommy is ordering Penguin around he discovers the poison decanter she used to kill his father. He plays subservient to her until she's gone and tests the decanter on their dog. The nasty step siblings come in and order him to make a roast for mommy and make it good. He sees the dog drop dead and he laughs. He's baaaaaa-aaaccck!

Bruce takes care of Gordon. He brings him back to Wayne Manor. Bruce called Alfred to help with Gordon. Alfred said Bruce looks thin. Alfred wants to talk to Bruce but he wants to go back and play on the streets.

Gordon says he should have gotten to Malone before Bruce. Alfred agrees he should have. Alfred asks if Gordon knows how he's going to get out of this mess.

Strange tells Barbara she's sane and can go home.

Peabody warns Strange if he keep releasing crazy people, that people will talk. Strange replies they're releasing Barbara to see what she'll do.

Bruce offers to help Gordon, but he says he needs someone Barnes knows will betray him and he looks at Cat. Barnes slobbers in anticipation over any thing he can find to take down Gordon. Did I mention before I think he's crooked?

Ed panics over what Cat says about Gordon looking for Penguin to learn where a body was buried. Ed rushes out to dig up Kringle where he has her buried. Gordon comes out of the shadows as Ed is digging her up. He points a gun at Gordon. Gordon wants to know how Ed became this. Ed says he just admitted who he was and that there's a monster in everyone. Ed gives Gordon one last riddle before he plans to kill him. Barnes comes out of the woods and arrests Ed. Ed tries to make a run for it but he trips in the snow.

Penguin serves Grace her dinner. She says the roast is over cooked. He digs her about his slut mother. She orders him to ring the bell for her children, but he says he doubts they'll hear it. He tells her he found the sherry decanter she used to kill his father. He pulls a knife on her. He lets her know she just ate her children before killing her.

Barnes says he apologizes for thinking he was guilty. Gordon asks Barnes to lay off Harvey. Gordon says he's not coming back to work, yet. He wants to find out who killed Bruce's parents. Barnes gives him Leech's number. He says when he finds out the truth, then he'll be free. Barnes says the case is closed. Barnes makes Gordon take Leech's number and orders him to call her in exchange for the Wayne file. When did he suddenly become a Leech cheerleader?

Alfred tells Bruce that Fox fixed Bruce's father's computer. Alfred tells Bruce he can either have Cat or to continue his father's work, because he isn't going to let him put that little girl's life in danger. I doubt Alfred could care less about her, he just wants Bruce free of her. Bruce tells Cat he's not going back and his place is at Wayne Manor. She takes off.

Ed arrives at Arkham. Penguin toasts his stepmonster's dead body. Cat throws the coat that Bruce mended away. Alfred and Bruce run the computer in the secret room. Gordon calls up Leech, but hangs up without talking to her. Then there's a knock at his door and it's Barbara.


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