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Gotham -- Showdown At Arkham

Updated on March 10, 2016

Leech preached her word, but no one is listening

As we left off, last week, Mr. Freeze was on the loose and Penguin had gained the attention of Arkham's psychiatrist, Hugo Strange, who was also involved in the nefarious experiments at Indian Hill.

Gordon and Harvey arrive at Ace Chemicals. Victor/Mr. Freeze was seen entering the building. The police surround the place and Gordon and Harvey enter. They find a bunch of frozen security guards. They find a canister missing and a message to set his wife free.

Leech visiting Bruce. She says Alfred is worried about Bruce. Bruce says he's fine. That he wasn't scared when he was abducted, he felt intensely alive. He says he plans to find the man who killed his parents. Of course. Leech wants him to drop it. This is the same stuff she pulls on Gordon. It doesn't work with Bruce, either.

The Bald One having a fit about Victor telling them to free his wife. Gordon tells him that Nora is in danger of dying. Baldy wants to put Nora in Arkham. Leech has a fit when she learns about it. Leech says she's going to Arkham with Nora. I didn't know coroners also had live patients, but apparently Leech claims she's Nora's doctor. Wouldn't the more sensible thing be to call Nora's real doctor who knows Nora's condition instead of some broad who cuts up dead people and has known Nora for all of two seconds. But the better to give Leech more airtime, I guess.

Strange examined one of Victor's victims trying to figure out how Victor's freezing has worked. He's thrilled to learn the police will be bringing Victor right to his doorstep because his wife, Nora, will be brought to Arkham. Victor hears the news report and realizes it's a trap. He says walls can't stop him.

Penguin being dragged off to a chair and strapped in. He's down in Indian Hill. Penguin tries to threaten Peabody into letting him go, but she doesn't listen to him as she looks to be doing some horrible kind of electro shock treatment on him.

Penguin believes it was only a dream or was it? Peabody comes up to him telling him he should participate in group. She says they want Penguin to be the goose. Gordon arrives and notices Penguin seems to be drugged, but he's pretty unconcerned. Interesting enough it's Harvey who shows more concern for Penguin than the guy that Penguin took the fall for in the killing of Galavan.

Peabody has Nora put in the bed next to Barbara. Leech rolls her eyes when she describes Barbara as a sleeping angel.

Penguin asks for Gordon to help him. That he's being tortured here. Gordon gives Penguin the same tude as his girlfriend, Leech, gave towards Babs. He says Penguin is crazy and getting the treatment he deserves. Strange hears Penguin say that Gordon owes him, because he lied for him. It was him that really killed Galavan. Penguin's right, Gordon owes him. Penguin could have told the truth and Gordon would find his butt in Arkham instead, being the one getting the treatment he deserves. He's really becoming very unlikable.

Alfred asks if he and Bruce are still in this together. He says a suspect in his parents death is Malone, nicknamed Matches. Alfred won't let Bruce kill him when they find them. He says he'll do it, since no child should kill anyone.

Leech standing over Barbara. She calls Babs a bitch. But whose the one who got herself purposely knocked up to hang on to a man. That would be you, Leech. She acts all sweet as pie to Nora. Nora tells Leech she could have saved Victor. Leech, of course, identifies with that about her and Gordon. Nora tells Leech she shouldn't be there.

Gordon gets the signal that Victor is coming. They open fire on him as he approaches and breaks down the gate. It's actually the janitor he took hostage driving the van. Obviously just to distract them.

An inmate sees Victor breaking through the cement wall in a spaceman suit. Two cops are taken out by a freeze grenade. Strange is watching the whole thing from his monitors. He locks Harvey and Gordon in. He's watching and waiting for Victor. He enters the special treatment room Penguin was in as Strange addresses him, offering to help him once he saves his wife. Strange offers a trade. His freedom and his wife, for one cartridge of his freeze formula. Victor agrees and leaves a cartridge behind.

Victor arrives as Gordon and Leech are trying to move Nora. Leech tries to talk sense to Victor, of course. Leech says she'll go with Victor and Nora. He makes Gordon get in a room and freezes the door shut.

Gordon breaks out calling for his beloved pregnant Leech. Victor gets away. Strange lets the police out once Victor gets away.

Gordon and Harvey figure Victor is going home because that's the only place he'll be able to keep Nora frozen. Leech still trying to talk Victor out of it. Nora says to let her go, but he says as long as she's alive there's still hope. She asks him to get a necklace he gave to her for their anniversary. Then she distracts Leech so she can switch canisters so his freezing process won't work. Nora tells Victor she loves him and not to blame himself. He freezes her, not realizing she'll die when she's unfrozen.

I know the Leech character probably has fans, but she has got to be the most boring character on the show. I'm so tired of her voice of reason to everyone and everything. And I love that no one is listening to this self-righteous windbag.

Cat comes to visit Bruce. Bruce asks for a favor. He shows her the picture of Patrick Malone. He wants her to get him a gun. So, he lied to Alfred about letting him be the one to kill him. She tries to talk him out of it. She says he will never be the same afterwards and he says he's counting on that. Maybe Bruce needs a little stay in Arkham, himself.

Nora starts to disintegrate before Victor's eyes and he realizes she switched cartridges. Victor asks Leech to go tell the police he'll do what he said. Leech says she's envious of the bond they had. Gag! I think he's going to kill himself so he can join her. I'm right. He freezes himself. How dumb is Leech? Twice in minutes someone has sent her out of the room so they could commit suicide.

After the way Gordon acted towards Penguin, I'm really not liking him much and his relationship with Leech is killing his character even more. Not a good thing when this guy is the protagonist we're supposed to be rooting for. It's making me root for the villains like Penguin and Ed.

Gordon and Leech back home. Strange called saying Victor died in Arkham's infirmary. Gordon says he wishes Leech hadn't put their baby at risk, and she blames him because him putting Nora at risk. Well, you know in Leech's mind nothing is ever her fault. Leech says he lied about how Galavan really died. She just knows him too well not to know when he's not being honest. Really? You haven't even been together that long.

Penguin being strapped in the chair, again. Strange says they must be more aggressive in Penguin's treatment. Strange goes to visit Victor whose still alive. His hair is white and his eyes are a strange ice blue. He has to be kept in a cold climate. Anything above freezing will kill him. Strange says they'll be working on a new project together and to pretend he died with Nora and that his death is a new beginning.

As the camera pans away there's a shot of a bunch of people being kept in water-like capsules like the Robinsons were frozen in in Lost in Space. People said the guy in the first container was Galavan. I wouldn't be surprised. It's obvious were not done with him, yet, unfortunately.


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