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Gotham Season 1 Finale a Big Disappointment

Updated on May 16, 2015

Battle to the Top

The finale closes a lot of the ongoing story lines, but most of them were not satisfactory. Last episode set up the gang war and placed Falcone in the hospital. Once Jim finds out, he rushes to the hospital to protect him, but the penguin is already there saying goodbye and admitting that he started the war. When Maroni's men show up to end the power struggle within the city, it seems like they are more worried about Jim. They chase him down the hall right past the room Falcone is in and completely waste their chance at ending the gang war.

As they escape the hospital, they flee to one of Falcone's safe houses where Fish is waiting. Selena Kyle has somehow become her sidekick. What makes this so irritating is that throughout the series she was a loner who did not take orders, but now she is following Fish's orders without asking any questions as to why? She apparently had time to style her hair too.

Fish ties them all up and shows that she is in charge, but then Maroni shows up. They claim to be on the same side with Maroni being number one and Fish number 2, but since when is Fish an underboss? She has been trying to rise on the food chain for the entire season, but now she is happy to be number 2? It is short lived anyway. He continuously makes fun of her and disrespects her to the point where she snaps, shooting Maroni right in the brain. In the Chaos, Jim, Falcone, and Bullock escape, only to be caught by Selina. Falcone reveals that he is through with this line of work and that he wishes to retire. Since when?

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the penguin is still free. He grabs a machine gun and kills the henchmen, while Fish makes a run for it. He follows her to the water's edge where Butch is suddenly confused by who he should support. They have not touched on him being brainwashed for a long time, but now it is something that he has issues with? Penguin then rushes Fish, pushing her off the dock to her supposed death.

Crazy Barbara

Barbara is still being evaluated after the ordeal with the Ogre. Leslie insists that she needs to have further counseling, but Barbara will not agree to getting the help she needs unless Leslie talks to her. She wants the counseling sessions to be done in her home and only with Leslie. The first session is uncomfortable, as Barbara informs Leslie that she is aware of the relationship she has with Jim. It becomes even more intense when she admits to killing her parents and begins to attack Leslie with a butcher knife. Before any harm can come into play, Jim arrives to end the struggle.

Throughout the season, Barbara has been a very unstable character. She went from a loving adult who is caring for homeless children to a crazy, psychopathic murderer. I do not see how this character comes into play as the love of Jim's life at this point in the series, she seems like a completely off the wall character.

Family Secrets

Bruce is certain that his father was keeping secrets, and he is not planning to stop until he uncovers them. They tear the library apart, finding nothing, but he still insists that he has missed something. He remembers a point when his father was called "stoic" and it points him to a book with a hidden remote inside. The remote turns on his fathers loved classic music, but it also reveals a door behind the fireplace. This hideaway is a glimpse at the bat cave, his secret base of operations when he finally becomes the dark knight.

Riddle Me This

Remember the clue that Nygma left behind on the letter left for Kristen from her abusive boyfriend? It is discovered, and Kristen confronts him about the not so subtle clue. His slip from a repressed scientist to an insane killer is interesting, and he definitely has a few screws out of place. I am curious to see him transform next season. Will he make Kristen his next victim?

Who is your favorite developing "Batman" character currently in the Gotham series?

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All in all, I liked this season of Gotham, even though the finale was a huge disappointment. It was a very sloppy ending with a shaky foundation to the entire season, but I am still interested to how season 2 will turn out. I have high hopes that it will come out of it's shell and be the series that "Batman" fans would love to see. What are your thoughts? Where did the season shine and where could it have improved?


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This was the most nonsensical season finale this year. Ties everything up in a all-to-neat way, and literally throws 14 story points into an hour of tv. It all ends up muddled and almost silly feeling.


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