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Gotham -- The First Season Finale

Updated on May 11, 2015

Fish wants in on the war...

As we last left off, Penguin had succeeded in making his prediction that a war was coming come true as he made Maroni think Falcone tried to make a move against him, so he retaliated by attacking Falcone's businesses. It's fascinating when you think back to the start of the show and Penguin first made his prediction. There was no way you could have envisioned that the instigator of this war Penguin predicted would be Penguin, himself.

Cat on the docks as Fish comes into port.

Two weeks later. Bruce at Wayne Manor. He smashes his father's photo. Alfred said Wayne Sr. didn't have a secret life, if he did he'd know about it. Bruce recalls his father would be in the den for hours with the door locked. Bruce is convinced his father's secret is in the room.

Falcone visiting some chickens. Someone arrives on motorcycle and blows up his limo.

Gordon watches as an officer manhandles a prisoner. He tells another officer as soon as the gang war is over he'll be fired.

Barbara says she's fine. Lee wants Babs to have trauma counseling but only agrees if Lee will be her counselor. She reluctantly agrees.

Harvey tells Gordon City Hall has switched its allegiance to Maroni.

Falcone awakes to find himself strapped to a stretcher. Penguin comes to visit him. Penguin refuses to help him and says he's come to say goodbye to him in person. Penguin says it was he who did this to Falcone. He says from the day he met Falcone he's been planning this. He picks up a scalpel. He says it's nothing personal. Penguin says he's going to take his place and become the King of Gotham.

Gordon arrives and stops Penguin from slitting Falcone's throat. He says Penguin and Butch are under arrest for attempted murder. Gordon handcuffs Penguin to the wall. Falcone tells Gordon he can take back control of Gotham in two days if he can get to his safe house.

Gordon figures he's done in Gotham and has nothing to lose. He asks Harvey to help him save Falcone. Penguin reminds Gordon he owes him a favor and can't leave him there or Maroni will kill him.

The Commissioner arrives with Maroni's men. The Commish tells Maroni's men to take Gordon. It's Gordon against a squad of men. Harvey shows up. Gordon and Harvey escape with Falcone, Penguin and Butch in an ambulance.

Alfred and Bruce searching the room for his father's secret.

The place they go that Falcone thinks is safe is already infested by Fish, who has given Cat a makeover. She's now on Team Fish.

Barbara says she thinks this is all a dream and that the Ogre isn't dead and he'll be coming for her.

Butch and Fish reunited. Fish contacts Maroni. Falcone, Gordon and Penguin are tied up. Cat won't help them. Fish arrives and says Maroni will give her her old territory back if she gives him Falcone's head on a platter.

Babs says Jason saw her and knew her. She turns the conversation to her first date with Jim. Babs asks if Jim hits Lee out of passion. Babs says she's happy for Lee. Then asks if she's hungry.

Maroni arrives and hugs Fish. Penguin tells Fish that once she kills Falcone that Maroni will kill her. Penguin manages to stir up trouble between Fish and Maroni. Maroni keeps treating her as his inferior and she doesn't like it. And keeps calling her babes, which she doesn't like. And he keeps it up until she shoots him down. Which causes all hell to break loose

Harvey sets the boys free and Penguin manages to escape, too.

Babs serves Lee tea. Lee asks Babs what was done to her. She asks Lee if Jim has told Lee that he loves her.

Falcone no longer wants to take back control of the city. He says he's out and he's had enough. He plans to retire. The guys hide from Fish's people. Unfortunately, Cat Brat finds them and she returns them to Fish.

Falcone tells Fish he's out. Then Penguin shows up and begins shooting at everyone. He's out to take down Fish. Harvey, Gordon and Falcone make their escape while Penguin chases atfer Fish.

Babs acts like she didn't know Ogre was taking her to her parents' house. She says her parents slowly and steadily grinded at her soul trying to make her disappear. That her parents didn't understand her or know who she was. She said they didn't get it when she was killing them. She says it was her that stabbed her parents and slit their throats. Barbara then goes after Lee who runs for it.

Lee locks herself in the bathroom as Babs starts breaking through the door. Lee gets a shard of glass as the girls go at it. Gordon comes in as Lee is pounding Babs head on the floor. Lee says Babs went crazy.

Fish and Penguin go at it on the roof. Butch points a gun but is it at Penguin or Fish. Butch tries to fight it and shoots both of them. Penguin knocks Butch out and he manages to push Fish over the side of the building. Then he climbs on the ledge saying he's the King of Gotham.

Ms. Kringle comes to see Ed. She shows Ed the note he sent her and that every line spells out his name. He tries to play dumb. He claims he knows nothing about it. Then he laughs when she leaves. He then says she won't stop digging. He seems to be developing another persona. One that's telling him he shouldn't care about her because she knows how he feels about her and treats him like dirt.

Falcone says Gotham needs a strong lawman and that it's Gordon. Falcone gives his knife to Gordon and says that it belonged to his father. Falcone says at one time he and Gordon's father were once close friends.

Alfred thinks they should give up looking. Something Alfred says triggers something in Bruce that gives him an idea of how to find the secret. He finds a remote control hidden in a book. Alfred tells him not to push the button. He does and the fireplace backs up revealing a secret room. They find a secret staircase going into the bowels of Wayne Manor.

A lot of people complained about this finale, but I enjoyed it. There wasn't a dull moment.

One thing people seem to be thrilled about was the end of Fish Mooney, but I actually find myself sad to see her go. I couldn't stand her, at first, but watching everything she went through once she tried to run from Gotham made me almost root for her...almost. I found nothing wrong with Jada Pinkett-Smith's portrayal of Fish. She reminded me of Eartha Kitt's Catwoman from the old Batman TV series. Of course, Fish's fate was pretty predictable from the start. It was obvious Penguin would end up killing Fish, after all penguins eat fish. Still, the door may have been left open for her eventual return some day.

Another big complaint was the show ruining Barbara's character. Some are now predicting that Barbara Kean doesn't marry Gordon and they don't have Barbara Jr. They seem to think it's written in stone that Batgirl's mother is some boring bland paragon of virtue like Gordon's current boring and bland girlfriend, Lee. They can't seem to get that the show is developing Barbara, as well.

I also liked the possibility that Bruce Wayne's father might have been dressing up as a superhero himself to fight crime in Gotham and that's where Bruce got the idea to do it when he grew up.

Of course the character that truly stole the show was Ed. The scene where he's Joker persona came to the surface as Ed tried to fight him was fantastic and made me want to watch it over and over again.

It'll be interesting to see where the show goes in season two. Judging by the way Gordon looked at Babs as she laid on the floor unconscious, I don't think he's anywhere near done with Barbara as lots are hoping. With his hero complex, I think he'll be drawn back to her wanting to try to save her, especially since he blames himself for her ordeal with the Ogre.


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